Andrew Malec
Andrew Malec
Andrew Malec
Andrew Malec
Andrew Malec




Cathedral Prep (HS) • PA
6-4 • 185LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Keystone St. Bombers


2023 National

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2023 State

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Physical: Projectable, highly athletic 6-foot-4, 185lb frame with two-way talent. 7.09 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Upright, slightly open stance with clean movements at the plate. Maintains rhythm throughout a controlled leg-lift stride creating an efficient burst into the zone. The swing initiated from a slightly uphill path towards a deep two-handed finish allowing for some loft in the approach to the pull-side of the field. Recorded a 92 mph bat-exit velocity (86 mph average) flashing a natural feel to hit. High ceiling in multiple phases, 80% sweet spot rate. 

Defensively: The third baseman handles himself with grace at the hot corner, beating the ball to the spot with good posture at the window. Rangy to the glove side and recorded an accurate, carrying 83 mph arm-strength across the diamond. 

Pitching: RHP - The tall right-hander begins off of the left side of the rubber with a short side rocker to start the delivery. Good usage of the lower half out of the stack as he sits into the glutes and lets the arm lay back for separation through a H ¾ slot. Fluid release and peppered the zone at 83-85 mph on the FB at 2521rpms. Spins the CB well too (69-70) with late two-plane shape and ability to manipulate tilt based on hitter. A short 72-74 mph SL is thrown harder with confidence and a developing 74-76 mph straight-CH continues progressing.


Physical: Lengthy, projectable 6-foot-4, 180lb frame with athleticism that carries across his game. 6.87 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Wide, upright stance with quick hands working at the shoulder in rhythm to start. Entered the zone using a toe tap stride launching slightly uphill with a whippy attack, generating consistent loft through the middle of the field. Found success to the pull-side on some of his best swings, posting a T90 mph bat-exit velocity that produced a 321 foot batted ball distance via Trackman. More impressively was able to control the bat, adding a standout 75% line drive rate during a sparkling round of batting practice. 

Defensively: The primary third baseman featured range to his glove hand side and moved well laterally, taking advanced routes to the baseball and rounding downhill towards the target. Accurate/soft glove hand that funneled inward, releasing from a loose, high ¾ slot (76 mph arm) across the infield. 

Pitching: RHP - Started off the middle of the rubber with an even paced delivery, getting to a tall, balanced stack position before driving over the front side with good downhill tilt into the strike zone at H ¾. The FB ranged from 80-83 mph (near 2500rpms, mostly straight) mixing a sharp, two-plane 66-68 mph CB with more horizontal bite than depth showing for K’s. Then added a solid, developing 66-69 mph CH, killing spin with ability to gain extra sell out in front.


Physical: 6-foot-4, 180LBS. Lean, athletic, and projectable frame. 7.32 60-Yard Dash.

Offensively: RHH. Tall set up with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Has some wiggle in the barrel and it works into a strong load position. Rocks into the rear leg as the lead leg makes its up and down move. Consistent quality ROT ACC numbers throughout, allowing for increased adjustability. 

Defensively: Athletic and fluid movements at 3B showing ease in the fielding process. Fields ball in the middle of the body and moves in a straight line to 1B. Arm is whippy from a 3/4 arm slot that projects well on the mound. 

Pitching: Heigh ceiling on the mound. Tall RHP that begins on the center of the rubber and is squared to the plate. Hands begin at the belt line and stay there during the rocker step. During the leg lift to chest the hands work up. On glove break hand goes down and back. Arm is quick and direct as it goes through the arm spiral on the way forward. Long limbed, whippy arm that releases from a 3/4 arm slot. Produces a high spin rate FB that runs up to 84MPH. Simple, repeatable mechanics.


Physical: Long, lean and projectable 6-foot-3, 170-poind build. 7.18 runner in the 60.

Offensively: Begins with an upright stance and an even base, he uses a big leg kick to get into his swing. He utilizes his lower half well and has direct barrel path to the ball and he finishes high with two hands. Peak exit velo of 89 during his BP round.

Defensively: Starts upright but walks into a low and wide ready position, he showcases smooth and confident footwork taking good routes to field balls with ease. 77 mph arm from across the diamond and should continue to climb as he fills out and matures.

Pitching: Starts tall and balanced in the center of the rubber, he takes his time during his motion, specifically with a slower leg lift before striding out towards home plate, utilizing his long arms, long stride, and high ¾ arm slot to get downhill on hitters.

Fastball: Able to spot the fastball for strikes, has some natural arm side run while sitting in the high 70s and reaching 80 mph.

Curveball: Thrown out of a similar window to the fastball, the curveball tunnels well with the fastball thanks to its late, downward, 11-5 action


Demonstrated feel for a long and lean 6-foot-3, 165-pound frame with some strength in his actions and room to fill out a projectable body as he matures. The right-handed hitter begins with a wide, even stance utilizing a leg-lift to initiate a slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone. Showcased natural pull-side lift with feel for the hands, generating a short, athletic stroke through contact. Used a controlled lower half while hitting into a stiff front side creating an 82 mph bat-exit velocity and gap to gap approach during batting practice. Ran a 7.69 60-yard dash. The primary third baseman showed off adequate footwork with a low center of gravity and quick first step, allowing feet to arrive on time with regularity. Recorded an accurate 77 mph arm-strength across the infield out of a repeatable, high ¾ arm-slot while displaying the ability to change arm angles when making plays on the run. The right-handed pitcher sat 72-75 mph out of a high ¾ arm-slot with length in the takeaway. Mixed in a 65-67 mph curveball featuring small 11/5 shape and countered with a 65-67 mph changeup flashing occasional arm-side fade while being thrown with advanced sell. 

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