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Fordham Prep (HS) • NY
5-10 • 185LBS • R/R
Travel Team: MVP Beast 2023 National


2023 National

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2023 State

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Physical: Athletic, well put together 5-foot-9, 175lb frame with strength seen in the movements. 7.68 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Balanced, even stance just outside shoulder-width as the hands operated calmly to start; utilized a directional lift and replace stride to initiate his swing through a flat path into the hitting zone. Able to consistently lift after impact, creating present pull-side juice when thrown up above the belt. Smooth rotational power that sequenced well, en route to a 36% line drive, 46% fly ball rate split during batting practice. Posted a T90 mph bat-exit velocity and worked up to a near 320 foot batted ball distance; good bat to ball skills and a mature approach at the plate.

 Defensively: The shortstop maintained good leverage with the glove hand out in front, fielding softly and funneled inward to the chest. Kept momentum on his toes with pace, shuffling once and releasing from an accurate, H ¾ slot to the target (88 mph arm, carry, left side projection moving forward).

 Pitching: RHP - Started off the far left side of the rubber with the left foot narrowly in front of the right; short side rocker and balanced stack position, driving down the mound with some separation available at H ¾. The FB entered at 83-84 mph with above-average spin traits, appearing straight to the arm-side corner. Mixed a 70-73 mph SL that landed at T2499rpms, biting hard up to 14 inches of HM across the plate.


Pitching: Side step with hesitation before driving the leg up with coil, sits into back side while driving down the mound and accelerating against a stiff front side; Arm action works quick through a clean 3/4 release. FB: Plays with advanced life (Bauer Unit 28), ride (21" IVB) and arm side run (21") through the zone. CB: High spin (2513 RPM) sharp break with 10-4 shape, up to 5.6" vertical drop and 15" horizontal break. CH: Good hand speed while killing the spin


Physical: Strong, athletic 5-foot-9, 175 lb build. 7.44 runner in the 60.
Offensively: Balnced, slightly open stance with the hands starting up over the back shoulder; gains some ground striding back to even as hands push straight back creating some barrel wrap; quality hip / shoulder separation creating advanced barrel whip into the zone ( 25 G's rotational acceleration per Blast Motion); barrel gets on plane early with a up hill finish creating natural back spin and pop to the pull side. 87 MPH peak exit velo.
Defensively: Athletic foot work with a quick first step, moves well laterally playing low to the ground and through the ball; glove hand is soft with clean transfers; strong arm that flashed ability to throw from multiple arm angles while making the play on the run with relative ease. INF: 88 MPH


Physical: 5-foot-7, 140 pounds; Lean, athletic build. 7.59 runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. Upright stance with feet even and outside shoulder width and a slight bend while hands start in front of back shoulder; gains ground with a lift and hang stride while separating from hands going straight back. strong effort with balanced lower half with direct to the ball with good hand speed (23.4mph) and on plane efficiency of 61%.  consistent solid contact with pop to the pull side; peak Trackman exit velocity of 84 MPH.
Defensively: Uses prep step; moves well laterally with athletic footwork [playing through the ball routinely. soft, quick hands fielding the balls in front with clean transfers; short arm action with ability to vary release with the play.  INF - 82 MPH..
Pitching: builds momentum with a leg lift above the belt and coil; strides out in line to a repeatable release and balanced follow through. whippy arm action to a natural 3/4 release. FB: T 78 MPH, 77-78 MPH. Has advanced life out of the hand with Bauer Unit of 30 (24 MLB avg); Vertical rise up to 19.6 inches and arm side run up to 17.2 inches through the zone. CB:  MPH. Sharp high spin (2345) with 11-5 shape; up to 6.7 inches vertical drop and 14.6 inches horizontal movement. SL: 66-68 MPH. tight break with depth and up to 16.7 inches horizontal break. 


Physical: 5-7, 140-pounds. Lean, athletic build. 7.62 runner in the 60; 4.56 home-to-1B.
Offensively: RHH. Upright stance with a slight bend in the knees, weight on his back foot, hands level with his chin, uses a slow, medium stride for timing Generates loft with an uphill swing plane, finds the barrel well, extension through the zone and use of the lower half in his swing. Stays up the middle and to his pull side. 80 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively: Starts low with a wide base and uses consistent footwork to get around the ball, fields it in the middle of his body. Short arm swing with a low 3/4 arm slot.  INF - 72 MPH.
Pitching: Short drop step with a couple toe taps before driving leg up above the waist with a turn, gets into back side as he strides out in line with a slight shoulder tilt, repeatable release and follow through against a strong post leg. Long, whippy arm action with a 3/4 slot. FB: T76, 74-75 MPH. Arm side tail. CB: 64-67 MPH. 11-5 shape with back door action. SL: 67 MPH. Tight rotation, locates to glove side. CH: 70-71 MPH. Maintains hand speed with late arm side fade. 

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