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The Harvey School (HS) • NY
6' 1" • 197LBS
R/R • 23yr 3mo
Travel Team: NY Nighthawks


2019 National

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2019 State

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2018 NYS Games
Jun 25, 2018
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June 25-27, 2018 (NYS Games) 

60 Yard Dash: 
Exit Velocity:
Positional Arm:
Physical build standing 6-foot-1, 197-pounds. Quick hands in the box. Flashed power potential. Good lift when he stays behind ball, barrel is on a slight uphill path. Hard contact Double off the LF wall @ UE in inning 3. Defensively, wide setup, stays behind the ball and gets through with his throws, 79 mph across the diamond.
NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)
Athletic 6-foot-1, 190-pound third baseman, ran a 7.08/60. Offensively - effective load, short to the ball with strong hands, keeps bat on level path through strike zone with full extension for an exit velocity of 84 MPH - up 5 MPH from February; repeatable, comfortable driving ball to middle third of the field, further lower body engagement will add to power. Defensively - clean footwork, sure hands, smooth and easy transfer with an accurate arm at 73 MPH.
Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)
Sarmiento stands at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Had a 60 yard dash time of 7.41 seconds, but has previously ran as low as 7.16 seconds. Offensively- Begins with feet wider than shoulders and legs straight with an even stance. Hands begin at back shoulder with bat laid on shoulder. Uses a small toe stride that lands even as hands load backwards slightly. Barrel is short to ball with limited extension through contact. Swing plane is slightly downhill. Hips are mostly rotational during the swing. Two handed finish above front shoulder. Middle to pull side line drives. Had an exit velocity of 79 MPH off of the tee, 6 MPH less than personal best. Defensively- Approaches the ball with short, quick strides. Fields ball with feet wide and very bent at the knees. Fields ball with hands well in front of his body. Used an inconsistent shuffle on throws. Low 3/4 arm slot on throws of 74 MPH across the infield, just below previous high of 75 MPH. More in the tank arm wise.
Downstate Fall Preview (October 2, 2016)

Sarmiento, a 2019 right-hand hitting third-baseman stands at 6-foot-0 and weighs a solid 190 pounds,ran a
7.16 60 setting a personal best and .21 quicker than the previous event. Offensively-  Starts with a square base from a slight crouch. Hands start in front of the back shoulder with the bat rested on the shoulder. Initiates the swing by elevating the bat from the shoulder and simultaneously lifting the lead foot with a minimal stride distance towards the pitcher. Showed a compact swing with good extension able to take the pitch where it was and use all fields during batting practice. Good drive power to the pull side gap, especially on the pitch middle in and lower in the zone. Recorded an exit velocity of 82 MPH but has been as high as 85 MPH at previous events. Defensively-  Pre-pitch movement of shuffling the feet rather than the standard prep step of step-hop. Receives the ball a bit deep and off the right side of the body rather than the left foot, causing the funneling of the ball to go to the right hip rather than the center of the body. Showed good arm strength with the ball having some carry at a registered arm velocity of a personal best 75 MPH. With some adjustments to the fielding, projects as a corner infielder at the next level.
NY All-Star Games (September 17, 2016)
Sarmiento checks in with a filled out 6-foot-0 190 pound athletic frame. He matched his personal best 60 with a 7.37. Offensively- Even setup with feet just outside his shoulders; flat to slightly angled barrel with a short controlled load of the hands and stride for timing. Strong foundation; aggressive lower half with compact swing path. Accelerates through the zone with an elevated two-handed finish. High ceiling in the power department as he has shown the ability to drive the gaps. Exit velocity equaled his prior best at 85 MPH. Defensively-  Showed a steady glove; approaches ball somewhat cautiously as he makes transition from middle of the diamond to the corners. Exhibits more of a middle infielders release with a quick snap throw; limited footwork (shuffle step). Would benefit from lengthening arm action and incorporating more of his body. Arm strength was down a notch at 70 MPH (73 at NY Games in June). This will improve with mentioned adjustments.
New York Games (June 27-29, 2016)
Sarmiento stands in at a strong 5-foot-11; 168 pounds. He ran a 7.37 60.  Offensively-  Sarmiento starts in a spread; even stance with bat resting just off shoulder with a 30 degree angle. Minimal movement in the timing department; short take back with and easy stride forward. Quietly aggressive; short swing into the zone with an elevated 2-hand finish. Flashed power potential in BP and during games. Middle of the order threat that will pound the gaps as he develops; exit velocity at a respectable 85 MPH. Defensively- Left side infielder with serviceable arm at 73 MPH; plays better than that with good carry. Active feet; works proper angles into the ball with hands out in front. Worked out at SS but may grow into a lockdown 3B.
NY State Open ID (January 31, 2016)
Ethan is a well put together 5-foot-11 168 pound middle infielder who ran a 7.39 60 and a 4.32 home-to-1B. Offensively- Ethan starts in an even and balanced stance with his bat resting on his shoulder. Uses a short stride for timing, keeping hands and bat on shoulder with a  30 degree angle (no take back). Drives up onto front side, standing himself up at contact. Stays short into the zone with moderate extension up and out off the body. Line drive results. Exit velocity peaked at 75 MPH. Power frame for a 2019 grad that may benefit from separation of his hands from his body early on in his timing. Defensively- Listed as a middle infielder, Ethan's actions and body type would point towards 3B as he develops over the long term. Good first step quickness, stays low into the ball. Can get tall during exchange and his shuffle step, delaying his release. Arm strength was 70 MPH across the diamond with more in the tank.

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