Prep Baseball Report

Bay Area Open: Pitchers

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director of Scouting

Oakland, CA - A wide ranging group of players made their way to Laney College for the Bay Area Open, with players representing the 2020-2024 grad classes taking their shot at showcasing their skills. Players went through a pro-style workout running 60's, taking BP and showcase defensive skills while pitchers threw a bullpen from the main mound.

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2020 RHP Riley Dorcy - Rodriguez HS

Dorcy is a strong-bodied rising senior. His 6-foot-1, 190-pound body has present strength, in particular a developed lower half. He uses that lower half well in his delivery, creating some good stability and working to provide power from the ground up. Gets unhinged from rubber well and footwork is quite good. He has a slight cross body stride and creates a bit of torque/leverage as he works toward release point, which is of the overhand slot variety. The arm action is fairly compact and with a little better direction and front side mechanics, the delivery should be repeatable. Three pitch repertoire, fastball (79-83, T85) with some life up in the zone. Pre-set grip on curveball (61-62 mph) allows for good feel for the pitch though the pre-set grip does take away some arm speed as he comes out of the glove and gets to release point. One of his last change-ups (72-75 mph) had some downward action and looked to be a usable third pitch, though will need to reach better extension.

2021 RHP Mark Graham - Sir Francis Drake HS

Solidly built with a well-proportioned 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame. Strong and lean with athletic proportions. Impressive body control throughout the delivery, works with efficiency and disciplined mechanics. Rhythmic coordination between feet and hands, simple medium length stride stays on-line to the target. Compact takeaway on backside, gets to 3/4 slot. Arm is quick and clean, though with some recoil after release. Lands with good stride leg stability and allows for good manipulation of the ball at release. Somewhat upright at release indicating perhaps that he could get more extension. Displayed feel of three quality pitches, fastball (81-84 mph) with occasional sink and good life down in the zone. Slider (69-72 mph) with late break and enough lateral action for swing and miss. Change-up (73-75 mph) with fading action, looked to be a usable pitch vs left-handed hitters. Good athlete on the mound, has a ceiling that is a bit higher than what we saw in this look.

2020 RHP Connor Hennings - Live Oak HS 

At 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, Hennings is an impressive physical specimen, with present day strength but still possessing room within his frame for future strength gains. He's one of the more intriguing all-around athletes in the 2020 class in the region, with tools that rate with the most talented of his peers. Strictly speaking of him as a pitcher, he translates the athleticism to a mostly repeatable delivery, though there is some momentum that moves to the 1st base line. Works well over the rubber but seems to be leaving something in the tank in his post leg and back hip. Stays on-line, lands with consistent footing and slightly closed. Could keep legs under his upper body longer and get chest over front side and find more umph. Fastball (81-83 mph) mostly straight with some down angle and again, feels like there is more in there (for comparison, top OF throw was 84 mph). Slider with traditional shape (74-77 mph) and fair bite. Change-up is a split-finger fastball that had some fade/run when release got far enough. Overall shows coach-able ability on the mound.

2021 RHP Fisher Johnson - Aptos HS

A good build on his 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame, Johnson passes the eye test quite easily. There are plenty of things to like about him and also room for improvements that can enhance what he presently brings. Has some moving parts in the delivery in search of rhythm (which I like) though the backside arm action seems to be patterned off Tim Lincecum, which without the elite athleticism of Lincecum causes many prep pitchers to be inconsistent with the timing of their delivery, which is the case with Johnson. Over the rubber, in the wind-up, he often had his plant foot directing him toward the 3rd base line and then as a natural compensation, his front foot frequently lands open in an effort to get back on-line. The arm speed is plenty good, with a fastball (81-83 mph) that flashes near mid-80s and with some mechanical tweaks could very well get to the 83-86 range. Curveball feel is present (69-70 mph) and there was late action. Change-up 74-78 mph is a bit firm off the fastball but the life was quite good and it was down. Both secondary pitches certainly look capable of being usable.

2020 RHP Cameron Barger - De La Salle HS

Had a good pen session and looks like he's got a shot to get into the DLS rotation as a senior. Put together well at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, strong but not physically mature, good legs with what looks to be natural upper body development. Delivery was on-line, compact backside arm action, keeps fingers above the ball well. Works over the rubber well and though he could incorporate a bit more front side stability with lead arm, he repeated his delivery/stride and maintained body control. Showed full three-pitch repertoire with some fastball run (81-83 mph), two plane curveball action (66-69 mph) that could use an uptick in spin and depth but he did show feel of. Change-up was intriguing, keeps fingers above the ball well and has a chance to use that pitch as a quality offering for quick outs and/or swings and misses. With continued physical development and some innings, there is quality development in his future, heading into his senior season.

