Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila
Benjamin Avila




Grambling State
The Harvey School (HS) • NY
5-11 • 220LBS • R/R
Travel Team: NY Nighthawks


2019 National

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2019 State

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June 25-27, 2018 (NYS Games) 

60 Yard Dash: 
Exit Velocity:
Positional Arm: 
Pop-Time: 1.92-2.02
5-foot-11, 195 pounds with ideal size for the position, durable build and ran a 7.47 60-yard dash. Wide setup, soft hands, much improved over the years seeing him play. Arm strength at 78 mph with 1.92 pop time, very impressed with his quick transfer and release. In the box, strong and thick base, 95 mph barrel speed through the zone, mostly level, consistent hard contact, next-level prospect.
NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)
Solidly built catcher at 5-foot-10, 195 pounds with a 7.57/60. Offensively - smooth, fluid swing with evidence of lower body engagement and an exit velocity of 81 MPH, drives the ball to the middle third with strong hands, repeatable motion, consistent barrel contact. Defensively - stays down through the receiving process and makes a smooth transfer and accurate arm with a POP time between 1.98-2.07, excellent receiving skills, easily gets into blocking position, fundamentally sound in all aspects. Chance to be a special catching prospect.
Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)

Avila, a 2018 right-handed hitting catcher currently ranked 17th, stands at  5-foot-10 and weighs 195 pounds, ran a 7.64 60.  Offensively- Works from a square balanced lower half with the hands above the back shoulder and barrel of the bat nearly parallel to the ground. Gets to the launch phase of the swing with a lifting of the lead foot, slight inward rotation of the knee, while the a subtle shift of weight is used to the back side and hands are minimal loaded staying in front of the back shoulder. Kept the hands quick and tight to the ball during batting practice, getting quality extension and displaying an ability to drive the ball well from the pull side to opposite field gap. Matched a personal best exit velocity of 84 MPH. Defensively-  Works from a triangular primary stance, well balanced and glove slightly above the left knee. Received the ball well, using an ankle sway to receive pitches to both sides of the plate giving quality presentation. Uses a funnel technique on the pitches to the lower third of the zone. On throws to second, tends to drop the hands below the chest causing a circular movement with the transfer rather than transferring the ball from the center of the body chest height. With a quicker and more effective transfer, throws will improve carry and increase the arm velocity of 76 MPH, which has been as high as 77 MPH at previous events. Recorded a pop time of 2.02 but has been as quick as 1.97 at previous events. Clean and fluid movements, projecting as a solid receiver at the next level. 

Downstate Fall Preview (October 2, 2016)

Avila, a 2018 right-handed hitting catcher, stands at 5-foot-9 and weighs a solid 180 pounds, he ran a 7.79 60 but has been as quick as 7.47 at past events.  Offensively- Starts with an open stance with the weight shifted to the back leg and lower half slightly crouched hands begin above the back shoulder with a slight wrap of the barrel behind the head. Starts the launch phase of the swing with a leg kick while the hands remain quiet with little movement. Is able to keep the hands behind the rotation of the hips allowing good to plus bat speed. During BP showed ability to drive the ball down the line with authority as well as showing the ability to use the middle of the field gap to gap. Recorded an exit velocity of 81 MPH, but has been as high as 84 MPH at previous events. Defensively-  Uses a compact primary stance with the feet more than shoulder width apart creating a strong athletic base with the lower half. Received the ball with a quiet hand, working from outside the ball to give good presentation. Showed a strong arm, but tends to be low with the transfer causing some delay with the throwing arm. Throws showed good carry and will continue once an adjustment is made to create a higher transfer and get the hands into a shoulder height position faster. Recorded a pop time of 1.97 on the day with an arm velocity of 77 MPH both numbers an increase (+.09 on pop time and an +5 MPH). Currently ranked 11th best catcher for the class of 2018, but should make his way into the top 10 over the next year.

NY State Games (June 27-29, 2016)
Avila is a full bodied 5-foot-11 180 pound C/3B who ran a 7.50 60 (personal best of 7.47). Offensively- Avila starts in a spread stance with weight slightly stacked over his back leg; barrel flattens and wraps slightly during take back. Toe tap with a slight internal rotation of the front leg; explodes out of that movement with an aggressive lower half. Showed pull side pop during BP and drove some balls during live action; exit velocity of 84 MPH (+4 MPH from Feb. 2016). Defensively- Avila’s peak pop time was 2.12 (as good as 2.06 in Feb.). Compact setup as a receiver; sits up slightly in secondary position; exchanges feet quickly. Slight arch of his back stands him up, causing a delay in release. Arm strength an improved 72 MPH. Threw out the first two attempted base stealers during the live games; works hard in the dirt and stays soft on the edges of the plate.
Preseason All-State (Feb. 28, 2016)
 Avila stands 5-foot-9, 180-pouds with a strong athletic frame.  This well put together 2018 showed an exit velocity of 80-mph and good skills behind the dish.  Offensively- Benjamin sets up tall and slightly open.  He strides back in line and uses a flat bat with slight wrap during load.  Defensively- Sets up with feet outside his shoulders and receives the ball well. Stayed around the 2.06-2.14 range on pop times. Benjamin continues to make gains both at the plate and behind it and proves to be worth watching in the 2018 class.  
NY State Open ID (January 31, 2017)
 Avila checks in at a solid 5-foot-9 180 pounds behind the plate. He ran a 7.47 60 and a 4.50 home-to-1B. Offensively-  Benjamin starts in a slightly open stance just outside his shoulders with the bat flat. Uses a slight coil with the hands and heel lift for a stride. Stays behind the ball into contact with hands leading swing inside the ball (occasionally inside-outs his contact). Demonstrated some decent extension with a bit of a recoil. Exit Velocity was 75 MPH. Increased lower half effort will help repeat swing path as it looks like the hands are tied up a times. Defensively- Benjamin receives well from a compact primary position and was quick to recover on balls in the dirt. Active feet both within his blocks and throwdowns. Efficient with his footwork from both sides of the plate with a consistent transfer. Pop time range was a respectable 2.14-2.18 for a sophomore. Peak positional velocity was 69 MPH.
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