Prep Baseball Report

Norcal Underclass Games: Quick Hits

Blaine Clemmens

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ISLANDERS FIELD, LATHROP, CALIF. - The Northern California Underclass Games was loaded with players who may not have been known or famous names as of yet... but a number of them will be in due time. The event featured a showcase followed by two 10-inning simulated games, in which pitchers threw to four batters per inning (a couple half innings had only 3 hitters).



2024 Grads

Zach Baker RHP / River City, CA / 2024

Had a dominating two inning outing (1B, K, K, K, E6, K, K, K) and did it with heavy usage of his FB that topped at 83.6 and mixed in a 73-75 mph SL to finish off a couple of hitters. Long and lean at 6-foot-2, 160-pounds, the arm stroke is easy, the ball comes out easy and as he learns to gain more extension, there is a plus fastball coming into his future.

Ryder Celenza RHP / Nevada Union, CA / 2024

Upon first glance, at 5-foot-9, 160-pounds, he doesn't present as a future college pitcher, but stuff and competitiveness tell a different story. As they say, it's not the size of the dog in the fight... FB topped at 83 and he was steady in 81-83 mph range (topped at 84 last summer at BAWS Underclass). FB spin max of 2264, with tight and quick 70 mph CB at 2300 on occasion. Bulldog demeanor as well.

Jacob Downing SS / 3B / Serra, CA / 2024

Multi-dimensional LHH infielder, with not only real impact bat talent, but strong defensive chops at both SS and 3B. Put multiple balls over the fence in his BP round, with loft type power to the pullside. Ran 6.99 in the 60. Can improve on the raw arm strength that registered 77 mph. Game play at-bats were good, just missing on a few swings, then in last AB getting an opposite field knock.

Ian Fernandez C / RHP / Vintage, CA / 2024

Perhaps most impressive overall player, showed high level catching talent, middle of the field hitting approach with power, and is a talented pitcher with feel of multiple pitches. Ran 6.97, catcher throw topped at 78 mph, popped 2.01-2.09 on best three throws, 92 mph EV, 72.3 max bat speed, 23.9 max hand speed, FB topped 80 though seems quicker, quick 71-73 SL, flashed plus CHG.

Mason Ferris OF / Woodcreek, CA / 2024

Repeatedly showed that he's a little bundle of explosiveness packed into his modest 5-foot-7, 155-pound body. Moves well (7.06 60) and throws well (88 mph OF throw, with carry and accuracy) and though the BP EV number wasn't eye-popping (86 mph), he barreled the ball in game play and displayed a short, quick stroke, with ability to drive the gaps. Has bat control and sees the ball well.

Kannon Sharpe RHP / 3B / James C. Enochs, CA / 2024

Physical body at 6-foot-0, 170-pounds, displayed stuff and aggressive nature that suggest he will be on radar of college coaches by next summer. FB topped 82 mph w/2427 max spin (very good), 2232 avg spin. Strong two innings (4-3, K, F1, 1B, K, K, K, 6-3) on mound and in both of his at-bats he pounded the ball in the middle of the field. CB is good too, 68-71 mph, up to 2535 (again, quite good).

Miles Tenscher C / RHP / Napa, CA / 2024

Though he also pitches (sidearmer), it's behind the plate where he impacts the game. Not only possesses a strong arm (76 mph) and best three pops were competitive (2.05, 2.04, 2.11), he's an athletic receiver with agility and strong presentation. Also a quick and accurate back picker (got a runner at 1B). Went 2-4 in game play (1B, 1B, RBI 4-3, F1) with gritty approach to all fields.

Kenny Winters SS / 2B / Lincoln, CA / 2024

Has 'ballplayer' written all over him. The tools all are at a level just short of attention getting level (will get there with more physical development), with 7.11 60, 78 mph arm, 90 EV, 67 max bat speed. BP round was clean and all four game at-bats were good, collecting three knocks, including a double, and a LOUD L7. Lean and athletic 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, versatile at either SS or 2B.

2025 Grads

Dario Freschi SS / 2B / Vintage, CA / 2025

Ultra-bat talent, nose to toes ability to hit, uncomplicated w/presence in the box. Oh, and he's a left-handed hitter. Strong barrel awareness, hits to all fields, with extra base pop. Strong top hand, short stroke, able to not only defend himself in negative counts, he's a GOOD hitter in negative counts. Projects defensively at 2B, fair present runner (7.31), with more quickness than raw speed at this time.

Ben Kreizenbeck C / RHP / Granite Bay, CA / 2025

Young and physical (6-foot-0, 175-pounds) switch-hitting catcher/pitcher. Most impressive as a position player, w/game at-bats to back up the BP round. Collected three knocks, with a single through middle and oppo double from left side, posted 89 mph EV. Pop throws were excellent, 2.00-2.07, solid arm with very good mechanics. Two good innings on mound (2 H, 4 K), FB 77-80 w/SL & CHG.


Northern California Academic Games CA 10/16 Menlo College
Unsigned Senior Games CA 10/17 Hart Park