Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith




St. Peters
Stony Brook (HS) • NY
6-3 • 230LBS • L/R
Travel Team: East Coast Lumberjacks


2021 National

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2021 State

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Physical: 6-foot-2, 225LBS. Thick, sturdy build. St. Peters Commit. 

Offensively: LHH. Begins slightly open with hands high. Leg lift works back towards the pitcher, while hands load back and up. Weight on the inside of left foot during the load. Barrel path is slightly down through the hitting zone due to the position of hands during the load. Drove the ball out in front, registering a 101MPH top exit velocity. 

Defensively: The primary catcher shows quality hip mobility behind the plate. Knees somewhat narrow during secondary stance. Transfer at chest height leads to a strong, ideal catchers arm slot. Created good backspin on throws. 75MPH throwing velocity.


Physical: Strong, physical build. 8.19 runner in the 60.

 Offensively: LHH. Balanced stance with wide, even feet and hands up back and up; Toe tap stride gaining some grounds while hands get straight back. balanced with a strong effort  with quick into the zone getting on plane early and staying on plane at 71% efficiency with plus bat speed.  Hard contact through the middle and pull side with present power; peak Trackman exit velocity of 101 MPH.

 Defensively: C: Offset and low to the ground 1B: walks into ready position; C: quick foot work getting in line to the target 1B: athletic footwork around the bag. C: soft glove with a clean transfer 1B: Soft glove fielding the ball in front; C: short arm action to a high 3/4 release. 2.00-2.17 pop times. C - 75 MPH. INF - 83 MPH. 


Physical: Large and projectable 6-foot-2, 225 pound frame with advanced strength throughout the movements. 8.19 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensive: LHH - Balanced, even stance with a slight bend in the knees as the hands were controlled at the ear with moderate rhythm in the setup. Utilized a toe-tap stride to initiate a loud and powerful, slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone. The lower half demonstrated methodical rotation towards impact creating whip in the barrel and natural backspin to the pull-side gap during batting practice. Was able to stay on pitches out over the plate using long levers to cover all the way to the outer black of the outside corner. Hit into a stiff and adjustable front side allowing for home run power to RF and high level bat to ball skills throughout his round. Recorded a top bat-exit velocity of 101 mph per Trackman Baseball. 

Defensive: The primary backstop featured solid receiving skills with a moderately soft glove hand showing minimal movement at the catch point. Pop times ranged from 2.00-2.05 on the bag using short and powerful straight line footwork to gain ground towards the target, quality feel for catch and throw skills out of a low crouch. Beat the ball to either side while blocking, deadening the baseball with a large frame. C - 75 mph .... The first baseman displayed adequate feel around the bag while approaching the ball off of the middle/left of his body. Could return to the bag on double plays with ability to get back himself. Soft glove hand, choppy actions. INF - 83 mph

Preseason All-State (February 21, 2018)

Smith stands at 6-foot-0, 215 pounds.  Ran a 9.18-60.  Offensively- Slightly wider than shoulder width, opened stance, hands held high back load as pitch approaches with short stride.  Swing plane at an incline through the zone, one arm extension with signs of power projection.  Exit velocity measured at 89-MPH which is above average for his age.  Offensively- comfortable base, smooth transfer with a pop time ranging from 2.26-2.32 but look for that number to drop as he increases his arm-strength.

Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)

Smith, a 2020 left-handed hitting catcher, stands at  5-foot-9 and weighs 175 pounds, ran a 9.62 60, (0.07 quicker than last event). Offensively-  Starts from a balanced square lower half, some bend in both knees, with the hands above and in front of the back shoulder while the barrel of the bat is angled 45-degrees. Gets to the launch phase of the swing with a slight lift and moderate stride, with the front foot, towards the pitcher with the hands loaded slightly outside the back shoulder keeping the barrel angle at 45-degrees. Displayed a line drive approach at the plate, driving the ball from the pull side line to the pull gap, driving the pitch in the middle-in lower third particularly well. Recorded an exit velocity of 82 MPH, which was a significant jump from the 69 MPH shown at the previous event. Defensively-  Begins with a square balanced primary stance with a relaxed glove. Throws to second showed quality accuracy and shoulder improve carry and arm velocity with a minor adjustment to transfer the ball chest height and more in front of the chest. With a little less throwing arm wrap and some more leg drive, it will help improve the arm velocity of 65 MPH as well as the pop time of 2.26, both of which were personal best, ( +5 MPH velo, +0.26 pop time).

Futures Instructional Showcase (March 5, 2016)

T yler is a 5-foot-7 160 pound catcher who hits from the left side. He ran a 9.69 60 and a 5.39 home-to-1B. Offensively- Tyler sets up in a balanced and even stance. Creates separation with a slight coil within his load and stride that gains ground. Stays back into contact with an aggressive lower half that clears the way for a short and compact swing. Consistent line drive contact. Elevated, one arm finish out in front of the body. Would like to see him use more of the middle of the field but the contact was solid and repeatable. Exit velocity was 69 MPH. Defensively- Tyler sets up in a compact position behind the plate, staying soft when receiving. Stands up some within his setup behind the plate. Proper footwork to both his glove side and throwing side. Exchanges feet well. As arm strength and transfer improves there will be a noticeable decrease in his pop time range of 2.52-2.57. Fundamental behind the plate with an accurate arm that peaked at 60 MPH. Has the tools at the plate but also behind it.

Futures Prospects Showcase (February 28, 2015)

Smith stands 5-foot-5, 145-pounds. Offensively- From the left side his stands is relaxed and tall.  Hands start high, and stay quiet till stride.  Level swing, lets it get deep.  Wrists roll over slightly through contact.  Full rotation on back leg.  Would like to see him be more aggressive. Defensively-  Behind the plate his set up in low.  Soft hands, receives the ball easily.  Clean transfer,  to a high 3/4 arm slot.  Stands up when throwing down to 2nd.  Needs to learn how to stay low, and gain ground.

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