Angelo Zazzarino
Angelo Zazzarino
Angelo Zazzarino
Angelo Zazzarino




San Joaquin Delta
Lodi (HS) • CA
6-0 • 175LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Lodi Reds


2020 National

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2020 State

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PBR Norcal Preseason All-State - Max FB 86, FB 84-86, CB 72-74

PITCHER: Lean and strong with an athletic and somewhat twitchy 6-foot-0, 175-pound body. We’ve seen Zazzarino in a positive light as both a position player and a pitcher and what he is beyond HS is still TBD. The athleticism and physical strength he has is clearly visible and much of what he does on the mound and as a player is reliant on that athleticism. There is still a ceiling he can reach that can grab 4-year college attention on the mound. High knee lift, slight cross body stride, long smooth backside arm action with good timing with stride/arm stroke. Gets to overhand slot with long stride and loose quick arm. Occasional tilt and length to fastball. Not real difficult for him getting to 86 mph, feels like there is upper-80s and maybe more that can come out in next few seasons. Curveball was good more often than not, with 12/5 shape and enough depth to use it as an effective out-pitch. Didn’t not show a third pitch.


6.97 60yd, 82 OF, 80 EV

6-0, 175 tight waist, long and strong frame with strength in shoulders and ability to play with burst and athleticism. Starts tall with flared elbows and high hands resting bat flat on back shoulder before sinking into lower half on the load; some big coil in the load having the hands pull back on front knee turn. Barrel follows the shoulders with ability to lift and stay behind his front side; when he’s at his best the high, one-handed finish allows him to drive the ball through the gaps with easy carry (80 EV). Plays with aggression in OF attacking the baseball and using a long arm swing to produce firm throws out of the 3/4-to-Mid-3/4 slot; slot creates some run but he understands it and utilizes it to keep throws to the bag (82 OF) with quick release looking to get the ball out.



PBR N CA Top Prospect Game - Strong lean body type with sinewy proportions on 6-foot-0 175-pounds. Two-way tools from the multi-sport athlete (6.89 60-yard) showing a loose arm and athletic swing. Started the game off showing a running FB (82-86 MPH) and short tight SLD (71-70) striking out one; some minor refinements in this mechanics could have him control the plate more consistently with the live stuff. Full-body swings getting the barrel through the zone with speed showing pull gap power; good adjustment in game keeping barrel back for hard single to RF, will need to work to develop consistently better barrel control to access his ample bat speed and strength. Top outfield throw was 87 mph, though with tail at the bag, indicating the need to develop better wrist angle. The tools are still a bit raw and we should see another jump.

Max FB 86, FB 82-85, SL 70-71, CHG 81-82
Strong, lean body type on a 6-foot-0, 175-pound frame that retains ranginess to continue to physically mature and enhance the athleticism/explosiveness. Quick arm, athletic delivery with a high knee lift. Aggressive use of the body and athleticism. Arm speed is there to someday pitch in the upper-80s. Fastball has big late run, almost a bit too much. Made an adjustment to move to the 1st base side of rubber and was able to let that run work for him. Slider has some tilt though breaks a bit early. Raw stuff is definitely intriguing. Arm is strong, arm is loose, body is live. Mechanical improvements and college level coaching very likely would unlock a pitcher of significance. For those with access to the video, it's easy to see.


BAWS 2019 - Compact physical frame with length in the limbs, Zazzarino came onto my radar during last fall where his athleticism was top of the charts and flashed strong skills all over the field. That athleticism is still present and he’s made some strides with the tools. Ran a very quick 6.57 60-yd and then worked gap-to-gap and through the middle of the field with line drives (85 EV); the swing has a heavy load of the hands and doesn’t look the most comfortable with turned knees but he continues to find the barrel. During the games he picked up two hits, but also had a lot of hard contact for tough outs and used that speed to bust down the line (4.33-4.41 H-1st) making defenses have to be on their toes. Zazzarino was aggressive in RF attacking the ball and making plays. It’s a longer arm action but works quickly to it’s high release showing the strength to stick in any of the three OF spots (87 MPH). On the mound that long arm action shows life to the arm side with run and life up in the zone at 82-85 T87 MPH; it’s an athletic delivery and when in time creates uncomfortable AB’s for hitters. The SLD (69-72 MPH) shows cross plate actions with flashes of tilt on the pitch as it sweeps. Everyone is looking for athletes and Zazzarino definitely fits the bill.


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - POSITION PLAYER - Medium frame with high waist showing length in limbs and broad sloping shoulders. Very lean muscle that is twitchy and explosive with his first step showing straight line speed (6.85 60-yd). Crouched stance with knees tucked and flared elbows and high hands with flat bat on the shoulder; leans back sinking into legs while loading hands straight back as front foot gains ground. Creates strong stretch with hands working directly to the ball and showing late bat speed; bat has ability to drive ball to the pull side showing more gap power when working with move leverage (81 exit velo). Smooth and controlled from outfield with footwork online to bases; length in arm swing quickly getting to slingy ¾ release putting life into throws (80 MPH). Very projectable 2020 player who has space in frame to keep adding without taking away from explosive qualities. Also a very talented pitcher showing makings of a 2-way player to watch this spring.


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - PITCHING - Strong and athletic body type, well-proportioned 6-foot-0 175-pounds, wide sloping shoulders, competed as a two-way player and showed well both ways, on mound displayed perhaps the top fastball/curveball combo of all pitchers at the event, high knee lift, quick tempo delivery, fairly quick separation and long deep backside arm action, on-line stride and lands closed, mid-3/4 slot, aggressive with arm and all his stuff, does spin off some but still gets hand to extension and allows feel for his repertoire, heavy fastball (T84) with considerable sink that looks capable of breaking bats, turns over the fastball to get that action, curveball (70-72 mph) with tight spin flashed late knee-buckling bite and repeatedly threw it with feel, fastball/curveball create scissor effect off each pitch's action, that curveball will get a lot of strikeouts looking and swinging, change-up (76-78 mph) was best in stretch when he did display feel of it, rushed it a bit in wind-up. Overall very impressive and the stuff isn't done developing.


Fall tournament - Strong and athletically built 6-foot-0 right-handed pitcher has a live arm with more to come from proper use of his legs. Sat 83-85 mph out of the windup with some good run to go with a confident presence on the mound. Didn't see a breaking ball. Arm strength is there, more of a thrower presently, but the arm does work well.

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