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NorCal Top Prospect Game: Outfielders

Ryan Ozella
NorCal Area Scout

KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Top Prospect Game took place on Sunday October 13th at College of Marin, with talented players from all four current grad classes in attendance. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 4-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance and some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next ranking of their graduation class. Thus far we have published our Quick Hits featuring early standouts, the Statistical LeadersCatchersPitchers and Infielders. Today we finish coverage with the Outfielders, listed alphabetically.

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OF / 2B / DUBLIN, CA / 2021

7.10 60yd, 70 OF MPH, 85 EV
High waisted, full medium build with good footspeed once underway (7.10 60yd). Balanced, high hand stance pulling the knob down as he balanced over the back hip with a foot lift; times where the hand movement adds length in the barrel turn, but flashed a whippy barrel with hands directly to the baseball. Stuck to the pullside flashing some lift to the gap and middle of the field (85 EV). Bouncy, attacking the baseball from OF; arm will need to make jumps (70 MPH) to stick out there as throws are lofty with limited carry. Keeps improving his athleticism and allowing the strength to come out more and more. 


7.14 60yd, 82 OF MPH, 89 EV
Long, agile and bursty profile able to play multiple OF spots (7.19 60yd). Open, narrow stance with high-hands coiling around the back hip in controlled load with hands working down; easy and loose swing showing above-average bat speed. Hands stay connected to the body well having barrel work behind the baseball; ball jumps off the bat to the gaps and finished the round with a HR to LF (89 EV). In game, two solidly hit balls and a walk showing the batting practice round transfers over to the game as well. Defense showed easy athleticism moving inline through the baseball keeping firm throws from a compact arm (82 MPH); arm strength can keep improving to fit a corner profile. Made a great play in RF during the game diving for a ball with strong body control; closing speed and understanding of positioning in OF. 

OF / RHP / PETALUMA , CA / 2022

7.09 60yd, 84 OF MPH, 81 EV
Long and lanky, squared up frame showing some current strength and projecting; athletic moving well underway with quick feet (7.09 60yd). Very tall stance, slightly opened feet keeping hands away from the back shoulder; pulls the hands back early using a quite foot with hands working directly to the ball. When the swing has more momentum from the load was able to get on-plane better and having the ball jump more consistently; barrel catches the ball out front being able to backspin the baseball into the gaps (81 EV). Picked up a solid single to RF before beating out a chopped INF 1B to end his day. Easy actions in the OF staying lined up with the bags and fielding off his front foot; uses a higher crow-hop in the OF allowing athleticism to come out. Arm is quick and loose having good hand speed out in front keeping the ball firm (84 MPH). Skills still raw showing upside as he keeps making jumps.


6.99 60yd, 91 OF MPH, 86 EV
Twitchy and bouncy uber athletic (6.99 60yd) player projecting high ceiling tools. Defense was fantastic during workouts throwing ropes to each of the bases with an easy plus arm (91 MPH); showed his range in game going to get balls closing into gaps. Balanced stance keeping hands at the back shoulder using toe-tap timing to stay behind the baseball; hands work directly to the baseball with flat bat path and there’s bat speed available having the ball jump off the bat when timed up (86 EV). Plays with presence on the field and put together multiple strong AB’s during the games; bat still has projection to make major jumps.

LHP / OF / LAS LOMAS, CA / 2021

7.62 60yd, 71 OF MPH, 70 EV
Medium, full frame with length in the lower half (7.62 60yd). Very high hands keeping wide, balanced stance at the plate; really tucks into back hip with high front knee as he keeps the hands high. Direct hands getting out over his center a bit as he worked liners to the opposite field during batting practice; swing has more strength when he gets into the lower half more consistently (70 EV). Works to get inline with bases flowing through the baseball as his compact, high release arm produces lofty throws; will need to add more arm strength for jumps.

1B / OF / PETALUMA , CA / 2021

7.15 60yd, 74 OF MPH, 91 EV
Physical, wide frame with tight waist showing strength in the frame; athleticism plays (7.15 60yd). Balanced stance keeping the hands deep with a flat bat on the back shoulder; quiet foot lift having hands work back keeping that flat barrel in the load. Hands are timed up with the back hip showing bat speed and having the ball jump off the bat with liners through the middle of the field (91 EV); continues to flash some deep gap power and there’s still some more power coming from the frame. Moves easily in the OF working through catches and getting the momentum started for his flat mid-slot arm; would like to see the arm strength tick up to stick in the OF.

OF / 2B / BURLINGAME , CA / 2022

7.02 60yd, 84 OF MPH, 80 EV
Athletic, lanky and lean frame showing off skills all over the field (7.02 60-yard). Opened, narrow stance with hands high; quiet in the load having hands show short load getting some momentum. The bat-to-ball skills continue to impress as the quick bat gets on plane early working hard line drives all around the field during BP (80 EV); three solid contacts during the game picking up two hits (2B/1B) and showing his ability to get to a second speed when needing it. Very easy movements in OF keeping balls on a line to each of the bases with life (84 MPH); showed his range in game and defense looks like it will be above-average at multiple positions.


7.37 60yd, 74 OF MPH, 83 EV
Physically built, lanky and long having space for more projection (7.37 60yd). Balanced, even hands set up showing toe-tap as hands work deeper in load; direct hands showing better timing and rhythm when keeping weight behind the baseball. Barrel creates backspin to the gaps; carry to the gap can keep improving (83 EV). Inline body working throws from mid-slot release; can get into the lower half for more carry on throws (74 MPH).

OF / RHP / LODI, CA / 2020

6.89 60yd, 87 OF MPH, 85 EV
Lanky and strong medium frame with twitchy attributes and in-game speed (6.89 60yd). Narrow stance with the knees tucked and body squatted; big coil with high foot lift as the hands pull back deep riding out the back hip on forward momentum. Hand speed is present keeping hands locked in through quick turns; barrel works to the pull side with lift for the gap carry flashing more when trying to stay to the middle of the field more (85 EV). Easy athleticism in the OF with arm working from mid-slot; slot creates run to bases and will need to be more consistent in using it. Arm strength is present (87 MPH) and can go get the ball during games as well.

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