Prep Baseball Report

VA/DC Scout Blog: Madison at Westfield

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Notes and video on ten players from Tuesday night's game at Westfield. 


Jason Cassidy 3B / RHP / James Madison, VA / 2023




Bryce Eldridge RHP / James Madison, VA / 2023

Uber projectable, long levered 6-foot-7 frame with room to add strength. Stance is square, small leg kick, stays balanced, and foot gets down on time. Elite hand and bat speed with extension through contact. It is a simple swing with real, present power and shows the ability to repeat his actions. During BP it was an easy, controlled swing. Used the whole field and put on a power display that you do not see every day. In three rounds he put out ten-plus homeruns, ranging from left field to right field. In game he came to the plate four times, walking in two of them and hitting two line drives to right field in the other two. The hit tool is very impressive. It is a pretty accurate barrel and when he swings, he is hitting it hard somewhere. I think that for a player with his size and stature, he has really solid athleticism that will allow him to continue to hit at a high level.




Jaden Kritsky OF / OF / James Madison, VA / 2022





Conner Moore C / OF / James Madison, VA / 2023

5-foot-11, 150-pound thin frame. At the plate starts in a slightly squated stance with a wider base. Rhythm in the load and delivery a level path swing through the zone. Moore does a nice job hitting it where it was pitched and using the whole field in approach. Line drive tendency to the swing. 





Kase Cochran C / 3B / Westfield, VA / 2025

Athletic 5-foot-9, 165-pound frame. Square stance that starts narrow and upright, a bit more upright than when we saw him in February. Strides twice with the front foot, lands on line, and finishes in a slightly wider stance. Can get a little out of time with the multiple strides and weight shifts slightly past center at times. Had a groundout to second early in the game where he turned out a 4.55 home-first time. In his final at bat, Cochran jumped on a fastball and drove it to deep left field. Inches from going over the fence, it hit off the top of the fence and Cochran got a standup double. Ran a 4.72 on the turn. Will be an interesting 2025 to keep an eye on.





Cliff Ewell OF / 2B / Westfield, VA / 2023





Jonny Farmelo OF / SS / Westfield, VA / 2023

Strong athletic 6-foot-3, 215-pound frame. The frame has really filled out over the past twelve months and is it noticeable strength throughout. I took in BP and it was easy to see why the 2023 UVA commit is trending up. It is a square stance, balanced, simple pickup and replace landing on line. Hands are set at separation, slight load getting the barrel off the shoulder, and a quick path to contact. He took four really controlled rounds during BP, spraying line drives to the backside and showed solid control of the barrel. His first in game at bat resulted in a ground out to second. Farmelo ran a 4.25 on that home to first. He was a step or two slow out of the box, but when he turned it on he got up to speed pretty quickly. 





Sam Herndon RHP / 1B / Westfield, VA / 2023

Solid 6-foot-1, 200-pound frame. Low effort delivery, longer arm swing, and throws from a low three-quarter arm slot. Lands closed and tends to work around the fastball creating occasional crossfire look. The fastball sat at 81-83 mph early in his outing and touched 84 mph. The breaking ball had varying shapes at 65-66 mph and landed it for strikes fairly consistently. 





Sam Marco 1B / OF / Westfield, VA / 2022





Joey Mitchell C / RHP / Westfield, VA / 2023

Long 6-foot-1 frame with room to fill. Short arm action and works from a high three-quarter to near over the top slot. Down and out stride that lands slightly open. The fastball had downhill plane and sat at 81-83 mph while getting some fade when working to the arm side. The breaking ball had bigger 12/6 shape with downer action. The curveball sat at 67-69 mph and had ability to throw it for strikes.