The 2020 Future Games are right around the corner and things are going to be a little different this year. Rest assured, Prep Baseball Report is prepared to provide a first class experience despite the current state of the world. Here is what you need to know…

There will be three sites hosting Future Games—LakePoint, DuBois, PA and Franklin, WI. Most states will still travel to LakePoint, the country’s premier baseball facility with eight turf fields. A Midwest pod will host four teams and be played at The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin, WI, and DuBois, PA, will have two fields and eight teams. There is more information on the individual sites below.

As you’ve come to expect, each of these locations will provide an unrivaled baseball experience. Players will participate in a pro style workout and three games. All games will be available via live streams, which will surely be accessed by hundreds of college coaches across the country. They can’t travel right now, let alone be in three places at once, but they can pull up multiple screens to tune into the action to aid their recruiting process.

Evaluation technology will also be a major component of these events. Each site will collect data on players using Blast and Trackman, and the game broadcasts will be put on Synergy for coaches and scouts to utilize afterward.

The Schedule and Live Stream for the three different locations can be found below.

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CLICK HERE For The Midwest Region

CLICK HERE For the Northeast Region



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Dates: August 1-3
Teams: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Carolinas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Mid-Atlanatic (DE, MD, VA), Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pacific Northwest, Select (2), Tennessee, Texas
Live Stream: Playsight
While there are additional sites for the Future Games this year, many states will still be traveling to Lakepoint. Playsight (subscription required) provides two camera angles during the game—behind home plate and center field—and an additional five are available postgame. The workout day will be Aug. 1. Eight teams will make up two pods of four and utilize two fields each—one for batting practice and the other for defense and the 60-yard dash. Teams will play three games each.

Saturday, August 1st - Workout Day - Field 13 - 16

Field 13 and 14
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Mid-Atlantic
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Carolinas
  • 12:00 - 3:00 PM
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Pacific Northwest
  • 3:00 - 6:00 PM
    • Indiana
    • Missouri 
    • Kentucky
    • Tennessee
    • Select 2
Fields 15 and 16
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Mississippi
    • Louisiana
    • Texas
    • Alabama
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Arkansas
    • Oklahoma
    • Colorado
    • Select 1

*Position Players please report 1 Hour minutes prior to your scheduled times. 

Sunday, August 2nd - day 1 of Games

10:15 AM LP 13 Alabama 00 00 Texas
10:15 AM LP 9 Florida 00 00 Mid-Atlantic
12:00 PM LP 10 California 00 00 Nevada
12:00 PM LP 12 Kentucky 00 00 Select 2
12:00 PM LP 16 Arkansas 00 00 Colorado
01:15 PM LP 9 Georgia 00 00 Mid-Atlantic
01:15 PM LP 13 Alabama 00 00 Mississippi
03:00 PM LP 10 Arizona 00 00 California
03:00 PM LP 16 Arkansas 00 00 Oklahoma
03:30 PM LP 12 Indiana 00 00 Tennessee
04:15 PM LP 9 Carolinas 00 00 Florida
04:15 PM LP 13 Louisiana 00 00 Texas
06:00 PM LP 10 Arizona 00 00 Pacific Northwest
06:00 PM LP 16 Colorado 00 00 Select
06:45 PM LP 12 Indiana 00 00 Missouri

Monday, August 3rd - Day 2 of Games

09:00 AM LP 9 Carolinas Mid-Atlantic
09:00 AM LP 16 Arkansas Select
09:00 AM LP 13 Mississippi Texas
09:00 AM LP 10 California Pacific Northwest
09:00 AM LP 11 Kentucky Tennessee
09:00 AM LP 12 Missouri Select 2
11:15 AM LP 12 Missouri Tennessee
11:15 AM LP 11 Indiana Select 2
11:15 AM LP 16 Colorado Oklahoma
11:15 AM LP 10 Nevada Pacific Northwest
11:15 AM LP 13 Alabama Louisiana
11:15 AM LP 9 Carolinas Georgia
01:30 PM LP 9 Florida Georgia
01:30 PM LP 13 Louisiana Mississippi
01:30 PM LP 16 Oklahoma Select
01:30 PM LP 10 Arizona Nevada
01:45 PM LP 11 Indiana Kentucky

