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Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Infielders

PBR Alabama Staff

Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Infielders

There were a total of 20 Alabama infielders and one SS from Mississippi present at the Deep South Invite. This group really stood out during the infield portion of the morning workout and that carried over into the games that followed. Several of these infielders also threw an inning on the mound during game play. Here are those 21 infielders that were present at the event. 

Walker Stallworth (2021, RHP/1B, Charles Henderson) Stallworth was again brilliant at 1B after impressing a few weeks ago at the All State Games. The glove work around the bag is superb and he shows nice feet on ground balls and at the bag. No question on the arm strength as he threw 87 mph across the infield. Really like his simple setup at the plate from an even stance. There is no wasted action and the hands work well through the zone. Showed juice to the middle of the field with some whip in the barrel and and a nice finish. Clean delivery and arm action on the mound and was very composed and threw all 3 pitches with confidence and effectiveness. The FB was up to 82 mph with nice down plane as he was effective in the bottom half of the zone. The breaking ball showed late depth with 11/7 action and tight spin. He showed nice command of his change up that really seemed to disappear vs. hitters. Really like the versatility in this ‘21 grad. 

Spence Coffman (2022, SS/OF, Tishomingo County, MS) Impressive ‘22 SS from the Magnolia State. Lanky build with plenty of room to add size and strength. The arm strength is impressive for a ‘22, throwing 84 mph across the diamond. The actions at SS are legit and worked himself into position for nice hops off the bat. Showed plus ability to throw from a different arm slot on the ball in front of him. Good runner (4.41 H- 1B) that handles the bat well. Slightly open stance with the feet and uses a leg kick approach to generate some juice from a predominantly pull side approach. Created some power with the hands and really kept the barrel through the zone well. Athletic actions on this ‘22 grad. 

Jacob Peters (2021, SS/RHP, Helena) Second time we have seen Peters lately and he continues to impress. Very simple middle of the field approach at the plate with no wasted actions. Does a nice job of getting the hands loaded and the barrel stays inside the ball, creating a compact swing. Has some juice to the middle of the field. Defensive actions are legit with plenty of arm strength and the glove works, stays low to the ground with nice hip flexibility. Impressive on the mound again as the FB was once again up to 84 mph with late arm side action. Showed solid 3 pitch mix with a sharp breaking ball that he could throw for a strike at anytime and a changeup with tumble. The mechanics are clean, easy and athletic. Once again, impressed with the versatility of this ‘21 grad. 

McGwire Turner (2011, SS/3B, Helena) Turner has really added nice size and strength over the last year and the skills have shown nice development as well. Slightly open toe tap approach at the plate with some definite tilt in the swing path. Did a nice job of staying short with the hands and barrel and repeatedly worked the middle to RCF gap during BP. There is some strength in the hands as well. Liked the approach, also had a 2B to RCF in game play. Defensively, the arm strength is solid (81 mph across the diamond) and loved the footwork on the dirt as well as the momentum through the throw. There is some quick twitch in his actions. 

Bo Coleman (2020, 1B/OF, Vestavia Hills) Physical 1B that is also athletic enough to play OF. Had the loudest round of BP on the day as he left the yard a few times. Was 89 mph exit velo off a tee and the approach was pull heavy. Has added strength since we saw him a year ago and also increased his foot speed. Even stance and toe tap approach allows him to be very simple and on time with the barrel. Once in the zone, the barrel creates some violence and stays in the zone a long time. There is definite tilt in the swing and he shows a controlled, powerful swing. Solid work at the bag at 1B with nice arm strength as well (80 mph). Solid glove presentation on ground balls and played low to the ground. Also showed real nice ability on balls in the dirt on throws across the infield. A ‘20 grad that can be a nice pickup for someone. 

Landon Maynard (2020, RHP/1B, Elmore County) Physical body (6’2 195 lbs.) that shows an athletic, clean delivery from a high ¾ arm slot. The FB showed some late ASR and was mid 80’s, topping at 86 mph. Does a nice job with the lower half and really drives off the mound with a long stride. Shows nice down action on the FB and the breaking ball showed nice 11/7 shape at 69-70 mph. Showed some nice spin rates in the mid 2400’s with the breaking ball. Powerful LH bat from a slightly open stance and a nice slow load of the hands. Showed a predominantly pull side approach with some pop off the barrel. Does a nice job finishing the swing and created some backspin on the ball. At 1B, the defensive actions are very solid as the glove works well. Showed nimbleness with the feet around the bag and nice lateral range. 