2020 RHP Mason Carvacho - De La Salle HS

Carvacho may be listed at a modest 5-foot-11, 165-pounds, however, he's worked on his build and has the legs of a pitcher. Athletically streamlined and functionally strong on the mound. Has clearly but time into his delivery, which is technically sound and rhythmic. Good footwork at the rubber, on-line stride, maintains body control and was able to manipulate the ball at release point for each of his three pitches. Compact and clean backside, looks to hide the ball a bit. Gets to a high 3/4 slot and maintains arm speed on all three pitches, while doing a good job of staying behind the ball throughout the delivery. Does have some late rotational movement toward 1st base line and could firm up front side to stay on-line through finish. Fastball (81-83 mph) with some down angle and arm side run. Slider (69-70 mph) with traditional shape and late enough action to be usable in the zone. Good feel of the change-up (75 mph) while creating the type of arm speed to make it play well off the fastball.

2022 RHP Isaac Zaldivar - Vanden HS

Had a good day as a catcher but also impressed on the mound. The young Zaldivar has a strong build on a compact 5-foot-7, 145-pound frame. Has a lot of rhythm in his delivery and some creative flair as well. Starts with high hands and works to create coordination between his hands and feet. Good over the rubber, long stride and stays on-line well. Very good balance and body control, particularly given his precocious age. The ball came out easily from a shallow backside arm action (as you'd expect from a catcher) and with those mechanics there are plenty of velocity ticks upward as he ages. Fastball came out well (78-81 mph) and has some angle, the release point looked to also help the fastball play up a bit. Big 12/5 curveball from his overhand slot, flashed enough depth to be able to throw it in the zone. Fading change-up (69-71 mph) was thrown with confident feel and arm speed. Also showed ability to hold stuff and feel utilizing slide step.

2020 RHP Nicholas Gonsalves - Dougherty Valley HS

Lean bodied right-hander with streamlined proportions, has shaped his 5-foot-11, 160-pound body well, not a big person but has the functional strength to control his body well on the mound. Energetic delivery, high knee lift, works well over the rubber and starts down the slope with good tempo and direction. Quick deep stab on the backside and comes out of it well, which doesn't always happen with high school pitchers that get deep on the backside. Does land with a bit of a heel strike but maintains good energy through the plate. Four-pitch repertoire includes fastball (77-79 mph) that if controlled well has enough movement to be mixed with his curveball and change-up. The secondary offerings were on point, with feel of the 65-66 mph curveball and 71-73 mph slider. It was impressive that he was able to throw each and not have them morph into a slurveball. Change-up (71-73 mph) with quite a bit of late fade/run and thrown with arm speed reflective of his fastball. Not a big time stuff guy but showed nice pitchability.

2022 RHP Jack Metcho - Rodriguez HS

Long and lean body type on his 5-foot-9, 140-pound frame, lanky proportions and good physical projectability, given that he continues to grow taller. Polished delivery, particularly for a rising sophomore. Fluid delivery, consistent rhythm, easy lift and good timing of hand separation relative to getting down the slope. Overhand slot, long stride, consistent foot strike. Does a good job keeping fingers above the ball and creating angle on all his pitches. The arm works smooth and easy and produces the 76-78 mph fastball with minimal effort. Future velocity projection is pretty easy to make.. to what level, that will be determined by size and strength, but the arm action and delivery are in place. Depth of 11/5 curveball (60-65 mph) with big enough shape to dive below bats. Confidence in change-up (66-68 mph) was clear and feel of the pitch matched his confidence. Advanced feel of his three-pitch mix to go with a polished delivery.

2023 RHP Zachary Justice - Bishop O'Dowd HS

Good looking rising freshman pitching prospect; lean 5-foot-9, 150-pound body type with hints of natural present strength and likely quite away from physical maturity. Somewhat quick paced delivery and maintained body control throughout. Shallow backside arm action like that of a catcher who pitches (which is him). Short knee lift gets to just about hip high, calm stride down the slope, clears front hip early and stride slightly open, though does land with foot strike in leveraged position. Keeps center of gravity and stays behind the ball well. Quick and aggressive arm stroke, high 3/4 slot. Some late life on the 75-76 mph fastball (T78) and down the road there could be above average life. Change-up feel is good and he threw it with feel and confidence. The finish on the change-up was good and provided late action (66-68 mph). Some slight back-up action on 11/5 curveball (61-65 mph) and can do a better job getting his fingers to the front at release, but the makings of a usable breaking ball are present. Good out of slide step, good looking young pitcher/athlete.

2020 RHP James Rockwell - Middletown HS

Burly body on a 6-foot-3, 250-pounds frame that yes, can firm up and be shaped better, however, his body control and delivery were quite good. Athletic at his size, controlled stride and smooth backside arm action. Somewhat shorter stride given his height and a bit of an upright finish. Worked on-line toward the plate, decent release point and did show ability to manipulate the ball out of his high-3/4 slot. Worked with a calm tempo and relaxed yet focused demeanor. Displayed some feel of a complete three-pitch repertoire, particularly the fastball/change-up combo. Created good angle with 76-78 mph fastball, the type of fastball he can use to pitch to contact and get ground balls. Smaller 11/5 curveball (65-66 mph) that was often a bit more up than it should be. There is some pulling toward the 1st base side as he finishes and that takes away from his ability to get to the front of the curveball, particularly out of wind-up. Threw the breaking ball best out of the stretch, which was also the case with the change-up (67-70 mph) which had quite a bit of late movement and good angle.

