Prep Baseball Report

Norcal Top Prospect Game Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Scouting Staff

KENTFIELD, CA - The Northern California Top Prospect Game took place on Sunday October 13th at College of Marin, with talented players from all four current grad classes in attendance. The players participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Each position player had three plate appearances in the games, with pitchers facing 4-6 batters in their outings.

There were some state-ranked players in attendance and some others opened our eyes to the point that they will be in strong consideration for the next ranking of their graduation class. We will breakdown the event with multiple posts during the coming week, starting today by highlighting early standouts from the day. Player videos will be edited and loaded to profiles in the coming days.

Players listed alphabetically within position categories.



Eli Gennis RHP / Berkeley , CA / 2022

Perhaps the most eye-popping player at the event, displayed live and loose 3/4 arm worked in sequence through athletic delivery changing timing and pounding the zone with three pitches. FB 84-86 with life through the zone flashing some run when needed. CB 68-72 with short 11/5 shape flashing tight and sharp ones later in the outing. CHG 80 arm-side fade. Two strikeouts while keeping defense busy with lots of ground balls. Three-pitch mix to be a starter at the next level. Young face/body type indicates that his ceiling is very significant as he is well away from physical maturity/strength.

Ruben Rivera LHP / San Ramon Valley, CA / 2022

Long, squared shoulder frame able to manipulate the baseball on the mound throwing four different pitches; athletic delivery and pitching with tempo going right at hitters. FB 75-77 T79 with run and understanding how to set hitters up. CHG 66-68 being able to turn it over for late sinking run. CB 67-68 with late depth from 1/6 shape. SLD 71-72 with small lateral break running off barrels. Controlled all pitches throughout outing leading to little hard contact. High level of pitchability and trusts his stuff/approach. Getting more separation between CB and CHG is an area to improve on.

Kevin Sharp RHP / College Park, CA / 2021

Physical, prototypical pitchers build able to keep projecting with added strength. Attacked hitters going two innings striking out four and one walk. Arm is loose and whippy working long out of the glove and quickly through the 3/4 slot; body stays inline well and uses large stride to have ball jump through zone. FB 82-84 T85 expanding the plate and having swings through it. SLD 67-69 hard, slurvy break having late sweep. CHG 71-74 flashing late bottom. Stuff to project for next level. Competes with a gamer-type approach and seems to be a field rat.


Zander Ditona C / SS / Castro Valley, CA / 2022

Small and athletic frame with quick feet (7.39 60-yard) and wiry strength; played with hustle/energy all game showing tools that will keep improving. The tall stance allows the even hands to be quick to contact flashing whip through the zone as he worked gap-to-gap during BP. Defense showed his athleticism with ability to beat balls behind the plate and low quiet target; hustled to back up on a throw to first preventing runners from advancing. Arm is good in game and time to keep adding strength (73 mph; 2.12-2.20 Pop). Advanced for age in blocking/control skills.

Zachary Justice C / 1B / Bishop O'Dowd, CA / 2023

Medium, growing young frame showing some strength and space to keep projecting; agility in short bursts especially behind the plate. Defense is advanced for age and showed it with his pitch calling, receiving and blocking skills; throws were consistently accurate and projects to be a very strong arm (75 mph; 2.04-2.12 Pop). Compact barrel gets to contact point out in front of plate showing ability to lift ball to the pullside (83 mph exit velo off tee); more strength coming to lead to more extra base hits. Lined a shot at the SS in game before picking up a 1B to LF. Developing better footspeed is an area for improvement.

Trentin Schmidt C / OF / Rodriguez, CA / 2022

Long frame with above-average athleticism flashing the tools to stick behind the plate (7.00 60-yard). Defense was on display making plays during the games catching a runner at 3rd and throwing behind runners with what projects to be an above average college arm (presently 75 mph); footwork was good and receiving skills are fundamentally solid having space to keep making progress (2.14-2.19 Pop). Bat flashed strength (86 mph exit velo off tee) to the pull side during BP working the hands directly to the baseball; put together some quality AB’s without results to show. Highly competitive and tenacious player.

Griffen Sotomayor C / 3B / Turlock, CA / 2022

A major standout performer at the event, tools matched up with plus personality and game knowledge at a young age flashing a high ceiling. Wide sloping shoulders, broad upper body and well-proportioned at 6-foot-0 180-pounds. Slow load allows the direct hands to flash above-average bat speed (87 mph exit velo off tee) creating easy lift to the gaps and flashing pull pop during BP; 3 Quality AB’s drawing a walk and single with a hard line out to deep CF as he was consistently on pitches in the game. Defense was also stellar with advanced transition and strength in the arm (75 mph; 1.93-2.09 Pop). Receiving, blocking and game calling were all on display during the game, consistently working with pitchers in and out of the dugout. Type of personality found on contending type teams.