Charlie Keller (2022, 3B/SS, Mobile Christian) Athletic ‘22 grad that showed nice athletic makeup on the day. From the left side, Keller showed advanced barrel control from a slightly open stance and there is definite strength in the hands. Consistently showed a middle of the field approach during BP and did a nice job of slotting the back elbow in the swing and getting nice extension through contact. Physical bat who had a loud barrel AB in his 2nd at bat of the day.. Defensively he is athletic enough to play either SS or 3B and shows a very solid transfer after the ball is in the glove.  Pure actions with the feet and the glove presentation is plus. Showed a definite ability to throw from different arm slots. A ‘22 to follow. 

Brody Hinton (2022, 3B/SS, Mobile Christian) Hinton once again had an impressive day after doing the same at the All State Games two weeks ago. Shows plenty of solid, fundamental actions at 3B and plenty of arm strength to make the throw across. Looks very natural going to his glove side or to the back hand with a quick transfer. Very athletic on the ground ball in front and the different arm slot was easy for him. At the plate there is some definite torque with the lower half in the swing. Does a very solid job of keeping the barrel through the hitting zone and has some quick twitch in the hands. Showed solid middle to pull side and backed that up with a loud 2B off the bat in game play. 

Cade Horton (2021, 3B/1B, Bibb County) Horton can play either corner infield position that may eventually wind up at 1B as the bat really impresses. Showed well with the feet, knowing when to drop step, at 3B and was consistent with throws across the infield. Nice job presenting the glove out in front and with the transfer. The barrel is loud at the plate as he once again took a loud round of BP. Big time pull juice from a slightly open stance and does a nice job of getting the lower half and the hands in a position to hit with power. There is definite tilt in the swing plane and the ball really jumps off the barrel.

Zane Stokes (2022, SS/2B, Mobile Christian) Another impressive looking ‘22 that showed an athletic set up at the plate and a simple, compact approach. The hands and barrel stayed short to the zone and he did a nice job of staying through the hitting zone as well. Nice bat speed and extension resulted in a middle of the field approach with some “whippiness” with the barrel. High finish with the barrel shows slight tilt in the swing path. There is some present strength with more definitely to follow in the future. Did a nice job working the glove through the ball at SS and showed nice flexibility in the hips. The transfer is quick and throws had carry on them as well. Like the makeup on Stokes. 

Sam Silas (2023, SS/RHP, Holtville) Young ‘23 grad that starts with the hands set back in the stance from a slightly open stance. The front side is simple and he shows some present strength in the hands. He was very impressive with the finish of the swing staying on pitches with some middle of the field juice. The field worked well at SS and he showed really nice lateral range with the glove. No questions about the glove action and the arm also shows some strength for such a young player. The skills should continue to develop as he matures which makes him an interesting ‘23 to follow. 

Peyton Watts (2023, SS/RHP, Oxford) Slick fielding ‘23 SS that had a solid day on The Plains. The approach from the left side at the plate is solid from a slightly open stance. Really stayed on balls and did a nice job with his top hand. Showed a mature middle of the field approach during BP and got nice extension through the finish. Very simple actions with no wasted action. Showed big time actions at SS and feel for the position with advanced foot work and really showed well with the glove. A quick transfer and nice arm strength are also part of his game. A ‘23 to follow as he continues to progress physically. 

Brandon Bentley (2021, RHP/1B, Westminster Christian) A two way guy (RHP/1B) that has really changed his body since we last saw him in November, 2018. Has added some good weight and strength which carried over to his game. At 1B, the athleticism is there and the glove work was solid. Did a nice job moving around the bag. At the plate, he starts from an open stance and is very simple with the front side with a toe tap approach as his timing mechanism. The swing path is flat which produced line drives to the pull side. We think his future is definitely on the mound as the RHP was up to 86 mph, sitting mid 80’s throughout his inning. From a high ¾ slot, the FB shows some sink and the breaking ball showed late depth as hitters seemed to give up on the pitch. Does a nice job using his lower half from repeatable clean mechanics. 

Gavin Blair (2021, 2B/RHP, Smiths Station) On the mound, Blair showed a FB in the upper 70’s, topping at 79 mph. The pitch showed some ASR into RH hitters and he did a nice job commanding the bottom half of the zone with the pitch. The breaking ball showed 12/6 and he was able to mix this pitch in consistently for a strike. LH hitter that showed a simple approach from an even stance and the bat path was level through the zone, resulting in numerous line drives in BP. Showed predominantly an oppo approach. Defensively, the fundamentals are solid and he showed some nice lateral range, especially to the back hand side. Athletic on the slow roller in front of him. 

