Prep Baseball Report

NorCal ProCase Preview: RHPs

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting

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LATHROP, CA. - The inaugural Northern California ProCase Preview had 35 players taking part in the showcase where players were put through traditional showcase workout that included the 60-yard sprint, two rounds of batting practice (some used wood only, some used wood in one round and BBCOR in the other), defensive workouts at respective positions (multiple spots for a few players), and concluded with main diamond mound bullpen sessions where the pitchers' stats were compiled.

Note: All showcase videos have been added to player profiles. We will post reports by position this week (catcherscorner INFsoutfielders, MIFs). The players listed here are ordered by their peak FB velocity. HM = Horizontal Movement / IVB = Inverted Vertical Break


Brandon Forrester, Jesuit (CA), 2022 - Oregon State commit
Positional Profile: SS/P
Body: 5-9, 145-pounds. Lean with wiry strength, streamlined.
Delivery: Athletic, balanced, explosive, high tuck knee lift, in line stride, lands with stability creating leverage against front side.
Arm Action: RH. Quick and loose, repeats, smooth out of glove, high-3/4 release, compact on backside.
FB: T88, 86-88 mph. Sneaky hot (2280 avg spin), pounded bottom of zone, got to arm and glove side w/feel, 16.8 avg IVB, 10.2 avg HM, 71.4 zone %.
SL: 75-78 mph. Tight quick and sharp 2583 max spin), feel for zone improved as session went along, can locate in zone and also present in the zone and get chases.
CH: 76-78 mph. Big spin reduction (1408 avg spin) off the FB, located in lower portion of zone with both depth and horizontal action (12.3 avg HM).

Sam Purgason, Truckee (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-6, 215-pounds. Long and lanky and lean, graceful body type, highly projectable.
Delivery: Smooth and relaxed, body control over the rubber, high lift, lands with stability w/slight cross body stride, repeatable, finishes w/back leg swinging to 1st side.
Arm Action: RH. Smooth and controlled on backside, some depth to mid-thigh, on time with feet, overhand release, accelerates with ease w/loose quick finish.
FB: T88, 85-87 mph. Attributes of a future plus FB (2502 avg spin), holds plane (18.8 avg IVB) w/enough lateral movement (9.9 avg HM), long extension (6.01) provides length through zone, 55.6 zone %.
CB: 70-73 mph. Wider breaking ball presents as a slurve, minimal depth, smooth break, swept out of zone.
SL: 73-77 mph. Feel of the zone suggests he can use as strike stealing pitch, smooth breaking action w/flashes of bite.
CH: 74-77 mph. Considerable arm side movement, big spin reduction (avg 1450) off the FB with ability to locate down in the zone.

Danny Peters, Palo Alto (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-5, 235-pounds. Long and strong, very favorably a strong 'farm boy' type of body.
Delivery: Small actions, balanced over rubber with hip high knee lift, lands closed with cross body stride, swings right leg around to 1st base side at upright finish.
Arm Action: RH. Compact arm action, shallow backside depth, controls arm swing well, high-3/4 release, smooth easy acceleration.
FB: T88, 83-85 mph. Has length through zone w/heavy life, minimal lateral movement, max spin (2210) hints at more velocity, last FB was 88, found his delivery as the session went along.
CB: 68-70 mph. Big shape, early break, smooth action, arm stroke lagged a bit resulting in back-up action.
SL: 72-76 mph. More advanced feel than w/CB, smooth break, some tilt, max spin (2271) suggests potential to develop a future AVG SL.
CH: 77-78 mph. Flashed considerable arm side run, fringy feel, lowers slot a bit vs FB look.

Jake Cross, Alameda (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 6-4, 210-pounds. Powerful broad body type, ample room in sizeable frame for big strength.
Delivery: Agile w/body control, quick high lift over rubber, level shoulders, very slight cross body stride, lands closed, has stability at foot strike.
Arm Action: RH. Loose and long, near full extension in arm swing, inverts elbow coming out of backside arm action, high-3/4 release.
FB: T87, 84-86 mph. Big run and flashed sink on arm side with ability to stick down and away on glove side, around the zone.
SL: 70-72 mph. Displayed feel, finished well at release, wide breaker with smooth action.
CH: 75-77 mph. Bigger movement pattern than FB look w/similar life, slightly lowers slot vs FB release, bottom of zone feel.

Logan Gibson, Modesto Christian (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-10, 160-pounds. Lean and wiry strong, sinewy composition.
Delivery: Simple and athletic, quick high knee lift, in line stride, showed slide step ability, slight uphill front shoulder, square landing, occasional recoil at finish.
Arm Action: RH. Fast arm, loose, inconsistent timing with stride, swings arm a bit behind body out of glove, slightly inverts elbow on way to overhand release.
FB: T86, 84-86 mph. Flashes potential for abv avg spin, minimal horizontal movement, aggressively throws it, can use in top of the zone.
CB: 71-74 mph. Somewhat early break though showed feel for zone, bigger w/12-5 shape, flashed as a late big breaker w/buckling late bite.
CH: 78-81 mph. Pounded the zone, fading action in bottom of the zone, complements the high FB.

Bryce Cruz, Jesuit (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-0, 165-pounds. No change from recent viewing; Athletically built with some muscular development in upper leg/hips, rangy upper body proportions.
Delivery: Smooth in gathering over rubber, sinks into backside, long cross body stride w/square landing, falls off to 1st base side..
Arm Action: RH. Calm out of glove, hides behind back hip, controls arm swing, repeatable, quick acceleration, overhand release, fairly shallow backside depth.
FB: T85, 83-85 mph. Pounded bottom of zone, creates angle w/length through zone, extension allows velocity to play up, minimal lateral movement.
CB: 71-73 mph. Tight wide breaker, presents a bit like a bigger slider, throws aggressively.
SL: 71-73 mph. Very similar to CB in all respects w/slightly less lateral action, was able to reach max spin of 2455 w/SL while showing more feel for zone.
CH: 79-80 mph. Power change-up thrown w/intent for swing/miss, presents similar to BP FB w/slightly more movement.