Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott
Matthew McElligott




Sinclair CC
Bishop Hartley (HS) • OH
6-1 • 175LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Suburban Columbus Trappers 18U
2020 National

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2020 State

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Body Type: Wiry right handed arm with thin frame at 6-foot-1, 155-pounds.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Some rigid moments in the delivery but still relatively quick arm. Effort required for the delivery. Fairly repeatable and arm works well when on time.
Fastball: Above average spin rate guy with 2200-2400 rpm and high 90s efficiency. Ranged from 84-86 mph on this day.
Curveball: 11/5 breaker with gradual movement at 67-69 mph. Demonstrated ability to backdoor that pitch to LHHs.
Changeup: Firm pitch at 78-79 mph. Perceived to be a fastball but not quite enough movement to generate swing and miss on a consistent basis.
Pitchability: Shows spurts of high pitchability. With widening the gap between fastball/changeup to complement the breaking ball will make for a solid three pitch mix.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 155-pound thin frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Starts from a hunched over position at leg lift with a slight pause at the top before a drop and drive lower half. A ¾ arm action with a slight pause at the back before exploding towards the plate.
Fastball: 84-85mph. Slight arm side movement. 2,000-2,200 rpm spin rate with high 90% efficiency. Locates on the corners of the plate.
Slider: 69-73mph. Moves on a 11/5 plane for an average offering.  Thrown low in the zone consistently.
Changeup: 76-78mph. Arm side drop for a solid third offering. Keeps hitters off balance. Least utilized pitch but thrown in the zone. 
Pitchability: Strike thrower.
Additional Comments: An unorthodox delivery but very effective.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 155-pound thin, athletic frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Rolls through delivery with consistent tempo. Lower half creates energy and direction down the mound. Arm works well through a high-¾ slot with both above average speed and strength.
Fastball: 81-84 mph. 2000-2200 spin rate guy with 100% spin efficiency.
Curveball: 68-72 mph. Sharp, slurvish action to it. We’ve seen him multiple times this summer and this may be the best it looked. Used the pitch to freeze hitters or as a chase offering.
Changeup: 75-76 mph. Playable third offering that he used sparingly but showed the ability to locate in the zone.
Pitchability: Filled it up.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 155-pound thin frame with room to add.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Slower paced tempo with unique movements that sync well together. Mobile athlete that has separation/an on time arm at foot strike. Quick arm with intent. Any added strength should translate to easy velocity with his efficiency/mobility. 
Fastball: 81-84 mph. Above average spin rate guy with some late life through the zone. More to come.
Curveball: 69-73 mph. Lowers slot a bit giving it a slurvish look across the zone. Pitch shows potential.
Pitchability: Filled it up with the fastball with breaking ball being inconsistent.
Additional Comments: More of a fastball dominant guy in this outing who will continue to improve his stock as velo increases and breaking ball comes a long.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 155-pound athletic frame with room to add.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Slower paced delivery that doesn’t require much effort. Ball comes out well and easy. Efficient delivery in general that he can repeat.
Fastball: 82-83 mph. High spin rate/high efficiency guy. 2200 RPMs with upper 90% efficiency. Velo plays up.
Curveball: 11/5, above average offering. Spins it well, giving it quality action with good depth at 69-70 mph.
Changeup: Also mixed in a changeup that has dive to it at 73-74 mph.
Pitchability: Strike thrower for the most part.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 155-pound thin athletic frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Ntes: Low effort, fluid delivery with short arm action working out of a lower ¾ slot.
Fastball: Easy out the hand, working on a downplane with late arm side run at 82-85 mph.
Curveball: Shows developing depth on an 11/5 plane. Pitch has some loop in it, but shows good spin at 67-69 mph.
Slider: Tight rotation with 10/4 tilt on the pitch. At 71-72 mph the pitch has late bite and potential to generate some swing and misses.
Changeup: Thrown with fastball arm action, at 77-79 mph the pitch has above average sink and run to it.
Pitchability: Showed feel and ability to put all four of his offerings in the zone.


The wiry right handed pitcher who is mechanically sound on the mound. Lower effort delivery with slower tempo. Directionally sound toward home while really locking up that land leg and be quietly aggressively through the finish. Works through a near ¾ slot with some deception. Fastball features slight ASR at 79-81 mph. Slider is a sweeping breaking ball working the length of the plate at 68-71 mph. At times has more of a 10/4 shape with some depth. Both shapes are playable and effective. Changeup with arm side fade at 72-73 mph. With continued development will have a nice three pitch mix.


Lanky right handed prospect that has a frame that can handle added strength. Starts his delivery with a rocker step before using a lower amount of effort. Ball comes out of a high ¾ slot. Gets extension on the frontside while really getting over the land leg. Fastball has slight arm side run at 77-81 mph. Curveball is near 12/6 with gradual breaker at 63-65 mph. Drops down to a sidearm slot for a sweeping slider at 66-68 mph.  Changeup is firm at 73-74 mph with potential hard downward action. Two-way prospect. At the corner infield position uses above average feet. Creates good angles to the ball and will benefit from using those angles to continue playing through the ball. Arm has shown increased strength since last time we have seen him which should allow him to stay put at the third base position reaching a top velocity of 79 mph. A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Fluid load into a front foot launch. Path is slightly downhill with a balanced offering of strength and speed to hands. Both tools are above average for class. Line drive guy with gap abilities. Would see more juice/natural ball flight with a flatter path. Good athlete with feel up there.

60-yard dash: 7.84
Infield Velocity: 79
Exit Velocity: 76


6-foot-1, 150-pound athletic, projectable body frame. From the infield he has a tendency to stop his feet when ground balls are hit at him and would benefit from playing through the baseball. Fields with his hands out in front of his body and throws with a clean, short arm action through a ¾ slot while recording a velocity of 75 mph across the infield. In the outfield he uses good footwork to approach the baseball, but would like to see him incorporate more of a crow hop to help aid his throws.Recorded a velocity of 76 mph from the outfield. An athletic frame behind the plate. Footwork is fluid and mechanically sound as he gets out of his crouch. Arm is clean and works for the position. Would see easy improvements in his pop times with a quicker transfer. In bullpens he looked to be a well above average receiver. A right-handed hitter that starts in a wider setup. Bat starts vertical before leveling out prior to launch. Loading sequence is efficient and syncs up his body well. Bat speed is developing and barrel works on a slightly downhill path. Stays through contact well. Contact guy that produced line drives to the middle of the field in batting practice. From the mound he throws exclusively from the stretch and uses regular effort to his delivery. Has a straight up and down leg lift, landing in a straight line at foot strike and finishes with his momentum carrying toward home plate. Throws with a short arm action with average arm speed through an upper ¾ slot. His fastball was thrown between 74-76 mph. Curveball has gradual break at an 11/5 plane between 61-63 mph. Changeup is thrown using near fastball arm speed at 70-72 mph.

60-yard Dash: 8.07
Infield Velocity: 75
Outfield Velocity: 76
Catcher Velocity: 69
Pop Time: 2.25-2.41
Exit Velocity: 74

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