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Five to Follow: Uncommitted '22 Pitchers

PBR Alabama Staff

The state of Alabama continues to produce big time arms year in and year out. The ‘20 and ‘21 classes in the state are top heavy with power arms and it appears the ‘22 class is shaping up to be the same way. Today we take a look at five ‘22 grads that will be interesting to follow. 

Steven Cash (2022, LHP/OF, Bibb County) Young LHP that really shows high pitchability. The term “crafty” comes to mind watching him pitch. Shows an easy delivery with solid mechanics. The FB sits 78-81 mph and tops at 83 mph with spin rates in the mid 1800’s. The breaking ball shows spin rates in the mid 1700 range at 60-62 mph. The CH shows solid deception and tumble away from RH hitters at 66-67 mph. He does a nice job of creating vertical and horizontal movement on the mound. ‘22 grad that knows how to pitch. More velocity will come in the future. 


Blake Medley (2022, RHP/1B, Hazel Green) 6-foot-1, 195 pounds; thick lower-half. Throws from an OT slot; lands glove-side. Slot allows for downward plane on FB, which sits 82-84 mph. Maintains velocity throughout and FB proved to be heavy with weak barrels on contact. Curveball had sharp 12/6 action and located well; 70-72 mph. Medley shows advanced feel for a sinking changeup at 73. Solid command of all three pitches.

Thrasher Steed (2022, RHP,1B, Gulf Shores) We have seen Steed several times and he has really progressed both physically and on the mound. Shows a solid 3 pitch arsenal with a FB 83-84, topping at 85 mph with some definite ASR into RH hitters. No wasted action in the delivery as the mechanics are clean. Is able to spot the FB to both sides of the plate and mix in secondary stuff at any time. The breaking ball takes nice shape in the upper 70’s with spin rates in the low 2000’s. The change up shows definite tumble into RH hitters and he did a very good job of creating down plane on the FB.

Mason Dozier (2022, RHP/1B, Russell County) Young arm with a physical build that is ultra projectable. Quick, loose arm action. Strong lower half and does a nice job using this strength in his delivery. The ball seemed to really explode out of his hand. Really creates plane on his pitches and constantly pounded the lower half of the zone. Had no problem located the FB to his glove side as well. Showed some 2 seam action as well and the ability to run the FB into RH hitters. Really liked the breaking ball, which showed slider action and can be a weapon vs. RH hitters. Can be a big time ‘22 arm in the state. Plus mentality on the bump with velocity in the low 80’s and plenty more to come in the future. 

Jase Gray (2022, RHP/3B, Gadsden City) High ¾ slot on this RHP that really stays down in the zone with both pitches he shows. The FB was low 80’s with late movement  when we saw him but there will be additional velocity in the future. The breaking ball is well shaped with tight spin at 65-66 mph and a spin rate in the low 2000’s. Slightly open stance at the plate and stays tall throughout. Showed a pull side approach but had a nice barrel path with some tilt in the swing. Strong lower half in the swing. Defensively, the actions are solid at 3B and there is no issue with arm strength from the hot corner. The ball really took off out of his hand.


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