Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin




St. Francis Prep (HS) • NY
6-3 • 160LBS • R/R
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2019 National

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ENY All-Star Games (September 17, 2017)
Martin stands a very lean 6-foot-2. 145-pounds with plenty of room to fill out as he matures. On the mound he uses a slight side-step, hands stay chest high, above belt knee lift with fluid tempo, repeatable. He uses a body length stride, arm-action is long (slightly back towards 2B) and clean, releases from a mid-3/4 slot with depth and run. Fastball sat 79-80 mph (we have seen him in the low-80's as well) with a feel for the strike zone. Changeup has fastball hand-speed and fade, curveball shows tight spin with 11/4 sweeping shape in the upper 60's. Overall, Martin has three pitches he can throw from strikes and attack hitters with. Right now, for me, he needs to pack on about 15-pounds this winter through strength and conditioning efforts. Do that, and watch that velocity start to take off this coming summer. Fun prospect to keep an eye on. 

NY Games (June 25-27, 2017) 

Lanky 6-foot-2, 145-pound RHP. Pitching - clean arm action out of low ¾ slot, uses height to get downward plane on 79-80 MPH fastball with late movement that touches he runs up to 84 MPH; uses hip tilt at balance point to generate momentum, throws tight 2-to-7 curveball 68-69 MPH, effectively works both sides of the plate, consistently induces weak contact, intriguing potential.
Long Island Top Prospect (January 16, 2017)

Martin, a 2019 right-handed hitting middle infielder/RHP continues to move up the ranks currently ranked as the 20th best middle infield prospect for the class of 2019,  stands at  6-foot-1 and weighs 140 pounds, ran a
4.69 from home to first. Offensively- Begins with an upright open lower half with a subtle shift of weight to the back side with the hands above the back shoulder and barrel of the bat parallel to the ground. Uses a pronounced lead leg lift with the knee, while inwardly rotating, gets thigh high and the hands are load straight back remaining slightly inside the back shoulder while the barrel of the bat gets wrapped behind the head. Displayed line drive pop to the pull side gap, while also demonstrating an ability to the ball on the outer third to the opposite field gap. Aggressive swing and stays compact with the hands, which produced an exit velocity of 74 MPH, but has been as high as 75 MPH at past events. Defensively- Pre-pitch movement technique of a step keeping the hands inside the body. Moved well and showed clean athletic movements for an infielder, displaying the ability to get rid of the ball from multiple arm angles with good carry and accuracy. Recorded an arm velocity of 75 MPH, an increase of 9 MPH from August. Pitching- Works from the center of the rubber, toes angled towards the arm side, with both hands held in front of the chest. Gets to the gathered position with a subtle step to the first base side with the lead foot, while the pivot foot drags slightly to the first base side of the rubber and lead knee gets above the waist with no inward rotation, and hands lowering slightly above the waist. Sticks the landing with a solid front foot, toes slightly closed, with the lead arm staying strong. Showed loose arm with good whip and extension on release. The fastball, thrown from a low to mid ¾ arm slot, showed life as well as arm side run and sink while topping out at 77 MPH. Was able to locate the pitch to both sides of the plate.  The changeup showed good depth to both sides of the plate, but could use more of a differential from the fastball, topping out at 71 MPH. The slider, topping out at 64 MPH, showed loose spin and inconsistent break but had glimpses of 10-to-4 shape.
Long Island Prospect Preview (August 8, 2016)

Martin, a 2019 grad from St. Francis Prep HS, stands at 5-foot-11 and 133-pounds. He ran a 7.92 60. Offensively- Starts with an upright open stance with the weight centered. Hands are above the back shoulder, with the bat at a 45 degree angle. Swing is initiated by a weight shift to the back side with an inward turn of the front foot and knee. Gets the front foot down flat and closed, keeping the front hip in and the hands behind the rotation of the hips. Advanced approach, for his age, at the plate using all fields during batting practice. Showed ability to drive the ball well to the pull and opposite field gaps.Recorded an exit velocity of 75 MPH, an increase of over 5 MPH from last event. Defensively- Showed ability to move well to the ball off the glove side as well as straight at him. Used a low ¾ arm angle to make strong accurate throw's across the diamond. Recorded and arm velocity of 66 MPH, with much more room to grow. If the growth rate continues (up 4 inches/ 30 pounds) may project to a corner position at the next level.  Pitching- Starts on the first base side of the rubber, with weight centered and feet shoulder width apart. Utilizes a drop step to first base to get into the gathered position over the pitching rubber. From the gathered position, will use a drop and drive technique. Showed a respectable fastball at 75 MPH, for a 2019 grad, with ability to locate on both sides of the plate. Tight slider that topped out at 64MPH, with 10-to-5 rotation, along with a change-up that showed good depth and spin at 71MPH. All pitches were thrown from a high ¾ arm angle and showed life.

 Futures Showcase (February 28, 2015)

Martin stands a slender 5-foot-7, 105-pounds. Offensively-  At the plate he starts shoulder width apart.  Short back load with soft, short stride.  Shows down to level bat path with lift at contact. Finishes high.  Stays inside the ball. Defensively- In the field he moves very well, and gets to balls quickly.  Keeps hands out front and stays low through his shuffle.  Looks very confident with the ball. Sleek shuffle, and moves threw his throws.  Needs to work on his approach.  Good athlete. Pitching- On the mound Martin shows good arm strength for his age and size.  He starts tall and uses a side step to his balance point.  High leg kick and good balance.  Used glide to stride method.  Looks comfortable and athletic.  Good extension out front, hand passes glove side easily.  High loose 3/4 arm angle.  (70mph) fb.  Look forward to seeing him on the mound in the future. 
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