2020 RHP Angelo Kelly - Monterey HS

Long lanky body type with broad proportions at 6-foot-2, 198-pounds. Particularly long legs. Worked quickly and confidently with good lower body mechanics. Shallow takeaway out of the glove, getting to a sort of goal post backside position, which given his primary position of 3rd base makes sense. Good stability over the rubber and gets out to a long stride, doing so with body control. Does land with good foot strike stability though there is some stiffening of the stride leg which limits the full potential of the release point and some pulling to the 1st base side. Fastball (75-77 mph) had quite a bit of flat run and the change-up (72-74 mph) run was similar, with a little more depth. The change-up velocity is acceptable if the fastball can tick up a few notches. The curveball (63-64 mph) had the right shape and decent spin though the pulling to the 1st base side did affect his ability to get his fingers to the front of the ball, causing it to back-up a bit.

2021 RHP Jack Clinton - Serra HS

Long and lean at 6-foot-3, 160-pounds, the body is still a long way from physical maturity, which is intriguing because he has good body control now and some twitchy actions. Quick tempo delivery, some parts of the delivery reminiscent of a Lincecum-type motion (quick backside stab). The pace could certainly create some challenges for hitters. Though a quick pace, he does have a controlled arm action and stayed in control throughout each delivery, good back hip drive as he finishes. Cross-body stride also could create a tough angle for hitters, particularly right-handed batters. Full three-pitch mix, fastball (74-76 mph) that seemed a little better than the velocity, which again, could be the tempo. Threw 11/5 curveball (63-67 mph) with good aggressive arm action and movement that would play in the zone. With the stride, his curveball can create a scissor effect. Given his fastball velocity, the breaking balls in the 66-67 mph range are impressive. Change-up flashed late run/life though occasionally rushed through that pitch and left a few up. 

2021 RHP Matthew Beaman - Freedom HS

Athletic build with some present strength and well-proportioned 5-foot-10, 155-pound body. Displayed good body control and refined mechanics that he's clearly put some time into. Hooks cleats over the rubber though does align the post foot toward the right-handed batters box. That alignment does create a slight cross-body stride which didn't hinder him in regard to throwing strikes. Good body control throughout delivery and maintained balance and direction on each pitch. Holds hands pretty tightly to the body and has a controlled takeaway out of the glove, but could create some more fluidity. Deep backside arm action, some inversion of the elbow. Displayed three-pitch mix with ability to locate all three pitches. Somewhat shorter stride allows him to create some downward fastball angle (72-76 mph). Mixed in some big 11/6 curveballs (61-65 mph) and showed a usable circle change-up (72-74 mph) that had late dip through the zone.

2021 RHP Jake Lannert - Casa Grande HS

Long and lanky, still growing into his 6-foot-3, 170-pound frame. Overhand slot, quick tempo delivery, there is some arm speed there for future velocity projection well beyond what was observed on this day. The delivery can tighten up and within delivery adjustments there will be velocity gains. Stride leg lands fairly on-line though with heel strike and open foot, causing significant spinning off toward 1st base line. He loses energy by not staying behind the ball. Stride is fairly short given his long legs. With leg/core strength gains he could extend the stride, land more firm in a balanced position and stay on-line better, which would very likely immediately spike his velocity. Showed feel of the zone and created some fastball angle. Curveball (58-61 mph) feel was also present and as with the fastball (72-75 mph), the sharpness and spin can improve with mechanical adjustments.

2024 RHP Vince Godoy - N/A (presently in Jr. HS)

Youngest performer at the showcase and acquitted himself well. Thick proportions on a 5-foot-7, 155-pound body. Good delivery tempo and lower body worked quite well given his age. Aggressive stride and stayed on line fairly well. Can develop a bit better foot strike stability but he's still very young and is starting in a good place. Shallow backside arm action like that of a C/3B (he's also a 3B) and good timing of hands and feet. Did have some rotational spin as he worked toward release and that limited the release point and full potential life of his pitches. Fastball (71-73 mph) good for a rising 8th grader and mechanical improvements as he develops will bring more velocity. Worked with easy tempo and does not force the ball out. Best secondary pitch was the curveball (58-59 mph) which he repeatedly threw with feel and big shape, with some depth. Time will tell regarding how his body evolves but presently, simply as a rising 8th grader, he showed well.

2020 LHP Grant Borjon - Granada HS

Good looking build on a 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame. Strong lower body and broad upper body. Utilized lower half well in delivery, with good control over the rubber and consistent work down the slope. Lands with more closed foot strike than most and locks in the stride foot for good stability and some torque. Long arm action with quite a bit of reach back. Move forward is controlled by his shoulder and there is little flexion in his throwing arm during the arm stroke. Gets inside the ball and can create quite a bit of run on both fastball (70-73 mph) and the change-up (65-67 mph). Change-up has considerable spin and can had screwball type movement at times. If able to locate the fastball, he's got enough action on the 2/7 shaped slider (65-67 mph) that would play well off that considerable change-up movement. Certainly creates a different look for a hitter with his slot and arm action and could be a useful part of a pitching staff given that different look.



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