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West Virginia Fall College Prospect Showcase Analysis: Third Basemen

Josh Kuykendall
West Virginia Director of Scouting

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The West Virginia Fall College Prospect Showcase took place November 18th at Pro Performance RX in Morgantown, WV. Today we continue a series of articles analyzing the prospects in attendance with a look at the Third Basemen that participated.

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Third Basemen 

Cullen Horowicz, Jefferson HS, Class of 2021

Cullen HorowiczDefensively, Horowicz displayed a solid glove and soft hands. He moves his feet well while gaining ground to throw towards his target. His transfer is smooth and displayed a 83 mph velocity across the infield. 

Offensively, his athletic frame shows potential to continue to add mass and flexibility. He initiates his swing from a athletic, open stance. Horowicz displayed loose, free hands that created solid bat speed. A 85 mph exit velocity was registered.

Mason Lantz, Jefferson HS, Class of 2020

Mason LantzDefensively, the 6-foot-3, 195-pound athlete works from his feet up. He displayed a longer, sling shot low 3/4 arm action across the diamond. A 75 mph velocity was recorded. He moves his feet well and gets his momentum moving towards his target.

Offensively, Lantz initiates his swing from a upright athletic position. He displayed good balance and physical strength with considerable power. His hands are loose and in rhythm with his body. A 83 mph exit velocity off the tee was recorded.  

Evan Juniper, Huntington HS, Class of 2020

Evan JuniperDefensively, the 6-foot, 220-pound third baseman from Huntington displayed a strong glove hand to go with a 75 mph arm across the diamond.  Juniper plays through the ball and could benefit from creating better angles while fielding. 

Offensively, the left handed hitting bat registered a 82 mph exit velocity off the tee. Juniper displayed a front foot hitting swing and created good torque with his mid section and lower half. He registered a 7.70-sixty. Overall, Juniper displayed potential to play at the next level.

Jack Bifano, Bridgeport HS, Class of 2021

Jack BifanoDefensively, Bifano demonstrates good actions and athleticism at 3B. His feet move well and he creates good angles for his throws. He rounds the ball well and gets his momentum going towards his target. A 70 mph velocity was record across the infield.

Offensively, Bifano initiates his swing out of a tall, athletic position with a raised back elbow. His swing is mostly compact, but does tend to occasionally get long causing him to spin off of pitches. A 81 mph exit velocity was recorded along with a 7.22-60.

Dustin Corley, Parkersburg South HS, Class of 2021

Dustin CorleyDefensively, Corley rounds the ball well and creates good hops for himself. He uses his hands and catches the ball out front of his body and gets his momentum going in the direction of his target. A 67 mph velocity across the diamond was recorded.

Offensively, the LH hitter initiates his swing out of a spread stance that is slightly open. He generates good power through the use of his lower body and mid section. A 79 mph bat exit velocity of registered. 

Lane Jordan, Oak Hill HS, Class of 2020

Lane JordanOffensively, Jordan initiates his swing from an athletic, open stance. He displays a leg kick that helps him stay on time through the zone. Hands and body work well together and allows him to drive the ball back through the box. A 80 mph exit velocity was recorded. 

Defensively, Jordan displays athleticism at  third base. His hands work through his body as he stays under control through the fielding process. A 68 mph velocity across the infield was recorded. 



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