Randy Davis (2023, LHP/1B, Holtville) Impressive ‘23 grad that already shows present strength at 6’3 175 lbs. Easy, clean mechanics on the mound and the arm action is very clean from an over the top slot creating nice ASR from the lefty. The FB was up to 75 mph but there is plenty more to come in future years. The breaking ball showed 12/6 with nice depth and he was able to bury this pitch down in the zone. Solid feel on the mound. Offensively, the LH bat works. Tall, open stance with a nice slow load of the hands and showed the ability to hit with juice to all fields during BP. The bat path has slight tilt and he does a nice job keeping the barrel and hands inside the ball. Moved very well around the bag at 1B and was one of the better defensive 1B at the event. Showed time and time again the ability to dig balls out of the dirt on throws across. The glove work is plus. Interesting two way guy in the ‘23 class. Came away very impressed. 

Jay McCants (2022, 2B/OF, Mobile Christian) This young player was very impressive at the event and showed some quick twitch actions with the swing. From the left side, his swing looked the exact same swing after swing. The feet are even and the hands are set slightly back. There is no wasted action and the hands really work well through the zone. Stays short through the zone and gets nice extension through the finish. Showed a mature middle approach. Good runner who also showed solid defensive actions. Things looked easy in the dirt and he looked very natural going to the back side. May factor more at 2B as he showed a short arm action. Like the athleticism of this ‘22 grad. 

Cole O’Brien (2022, RHP/3B, Decatur Heritage) Showed solid bat control at the plate from a very simple approach, really forcing the hands and barrel inside the ball. Had no problems handling the ball on the inner half of the plate. The swing plane was level which resulted in a line drive approach. Was able to use the whole field in his approach. Defensively, he showed well at 3B and did a nice job resetting his feet and gaining ground toward the bag on his throws. Solid glove presentation and range both ways. On the mound, O’Brien sat 76-77 with the FB and was up to 78 mph. From a high ¾ slot, the FB seemed to have some late sink. The breaking ball showed nice action with late depth at 62-64 mph delivered from clean, simple mechanics that he was able to repeat each pitch. 

Jacob Page (2023, RHP/3B, Glenwood) Page is a young ‘23 grad that did a nice job holding his own at the event. On the mound, he did a nice job of hiding the ball from hitters in his delivery. The mechanics are solid and the FB was up to 75 mph. He did a nice job of pounding locating  this pitch to his glove side. The breaking ball was 63-64 mph and showed over the top spin. He was also able to locate this pitch well in the zone. In the box, he showed a quiet lower half and a simple approach with the front side. The swing path showed slight tilt and he showed a nice middle to pull side approach. At 3B, the skills are very solid and he will obviously continue to progress as his body matures and adds size and strength. Did a nice job keeping movement through his throws to the 1B bag. 

Todd Walley (2023, 3B/SS, Auburn) Showed an even stance with the feet and stood tall in his stance. Front foot hitter that also showed a high finish with the barrel and was mainly pull heavy with the approach. At the hot corner, he showed solid fundamentals and played low to the ground with the hips. Did a nice job with the feet after fielding the ground ball. A young ‘23 grad that showed solid skills that should continue to develop as he continues to fill out physically. 

JD Chase (2022, 1B/3B, Next Level) The switch hitting corner infielder showed the same approach from both sides of the plate. Started with an open stance and used a small leg kick approach to generate some power of the barrel. Also did a nice job using his lower half and had some definite tilt in the swing, which resulted in some pull side juice from both sides. Natural actions at 1B and was very athletic with the feet. Showed an understanding of the game around the bag and also did a nice job coming off the bat to start a 3-6-3 DP. 

Cole Downey (2022, SS/2B, Elmore County) Tall, slender built 2022 that has some room to fill out with strength and weight over the next few years. The skills are solid and the switch showed a nice approach from both sides of the plate. Started with a crouched stance and the feet were even as he only slighted lifted his front on the set up. This allowed him to be on time in the zone and there is some violence in the swing as the hands and barrel stayed short through contact. Defensively, he did a nice job of keeping his feet underneath and was able to cover a lot of ground from side to side. Looked natural on the DP feed and showed nice athletic ability and the ability to throw on the run on the slow roller in front of him.

This concludes our positional scout analysis for Alabama players at the Deep South Invite. 

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