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Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout


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St. Mary's College, Moraga, CA - Select players from the 2020-2023 classes were invited to the event taking part in the pro-style workout with PBR scouts on hand to evaluate players and record their stats while going through the workout. It was a deep group of talent with lots of players showcasing tools that should push them to the next level. Today we put the focus on the Catcher position from the group.
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2020 C/3B Zachary Enos (Kennedy) - 5-10, 168, R/R
Medium frame with longer torso and wider strength in the lower half; quick burst off line getting to full speed quickly (7.36 60yd). Opened and tall stance with high hands having slight coil around the back hip with slight foot lift; full body finishes with back knee having good rotation. Quick barrel works level through the zone with high, two-handed finish staying behind the ball as he stayed to the pullside with long line drives (84 EV); swing is easy and loose showing ability to repeat swing. Quick feet matched up with quick transfer allows for him to have arm strength play up keeping the throws on the bag (74 MPH, 1.94-2.03 Pop). Athletic ability shines with blocking showing quick hand and firm chest keeping balls close to him; glove presentation was strong with loose glove hand able to manipulate ball around the zone. 

2022 C/3B Preston Fondren (Granite Bay) - 5-8, 155, R/R 
Medium frame, high waist and length in the lower half showing some good young strength; chance to add weight in the near future which will improve athletic ability (7.55 60yd). Slightly opened stance with high-even hands at the plate; sits into lower half keeping weight between his legs for consistent, balanced stride. Swing has smooth rearward barrel turn working on slightly upwards path (77 EV); found ability to backspin the ball through the middle of the diamond and pullside with swing projecting more extra-base power. Behind the dish the lateral agility was present and consistent showing a firm chest when blocking balls. The glove arm worked back towards the zone with all types of pitches presenting a strong target. Pop will improve with improved quickness in the footwork (2.23-2.39 Pop); Arm has a high release (72 MPH) with ability to keep ball around the bag. 

2022 C/2B Tyson Smith (St. Francis) - 5-9, 135, L/R
Long and lean frame that is young and has plenty of space for added strength; length through the torso and legs with growing control and strength (7.56 60yd). Tall, slightly opened stance with high back elbow and hand wiggle even at back shoulder; gathers with knee tuck allowing him to stay behind baseball and hit over firm-front leg. Swing is compact working with direct hands and flat barrel; flashed some adjustability in his body angles but was best staying through the middle with crisp linedrives. Has improved his swing since previous viewing with more strength adding to ball flight off the bat (75 EV). Slightly turned stance behind the dish with efficient transfer from glove to throwing hand; athleticism keeps improving and has helped him to lower his pop times (2.20-2.22). Narrow receiving base with quiet head and strong wrist; am strength will be biggest area to continue improving as he was regularly on the bag with throws (65 MPH). 

2022 C/3B Damian Martinez (Antelope) - 5-11, 165, R/R
Sturdy, long frame that is starting to firm up showing projectable attributes with frame able to keep strengthening (7.55 60yd). Wide base with strong posture keeping high-hands set up using slight transfer of weight into back hip with toe turn as timing to start trigger. Upward barrel driving through contact with extension out front; quick bat shows ability to drive the ball deep into gaps with more power coming (82 EV). High stance behind the plate showing short stride; allows for quick hand transfer and strength in arm (72 MPH/2.02-2.12 Pop). Relaxed behind the plate allows him to extend cross-body and pull ball up from bottom of zone.

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