On Deck Preview: Preseason All State - Erie

Andrew Kowalo
Director of Baseball

From now until mid February we will be highlighting players that will be back in front of our our eyes this preseason. Today we take a look at:

Andrew Malec 3B / RHP / Cathedral Prep, PA / 2023

What to expect:
Andrew has an incredible upside as a 2023 prospect. Standing at 6’4 175 lb he has the body and actions to make an impact this year. We have seen him 78-80 mph off the mound with an average spin rate of 2400 and maxing out at 2568. His fastball plays faster and will continue to play faster as his velocity increases over time. He is definitely one to keep your eye one this coming year.

What we’d like to see: With such impressive spin rate numbers on the mound, the next step for Andrew is to creep up into the mid to upper 80’s with his fastball. From the last time we saw him at the Pa State games he seemed to only use his upper body and arm to draw his power from. As he grows into his body and starts to utilize his entire lower half, that is when you will see an increase in the velocity department.

Jacob Cooper OF / RHP / Cathedral Prep, PA / 2022

What to expect
: Jacob has shown some glimpses of becoming a standout player. Standing at 6’2 190 lbs and running a 6.9 60 yard dash, he plays faster than the numbers say. He takes long strides and uses his long arms to create leverage at the plate and in the field. He has some raw strength packed into his body which will prove to be valuable down the road.

What we’d like to see: When watching 'big leaguers' go about their business, the one thing that always stands out to me is how smooth and efficient they are. For Jacob, we would love to see him be able to simplify his actions and really start to use the strength that is packed in his frame. This will allow his production both offensively and defensively to sky rocket.

Maddox Stadler RHP / 1B / Cathedral Prep, PA / 2022

What to expect:
Maddox has seemed to fly under the radar this past year, but with the potential he packs into his frame, we believe he will come into the spotlight this pre season. He was seen at 76-80 mph off the mound with very controlled and efficient mechanics. He seems to have a feel for 3 pitches, a 4 seam fastball, a 12-6 shaped curve ball (66-69 mph), and a change up (70-72 mph). He may not have popped the radar gun yet, but in time, if he continues to advance, he will be a pitching coach's dream.

What we’d like to see: As a 2022 graduate Maddox still has time to show us a jump in his numbers. We anticipate him to come out of the gates firing this preseason, trying to really make an impression on our staff. If he can pop the radar gun and maintain his consistency, we look for him to grab some more attention.

Joey Spano JR. SS / RHP / Cathedral Prep, PA / 2024

What to expect:
Joey has made an impression on us by displaying an impressive amount of confidence. He shows great intent in his swings and some flash in his glove at shortstop. For only being a 2024 graduate he has a great base to build off of. He stands at 5’10 155 lbs and has been seen running a 7.2 60 yard dash. It will be exciting to see how he develops over the next few years.

What we’d like to see: Young players are difficult to make predictions on because they are usually still undeveloped, yet there are some players who show great potential. Joey seems to be one of those players. If he can build off of the base he has and clean up a few parts of his game, there is a lot that he can bring to the table. Defensively, a quicker release and less time between the catch and throw will help make his arm play stronger than it is. Offensively, he should continue to swing it with conviction and sure up some barrel awareness to make himself a very sought after prospect.



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