Norcal 9 - Uncommitted 2020 Players

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Director of Scouting


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - We obviously get many messages from D1 coaches asking about the top uncommitted players in our state/regions. Though I am not 100% up to date on the status of each of these players, to my knowledge they remain uncommitted and they are the nine top ranked players in my own list of Northern CA players. Some of them I've seen a lot of, others not as much, but they each made a strong impression on me.

Clearly it's more challenging to find a home for outfielders and catchers... there are generally more of them available than there are available spots on 4-year college rosters. That is what stands out most to me about this list of players and it makes sense... usually the calls and texts and emails are about shortstops and pitchers. I'll give some brief notes that get right to what it is I like about these players.

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+ OF Andrew Paolini - Oakmont HS - Long lean athlete body (R/R), he's a hit-getter with projectable power. Was starting to show the power in the brief spring season.

+ OF/LHP Carl Johnson - St. Mary's HS-Stockton - Exciting athlete, L/L, big talent in a small package. Somewhat reminiscent of Brewers prospect Clayton Andrews.

+ OF Jaxson Bates - Benicia HS - It will sound blasphemous, but Bates (R/R) has a Trout-like look and a tool set that obviously isn't that level... but he's a dynamic talent.

+ C Nick Poss - Liberty HS-Brentwood - Committed or uncommitted, Poss (R/R) is one of the better C/T catchers in the region, previously committed to a D1, he's now on the market.

+ OF/1B Ryan Troye - Heritage HS-Brentwood - Physically impressive physique, Troye (R/R) could settle into any corner spot because he can absolutely HIT and hit with POWER.

+ OF Brandon Burgos - Hanford HS - One of the more toolsy players on the uncommitted market, Burgos (R/R), plus runner, plus arm, and legit power potential. 

+ OF/RHP Angelo Zazzarino - Lodi HS - Similar to Bates & Burgos in terms of raw talent and tools, Zazzarino (R/R) very well could find his way to the mound, he's got nasty stuff.

+ C Jared Quandt - Los Gatos HS - Good showing at the Area Code tryout last summer, he's a switch-hitter with good wheels (not just for a catcher), and quality C/T skills.

+ OF Logan Azem - Serra HS - Azem (L/R) has routinely performed each and every time we've seen him. Good tools all around and there is sneaky pop too. Nothing flashy, just real good.