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VA/DC Scout Blog: Paul VI

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Paul VI is loaded with young talent up and down their roster. We take a look at seven players from Saturday's double header in Richmond. 


Alexander Peltier SS / OF / Paul VI, VA / 2024

5-foot-11, 150-pound athletic frame that has filled out well. Peltier is an extremely rangy defender in center field with well above average speed. Takes good routes off the bat and has above average arm strength for his class. At the plate the stance starts slightly upright, strides forward landing on line, and hands make short late load, He has a shorter, level path to contact with line drive tendencies to the swing. Had a well hit ball in his first at bat Saturday, but nothing to show for it as he hit a line drive right at the second baseman. 4.18-4.22 Home-1st times on Saturday.





Jackson Sirois SS / RHP / Paul VI, VA / 2024

5-foot-11, 152-pound thin athletic frame. Square athletic stance at the plate, hands set slightly forward, and loads back in rhythm. Sirois stays inside the baseball well and delivers a level path swing. Hits against a firm front side and head stays behind the barrel at contact. Used the whole field in approach and put a few good swings on the ball in their second game versus Collegiate. Defensively Sirois is a solid defender, glove presents well, and works through the catch.





Tyler Rowling SS / 2B / Paul VI Catholic, VA / 2024

6-foot, 155-pound lanky thin frame. Square stance, equal weight distribution, and hands pre-set back. Loads into the backside before a small stride forward and lands on line. Simple approach and contact driven swing. Line drive tendency to the swing and works mainly gap to gap. Defensively Rowling is an advanced defender. Finished the backend of multiple double plays with a quick clean exchange and was accurate around the bag. Arm strength is average and has the defensive ability to move to the left side as the arm and body add strength.





Carlos Irizarry SS / 3B / Paul VI, VA / 2022

5-foot-9, 175-pound compact frame. Irizarry is one of my favorite players to watch. Plays with tons of energy and is a coach on the field. The Penn State-Harrisburg commit is always talking up and encouraging teammates. Well rounded player with a strong offensive skill set. Adjustability in the swing, short to contact, and accurate barrel. Defensively he is a solid all around defender. Hands work, comes forward well, and has the ability to throw on the run. This kid is a spark plug and was the most consistent force for Paul VI on Saturday.





Tyler Russ RHP / 1B / Paul VI, VA / 2024

6-foot, 185-pound solid frame. Simple direct delivery that works exclusively from the stretch. Shorter arm action and works from a high three-quarter slot. Russ' delivery is normal in effort and because of the simplicity it is fairly easy to repeat. The fastball worked to both sides of the plate at 81-84 mph and touched 85 mph twice. The slider sat at 68-73 mph with sharp, late bite and got swings and misses at the bottom of the zone. Russ was a big contributor at the plate on Saturday, hitting a three run homerun in the top of the eleventh versus Collegiate that would seal the Paul VI win. The approach is simple, minimal stride, and hands load back to a slight arm bar. Swing is a little bit longer, but he gets the barrel there time with a level path.






Owen Mead RHP / Paul VI, VA / 2022

6-foot, 155-pounds thin athletic frame. The Marymount commit had a huge outing in relief on Saturday for Paul VI. Normal effort delivery, full arm action, and throws from a high three-quarter slot. It is a fairly quick arm and produces arm side run on the 80-82 mph fastball that touched 83 mph once. Really gets on top of the breaking ball, producing tight 12/6 shape at 66-69 mph. He showed the ability to throw it consistently for strikes and got swings and misses with it as well. Mead continuously worked himself out of jams and showed poise in tough situations.





Ryan Henson RHP / 1B / Paul VI, VA / 2024

6-foot-3, 185-pound projectable frame. Normal effort delivery, down and out stride, and lands slightly closed. Lower three-quarter slot with some occasional crossfire look to the delivery. The fastball sat at 74-76 and touched 77 early on. The breaking ball had a gradual 11/5 shape at 66-68 mph.