Dominic Giuffre SS / OF / Archbishop Mitty, CA / 2021

Strong/agile player with the versatile skill set to fit multiple positions (2B, SS, 3B, OF). Defense was on display again showing bounce and lateral agility having arm move in time with feet and keeping balls on a line (77 mph) across the diamond; made a nice play on a pop-up over 1st base into swirling wind. Quick upwards bat path driving line drives all around the field with gap-to-gap carry (90 mph exit velo off tee); bat-to-ball skills on display in game with a single to CF and hard flyout to LF. SB and BB showed he’s a top of the order type of hitter (7.10 60-yard).

Victor Heredia SS / RHP / Santa Ynez, CA / 2022

Lean and wired strength frame that is still young and growing; impressive athleticism with skills to stick at Shortstop (7.30 60-yard). Quiet and tall at the plate allowing his quick hands to work the barrel up through the zone driving balls into the gaps (88 mph exit velo off tee); on base three times with BB, 1B to LF and INF 1B (4.76 H-1st). Talented defensive player moving with range, working glove through the ball before hitting 1st basemen in the chest on throws with life (82 mph); made some nice plays during the game as well. Will be one to follow as he continues to mature. Fun to watch.

TeJean Smith SS / RHP / Laguna Creek, CA / 2021

Compactly built with strength in lower body, good build to play up the middle. Versatile defender capable of playing anywhere in the infield, arm strength suggests 2nd base may be the best spot (81 mph) in the future but has clean and skilled footwork that plays at SS. Raw footspeed (7.36 60-yard) is an area to improve though his instincts and angles to the baseball on defense allow his range to play above the footspeed. Offensively brings some presence into the box and in positive counts he's capable of doing damage (88 mph exit velo off tee), as evidenced by a ringing double to LF. In two-strike counts showed a tenacious approach and ability to spoil quality pitcher's pitches. Confident player with personality that draws in teammates.


Max Coupe OF / 2B / Menlo-Atherton, CA / 2021

Long, agile and bursty profile able to play multiple OF spots (7.19 60-yard). Coils in load from narrow, open and high-handed stance; easy and loose swing, keeping barrel on plane and long through contact, while showing above-average bat speed (89 mph exit velo off tee). Ball jumps off the bat to the gaps and finished the round with a HR to LF; two solidly hit balls and a walk during the games. Defense showed easy athleticism keeping firm throws from compact arm (82 mph though arm speed indicates there is more in there); made a great play in RF diving for a ball with strong body control.

Logan Gibson OF / Modesto Christian , CA / 2022

Twitchy and bouncy uber athletic (6.99 60-yard) player projecting high ceiling tools. Competed on less than 100% ankle so it's safe to say he will show lower 60 times at full health. Defense was fantastic during workouts throwing ropes (89-91 mph) to each of the bases with an easy plus arm; showed his range in game going to get balls closing into gaps. Hands work directly to the baseball with flat bat path and there’s bat speed (86 mph exit velo off tee) available; when he’s on time ball jumped off the bat. Plays with presence on the field and put together multiple strong AB’s during the games.

William Krupp 1B / OF / Petaluma , CA / 2021

Strong young man with some visible strength developed in his upper body. Strength plays within his swing, which is short to the ball and has limited/little wasted movement. Ball comes off bat very well (91 mph top exit velo off tee) and it showed in game play as well. Keeps hands inside and can work the whole field. Sees the ball well which will allow him to be comfortable vs breaking balls and offspeed offerings. Raw arm can improve as an outfielder (74 mph) but given his ability to work the bat at 1st base, he could transition there full time. Ran 7.15 60-yard. Whether LF or 1st base (R/L), there is some bat talent to fit the position.

Lou Martineau OF / 2B / Burlingame , CA / 2022

Athletic frame showing off skills all over the field (7.02 60-yard). The bat-to-ball skills continue to impress as the quick bat (80 mph exit velo off tee) gets on plane early working hard line drives all around the field during BP; three solid contacts during the game picking up two hits (2B/1B) and showing his ability to get to a second speed when needing it. Very easy movements in OF keeping balls on a line to each of the bases with life (82-84 mph); showed his range in game and defense looks like it will be above-average at multiple positions. Quiet confidence and plays bigger than size.

Angelo Zazzarino OF / RHP / Lodi, CA / 2020

Two-way tools from the multi-sport athlete (6.89 60-yard) showing a loose arm and athletic swing. Started the game off showing a running FB (82-86 MPH) and short tight SLD (71-70) striking out one; some minor refinements in this mechanics could have him control the plate more consistently with the live stuff. Full-body swings getting the barrel through the zone with speed showing pull gap power; good adjustment in game keeping barrel back for hard single to RF, will need to work to develop consistently better barrel control to access his ample bat speed and strength. Top outfield throw was 87 mph, though with tail at the bag, indicating the need to develop better wrist angle. The tools are still a bit raw and we should see another jump.