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The past few weeks have seen a large number of very talented players across the state sign their scholarship papers and we wish all of those players the best in their upcoming high school season and in their college careers. The 2023 class is a very talented group with quality depth that consists of a large number of good players still uncommitted as the high school season gets closer. Today, we take a look at some of those players that are still uncommitted, but should find a home to play after high school.


Uncommitted Juniors

Ryan Strachan 3B / RHP / Sparkman, AL / 2023

Up to 90 mph (2533 rpm), Strachan clearly showcased an ability to backspin the baseball with more premium velocity, and his 6-foot-3, 205-pound durable frame looks like it might produce even more in the future. A two-way player with some pop from the right side, Strachan only threw one inning at the Future Games, so the quick look might have blended in with 500+ of the country’s top uncommitted underclassmen, so finding him featured so highly on the Hop+ score allowed for a closer look (and still more looks in the future)

Sam Mitchell RHP / Bob Jones, AL / 2023

Projectable 6-6, 210-pounds that ran the fastball up to 88 mph in his outing at the PBR Future Games, while consistently working in the mid-80’s out of a high ¾ arm slot. Breaking ball at 69-71 mph was a slightly above average offering with 11/5 break. Flashed a few changeups at 75-76 with some sink to the arm side. Worked at a slow pace in between pitches early on, but seemed to affect hitters in the process. Solid feel for all three offerings and should continue to see velocity climb with sizable upside.

Pierce Dutton OF / Spanish Fort, AL / 2023

5-10, 170-pounds. Athletic, strong frame that can carry more weight easily. Open, wide stance with the hands set forward at pre pitch, small toe tap.  Shows a direct path to contact with a definite middle of the field approach from a level swing plane. Loose hands. 92 mph max exit velocity, averaged 83.77 mph. 325’ max distance. 77 mph from the OF. Over-the-top slot with developing strength. Athletic fielder, stays on the balls of his feet, clean transfer. 7.03 runner in the 60.

Chris Billingsley RHP / Bibb County, AL / 2023

There's a lot to be said about the jump in terms of velocity that the 6-3, 170-pounder has made since attending this year's Preseason All-State event in January, where is fastball was sitting 76-78 mph. Fast forward to this fall at an event, Billingsley put an electric three-pitch arsenal on display against hitters who seemingly had no chance in the batter's box. He worked 87-89 mph with his fastball in this outing, and effectively mixed in two distinctly different breaking balls. Slider was a firm 76-77 mph (2600rpm's) & also used a 71 mph breaking ball (2700rpm's) with 12-6 shape. The right-now is really good for the junior, but it's easy to dream about the fact he could throw much harder one day.

Chase Ambrose RHP / Buckhorn, AL / 2023

Ambrose was a Future Gamer last summer playing up a year with 2022’s, and he’s added some more ticks on his fastball since that event with noticeable strength added to a 5-11, 180-pound frame. Was exclusively 88-89 mph with his fastball, and featured run and life through the zone. Flashed a hard, tight slider at 80-82 mph with an average spin rate at 2410 rpm’s. Generated some swings and misses on his 82 mph changeup with nearly 11 in. of horizontal break. Really live arm coming out of a high ¾ arm slot, and could become a hot commodity if he continues his recent trend on the mound. Recuperating from an injury heading into his junior season.

Jonathan Stevens RHP / Briarwood Christian, AL / 2023

6-foot-1, 180-pounder. Up-tempo delivery, easy effort. High ¾ arm angle, quick arm speed, consistent arm action. Athletic balance point, a clean finish. Fastball worked T88. 86-88 mph. (Max spin 2227;  Avg 2027). Low in the zone accuracy, some action, heavy movement. Slider was 76-79 mph with arm side control, late action, 10/4 shape. (Max spin 2463; Avg 2373). Changeup was 83-84 mph with low in the zone command and fading action.

Brady McAbee C / 3B / Northridge, AL / 2023

McAbee came into the PBR Future Games after a strong sophomore campaign in the middle of the order for a Northridge Jaguars' team that reached the Final Four in Class 6A. 6-1, 195-pound frame with some present physicality from the left side of the box, swings a heavy barrel through the zone and has shown no issue handling some high caliber arms to hit for extra bases. Balanced at the plate, juice to the pull side with multiple upper-90 EV's during gameplay. Mostly flat path through the zone gives way to hit for line drives, but could see more power in the future with continued strength.

Ben Pearman 1B / Thompson, AL / 2023

6-foot-2, 200-pound sturdy frame. At the plate, Pearman showed his power in the box with a strong exit velocity of 94 mph at an event last year. Uses a leg kick before his swing. Possesses a quick barrel through the zone and uses short swing plane. Created a lot of loud contact and found multiple barrels. Line drive approach. While in the infield, registered his best throw across the diamond at 83 mph; showed a clean exchange and sure hands. Had a high ¾ slot and consistent accuracy to the base. 

Tyler Sanderson C / SS / Grissom , AL / 2023

6-foot, 175-pound proportional frame. Started in a wide athletic stance with a compact load, then used a short stride. Explosive bat speed. High finish, simple upward swing. Gap to gap approach. 89 mph exit velocity, average 84.65 mph. 65.09 mph bat speed average. 19.59 mph hand speed average. 2.06-2.10 pop times. Rhythmic footwork, quick exchange. Above average. Clean setup with above average flexibility.