Midwest (franklin, WI)

DATE: Aug. 2-4
TEAMS: Illinois, Iowa/Minnesota/Nebraska, Select, Wisconsin
Four teams will head to The Rock Sports Complex on Aug. 2-4, including Iowa/Minnesota/Nebraska, which has produced the event MVP four of the last five years. The Milwaukee Milkmen production team will broadcast the games, which will be hosted by Vimeo and embedded on our website. A link will be provided later. The broadcast will have multiple camera angles and  The workout is Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. CT. Each team will play three games, two on Aug. 3 and one on Aug. 4. All games will be played on one field.

Sunday, August 2 6:00 -8:50 PM Position Player Showcase

Monday, August 3  10:00 - 10:20 AM
BP - Midwest Select

10:20 - 10:40 BP - Team Illinois

10:40 - 10:50 I/O - Team Illinois

10:50 -11:00 I/O - Midwest Select

11:00 AM Game (Select vs. Illinois)

1:00 -1:20 PM BP - Team Wisconsin

1:20 - 1:40  BP - Team IA-MN-NE

1:40 - 1:50  I/O - Team Wisconsin

1:50 - 2:00 I/O - Team IA-MN-NE

2:00 PM Game (Wisconsin vs. IA-MN-NE)

4:00 PM Game (Select vs. Wisconsin

6:00 PM Game (Illinois vs. IA-MN-NE)
Tuesday, August 4 9:00 AM Game (Select vs. IA-MN-NE)
  11:00 AM Game (Illinois vs. Wisconsin)


Northeast(dubois, PA)

DATE: Aug. 2-4
TEAMS: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Select
The Northeast Future Games will utilize two fields in DuBois, PA—Showers Field and Stern Family Field. The check-in process and workout will take place on Aug. 2 at Showers Field. Each team will play two games on Aug. 3 and one game on Aug. 4. All games will be broadcasted by BSA Productions and available to stream for free on YouTube. A link will be provided by the states’ social media accounts.

August 2
2-6 pm
Team NJ | Team NY | Team PA | Team Select Scout Day
August 2 6-9:30 pm Team CT | Team MA | Team MI | Team OH Scout Day
August 3  9 am
Team NJ vs Team NY
Team MA vs Team CT
August 3 12:30 pm Team PA vs Team OH
Team Select vs Team MI
August 3 4 pm Team MA vs Team NY Team CT vs Team NJ
August 3 7:30 pm Team MI vs Team OH Team PA vs Team Select
August 4  9 am
Team NJ vs Team OH Team MA vs Team Select
August 4 12:30 pm
Team PA vs Team NY
Team CT vs Team MI

Pitching Rotations

Midwest Pod: Pitching Rotations

Hotel Information

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Event History

Future Games Most valuable player

Sam Petersen, Ballard HS, IA

Aaron Downs, Pella HS, IA

Mac Horvath, Rochester Century HS, MN

Dillon Lifrieri, Wilton HS, CT

Sam Carlson, Burnsville HS, MN

Duncan Pence, Farragut HS, TN

Nolan Watson, Lawrence North HS, IN

Colby Fitch, Hickman HS, MO

Ryne Roper, Harrisburg, IL

Future Games Records

95 - Brenden Heiss, Jacobs HS, IL

INField Velocity 
94 - Aidan Stewart, Next Level Academy, AL

OutField Velocity
96 - Jaxson Davis, Lexington Christian Academy KY

C Pop Time
1.79 - Cooper Johnson, Carmel Catholic HS, IL

Exit Velocity
106 -  Alex Stanwhich, Lincoln-Way East, IL

60 Time
6.22 - Nick Giamarusti, Notre Dame, IL