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CA CCS Focus: Week 2 Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella
PBR Northern CA Scouting Staff

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Central Coast Section, CA: I know it's only been two weeks of the season, but the talent level in the Central Coast Section this year seems to have embraced their development over the Offseason to come back and show that they’re ready to compete and show it off.

With this being my final #CCSFocus piece for Prep Baseball Report California, I want to thank everyone who has helped me continue to grow and cover the game. Every time I’ve gone to a game families, coaches and players have all been so welcoming and made it easy for me to do something that I truly love. 

Les Lukach (State Director), Blaine Clemmens (NorCal Director), Steve Doherty (Area Scout), Jack Shannon (Area Scout) will continue to be all over their areas getting out and seeing players and I can’t say thank you enough to each of them for all the things that they’ve taught me in my time with Prep Baseball Report California. The State of California is in great hands for the future. 

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Week 1 Underclass | Week 1 Upperclass

As a reminder, here's the groupings:
- Quick Hits - Players I liked but didn't get a deep enough look at:
With all that said, let’s take a look at that talent I mentioned from this last week on the road in the Central Coast Section. 

Week 2 Quick Hits

Upperclass Quick Hits:

2020 C/OF Nathan Renggli (Monte Vista Christian) - Seems to consistently find barrels whenever I see him. In this look was the DH and ended up on base three times with three hits including two lasers off the bat. Hitting against a closed front side the loose wrists create a whippy flat bat as he rocketed a ball at the pitcher and then another into RCF. The speed is an interesting tool as he moves well, but is by no means a blazer; picked up two stolen bases and both were on FB. Frame has lean strength and could still make another jump physically. 

2020 OF Sam Finnegan (Monte Vista Christian) - Started in RF during this game and was on base three times showing some bat speed and approach that can allow him to keep hitting. Balanced stance showing quick hands and pullside approach; drove in 3 on the day taking a hanging breaking ball to LF in the first AB before doubling down the line staying locked in with the frontside. Throws during pre-game were consistently online with life; type of frame that had the arm strength jump out a bit. Medium wide shouldered frame moved fine in the OF and covered better to the armside. 

2020 SS Bryce Gundersen (Scotts Valley) - I’ve been following Bryce for a couple years and continue to think highly of his skillset. In a game where opposing pitchers walked 17 in 5 innings, Bryce was calm and patient at the plate finding pitches he could put good swings on and doing just that. 2 BBs, and 2 hits to the 6-hole with a stolen base as well. Barrel was cutting the zone a bit during the viewing but showed good bat speed and his burst out of the box is easy (4.45T). Didn’t have any defensive chances in this one, hence the Quick Hit. 

2021 OF Mitch Deering (Los Gatos) - Deering came in late to the game and instantly made an impact tracking a slicing ball into the RCF gap making a diving play to steal a sure-fire extra-base hit. The speed pushes plus with the long athletic stride that he also showed on a bunt attempt getting down the line from the RH box at 4.08; if the bunt was anywhere away from the pitcher it’s an easy hit. Walked in his 2nd AB before just missing a stolen base late in the game showing that burst on the bases as well. Frame is long and lean and has space to project. 

2021 OF Matthew Halbach (Archbishop Mitty) - Last saw him as part of the Trosky Fall Team where he showed intriguing two way skills. In this one showed off the bat speed and arm strength to turn into a strong RF in the near future. Long square frame has space for projection and played with bounce in the OF; bat speed was there driving a deep fly ball for a Sac Fly RBI. Hitting behind one of the best hitters in the state gives him a chance to show his hit tool and push him up rankings. 

2021 3B Mario Ricci (Archbishop Mitty) - First time seeing him play and came away impressed with his athleticism on the move; made two really nice plays on top balls throwing in unison with his body. Followed the defense up with a deep double into LCF showing quick, loose hands through the zone with a compact barrel. Good strength in the frame already and type of body that can keep building. 

2021 C Nolan LaRiviere (Scotts Valley) - When a pitcher is going well like 2020 RHP Bryce Clark was, the catching is one of the first reasons why and that was the case in this one with LaRiviere. The quiet setup was evident and he presented well for the umpire to see pitches; subtle hand movements show his strength in the wrists. In-between innings he was consistently on the bag flashing average arm strength; times where he cheats a bit (2.0-2.05 Pop). He understood what was working for his pitcher and executed it beating sliders to their spot to keep them in the zone. At the plate was on base with three walks, showing ability to coil around the back hip; swing has a pullside focus and will need to work on tightening up the barrel path. The frame is strong and with his actions could keep developing as a catcher for the next level. 

Underclass Quick Hits:

2022 C Jack Brothers (Monte Vista Christian) - Looks ready to be one of the better catchers in the region with lots of upside over the next couple years. Only saw defensively, but made an exclamation point showing ability to handle high velocity and used glove tracking dirty sliders back into the zone to steal pitches. Blocking was solid, moving well laterally and I was most impressed with his anticipation for the game. Caught a runner at 2nd (2.25 Pop) showing off the strength in the arm on a pitch down and away; also backpicked a runner at 3rd when he did a great job selling out for a wide breaking ball to have him catch the runner too far off. Should be an interesting look this Summer as the frame is long and athletic with space for added strength. 

2022 OF Wyatt King (St. Francis) - Roamed around in CF with easy athleticism during the game and showed the type of patience at the plate to be a table setter for the next level. During pre-game his throws tended to have a bit of run to the bags, but during the game he came up throwing late in the 7th and threw a rope to home to keep runners from advancing; compact and quick arm. At the plate was on base with three walks not expanding the zone and fouling off some good pitches to extend AB’s; each AB was deep counts taking a toll on opposing pitchers. I liked his aggressiveness on the basepaths as well easily moving 1st-3rd and taking a wide turn around 3rd looking to score before being held up. After a productive Summer and early Spring he’s a definite high Follow. 

2022 3B Antonio Cabrera (Archbishop MItty) - Only one AB and two innings of defense, but the actions showcase a player who you can dream on in a few years. The easy, quick trigger comes from a balanced stance that created loud contact for a 2B into LCF during that one AB; he should push for more with  similar ABs. Defensively he moved well making a nice play on a top ball with easy actions in the arm. Body can be shaped into developing more power. High follow. 

2022 3B Christian Galvez (St. Francis) - Started at 3B and showed some skills that can be built upon. 6-1, 175 frame having current strength in the high waist, squared up build and showed growing arm-strength that could fit the position as he matures. Footwork during pre-game was good with some lateral agility and ability to be accurate to both bags. At the plate showed a calm approach getting on base three times with 2 BBs and a sliced 2B inside the 1st base bag moving fairly well once underway (4.80T). Slightly opened at the plate with high hands and flared elbows sitting into legs on load; swing is handsy but compact and direct. 

2022 OF Tristan Kim (St. Francis) - Only one AB and pre-game, but Kim has been a name on my list for awhile and the physical 6-2, 200 frame moved well and came in for his pinch-hit AB with a calm and confident approach at the plate. Pitcher tried expanding the zone on him, but he didn’t get out of his approach before taking a hit-by-pitch. In pre-game the OF throws were crisp out of the hand with accurate throws to bags. Looks like a guy that should get some play this Spring and chance to make some leaps over the Summer. 

2022 1B Zach Yorke (Archbishop Mitty) - Yorke’s been a known player since before he started as a Freshman and the hit tool will be his carrier for the next level. The large and strong frame moves well and his calm on the field is part of the Yorke tradition. The patience at the plate is advanced and he’s got hands that work well under his shoulders and will be a consistent threat. Now playing 1B if he can keep developing his power, he’ll be an easy follow.


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