Jack Hayes C / 3B / Piedmont , AL / 2023

5-foot-11, 190-pound solid frame. Started in an open tall stance with a quick load, then used a controlled stride. Explosive bat speed. Good extension on his finish, upward swing. Gap to gap approach. 94 mph exit velocity, average 85.97 mph. 67.02 mph bat speed average. 19.32 mph hand speed average. 2.01-2.09 pop times. Smooth footwork, quick exchange. Advanced. Above average flexibility and staggered setup. 72 mph catcher velocity. Short arm action, high ¾ slot, consistent accuracy.

Banks Langston RHP / Russellville, AL / 2023

6-foot-0, 160-pound athletic frame. Slow-tempo delivery, easy effort. High ¾ arm angle, quick arm speed, loose arm action. Athletic balance point, even shoulders, lands square, an athletic finish. Fastball works T87. 85-86 mph. (Max spin 2219;  Avg 2159). Very consistent accuracy, running action. Slider was 74-75 mph with low in the zone control, late bite, 10/4 shape. Also uses a changeup at 77-78 mph with consistent control, fading action.

Paxton Ponder SS / 2B / Cullman , AL / 2023

Ponder continued his steady incline as a prospect in the junior class with another solid summer/fall campagin. Athletic 5-11, 160-pound player, performed well in all facets of the event. Aptitude for finding the barrel during his round of BP, sending plenty of hard-hit liners back up the middle, generating a 93 mph EV. Gets on plane early with good barrel accuracy, stays short with a simple approach to hit. Reliable defender up the middle with sure hands, fields everything out front with an accurate arm. Versatile infielder who can play multiple spots on the dirt. Ran a 6.80 laser-timed 60 YD, and put that speed on display when he lined a pitch into the gap and made it into the 3rd base with ease. Solid makeup, instinctive player.

Sam Silas SS / 2B / Holtville, AL / 2023

6-foot, 165-pound solid frame. Begins in a balanced stance with a quick load, then uses a small leg kick. Efficient bat speed. Good extension on his finish, rotational swing. Line drive approach. 89 mph exit velocity, average 81.40 mph. 60.83 mph bat speed average. 18.23 mph hand speed average. Sure hands, athletic footwork defensively. Movements laterally were athletic. 79 mph infield velocity. High ¾ slot, consistent accuracy. 7.15 (60-yard).

Chris Lynam 3B / 1B / Grissom, AL / 2023

6-foot, 215-pound athletic  physical frame. Starts in an athletic open stance with a compact load, then uses a controlled stride. Explosive bat speed. Good extension on his finish, short upward swing. Gap to gap approach. 91 mph exit velocity, average 80.83 mph. 63.71 mph bat speed average. 18.07 mph hand speed average. Consistent hands, rhythmic footwork, quick exchange defensively. Can play both corner infield spots.

Jack Stowers C / 1B / St. Paul's Episcopal, AL / 2023

6-foot-2, 188-pound sturdy build. At the plate, the right-handed hitter had an exit velocity of 89 mph. (65.98 mph bat speed average). (21.34 mph hand speed average). Started in a wide, closed stance and had a quick short stride. Had developing bat speed and an uphill swing plane. Found multiple barrels through his rounds. Gap to gap approach. While catching, throw downs to second were maxed at 70 mph; had smooth footwork. had a pop time of 2.04-2.19. Above average flexibility and calm setup. Used a high ¾ slot with a short arm action while showing consistent accuracy to the base.

Bryant Hyde OF / SS / Phil Campbell, AL / 2023

5-foot-11, 175-pound athletic, solid frame. Setup consists of an athletic stance and a short stride. Explosive bat speed. Good extension on his finish, simple level swing. Gap to gap approach. 90 mph exit velocity, average 80.75 mph. 70.43 mph bat speed average. 20.56 mph hand speed average. Athletic footwork with a clean exchange defensively. Glovework was used to the side. 82 mph outfield velocity. Loose arm action, an-over-the-top slot, consistent accuracy. 6.78 (60-yard).

Gabriel Young OF / Mountain Brook, AL / 2023

5-foot-11, 175-pound proportional  sturdy frame. Began in a quiet, tall stance with a controlled load, then used a quick stride. Above average bat speed. High finish, rotational uphill swing. Gap to gap approach. 95 mph exit velocity, average 85.73 mph. 70.20 mph bat speed average. 24.91 mph hand speed average. Consistent footwork and a quick exchange defensively. Quick arm action, high ¾ slot, some accuracy. 7.19 (60-yard).

Mykell Murrah SS / RHP / Elkmont, AL / 2023

5-10, 165-pounds. Athletic frame with proportional strength throughout. Balanced, athletic setup using a toe-tap load. Twitchy hands, ability to change plane, line drive approach to all parts of the field. 92.37 max exit velocity, averaged 80.28 mph. 317’ max distance. 83 mph on the infield. Loose, over-the-top slot. Natural actions on both ground balls to the glove side and the backhand ball. Fluid footwork. 6.79 runner in the 60. Explosive start with clean running mechanics. Up tempo delivery on the mound, strides in-line, glove stays in the center of his body through release. Clean over-the-top slot. Fastball works T87, 85-86 mph and flashed arm-side run/sink T2332, 2169 average rpm. Breaking ball was 72-73 mph with gradual 12/6 shape. T1989, 1984 average rpm. Changeup was 66-67 mph. Flashed arm-side fade.


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