Prep Baseball Report

Northern California Underclass Games: Team 3 Analysis

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director of Scouting

The inaugural N. California Underclass Games took place on Saturday, August 25th at John Smith field on the campus of Sacramento State University. The Underclass Games were a culmination of our Underclass Trials which attracted players from all over the region.

The day featured a workout in the morning for position players where they went through our hitting wheel, took on-field BP, before finishing up with a defensive workout. Players were split into four teams with two simulated games following the morning workouts. Teams consisted of players in the 2020-2022 classes.

Playing the second game of the day was Team #3, which featured two of the top 2021 two-way players in California, a couple of the top 2022 players as well as a handful of 2020 grads who will certainly be heavily recruited over the next year or so.

Let's take a look at the players on Team #3 through the eyes of our scouts and Northern California Director of Scouting.

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NOTE: The reports on players from Team #3 are listed in no particular order. Click on player name for full statistical performance numbers and video.

Zach Robman C / 2B / California, CA / 2022

5-foot-7, 140-pounds, average body type, well-proportioned young player. Confident player despite being one of youngest players at the showcase. Good balance in swing, hands work inside, timing is good, quiet, swing plane is a bit uphill particularly with front shoulder, willing to work all fields and hands allow that to work. Strength gains will dictate his offensive ceiling. Game at-bats resulted in a single and a walk. Defensively he received well and looked comfortable behind the plate. Pop times will have to get lower and arm strength will have to improve. Accuracy was solid as was blocking technique. Given his position, Robman’s energy, enthusiasm, and communication skills stood out.

Matty Fung SS / 2B / Serra, CA / 2020

5-foot-9, 130-pounds, lean wiry body type, moves around athletically with some twitchiness, given future strength gains he’s a player to be aware of. Balanced swing, level swing plane, good hands through contact, does gain a lot of ground toward the pitch with his lower body. Has good contact skills, sees the ball well, knows what he wants to hit, was aggressive in his zone when in positive counts, speed to take extra bases and put pressure on defense. Game at-bats resulted in two walks and a triple down right field line vs 80 mph fastball. Defensively moves to the ball fluidly, clean footwork and puts body in good position to make accurate throws with good angles and energy moving toward first base, efficient transfer, confident fielder, looks to be well-coached/schooled in infield play. Arm likely pushes him to 2nd base, athleticism and polish give him a chance to play shortstop at high school level. Good baseball player and son of a lifelong baseball coach, along with having a really talented older brother.

Ethan Pack OF / C / John F. Kennedy, CA / 2022

5-foot-9, 165-pounds, compact body type with some present day strength, shorter arms, strong legs. Confident young player with good look in his eye and aggressive competitor. Flat swing plane, good barrel awareness and ball leaves his bat well, short to the ball, good finish to swing, stays behind ball at contact, does have some hip drift. Game at-bats resulted in two balls hit in the middle of the field, runs well enough to put some pressure on the defense and to take an extra base if given the opportunity. Looks part of a middle infielder/catcher (which is in his profile) though he competed as an outfielder where arm was fair though had some extension and decent carry. Footwork can get a bit more efficient and set himself up to throw quicker and stronger as arm appeared to have more strength than the radar gun showed. Bat talent was good as a 2022 to follow.

Carson Ramocinski SS / RHP / Windsor, CA / 2021

5-foot-9, 150-pounds, lean athletic body type, wiry strength. Aggressive player, showed interesting bat talent, balanced swing with good aggressive move to and through contact, strong hands with good barrel awareness and finish to swing, capable of driving the ball in middle of the field, aggressive approach and wants to hit. Has some gap type power and as he gains size and strength it should show up in game competition. Defensively one of the better infielders. Quick yet efficient footwork, aggressive to the ball yet under control, plays low to and through the ball, good arm, can play on the move, quite a bit to like with his defense and he looked capable of playing shortstop. All tools show up with potential to be positives in the game, well-rounded talents and his style of play combined with his talents make him a 2021 to be aware of.

Nolan Dunkle RHP / 3B / Justin-Siena, CA / 2020

5-foot-11, 180-pounds, lean strong athletic body type, energetic player, competed as two-way player at showcase and looked more likely to develop as a pitcher beyond the high school level. Overhand slot, easy arm that works well, deep stab on the backside, high knee lift and has a creative delivery that stands out, tends to open early with front hip and stride a little bit open in a manner sort of like MLB reliever Greg Holland but not quite as pronounced. Good mound presence and aggressive competitor. Three quality pitches, change-up has a chance to be above average pitch as he threw it with good feel with arm action consistent to fastball arm action. Breaking ball was slider-like 11/4 break with spin that indicates it has makings of a quality pitch. Fastball best when delivery was more online and he could get good angle. One to follow on the mound. Offensively possesses a flat swing, pull-oriented, somewhat choppy and could stay in the zone longer, aggressive swing. Defensively moves to the ball well, plays low, gets rid of it well.

Brent Jones 1B / LHP / Oak Ridge , CA / 2022

5-foot-11, 185-pounds, looks bigger and longer than listed size, good body, well-proportioned with wide shoulders, long legs with higher waist. Two-way player at showcase, looked quite good on mound, polished delivery for such young pitcher, overhand slot with easy and controlled backside arm action, good direction down slope, good control of front side of his body with ability to get to extension and have control of his release point. Creates good lines and angles within the delivery. Nice run on the fastball and occasionally painted on the arm side. Kept change-up down and got to good extension with that pitch. Definitely a 2022 LHP to follow. Offensively he’s got some tools, high hand set, simple up/down front foot stride, stays behind ball well, looks to lift quite a bit and was putting the ball in the air to the pull side, ball came off bat well as a 2022, will have to flatten out that swing and get more linear in order to make enough contact to allow his tools to play. Good defensive tools, patient feet, soft hands, accurate throws, good fundamentals.

Ethan Garcia RHP / OF / Redwood, CA / 2021

6-foot-0, 175-pounds, lean and strong with a well-proportioned build, one of the top players in Northern California in 2021 class, talented two-way player, overhand slot, athletic delivery with a quick clean arm action, strong lower body and uses it well to repeat delivery, good fastball angle with tilt, late life through the zone as a result of his ability to get to extension, does a good job of clearing front hip on time, easily carved up the four batters he faced, ability to control fastball on the opposite arm side was quite good, mixed in 11/5 curveball with good spin and showed feel of the pitch. Highly recruitable 2021 pitcher. As position player he’s a prospect, good bat speed, balanced throughout swing, aggressive through the ball, good separation, ball leaves bat well, two game at-bats resulted in two well struck balls in middle of field. Defensively has a plus arm and approaches the ball with athleticism and good mechanics. Throws left hand well with good accuracy and  carry, threw out runner at home during the game. Ran bases well and aggressively. Wasn’t anything he didn’t do well during the day.

Logan Nothmann OF / LHP / Vintage, CA / 2021

6-foot-0, 150-pounds, lean lanky build, angular body, plenty of room to fill out and add size and strength. Wide base at the plate, choked up and showed some barrel awareness, a bit uphill which may not best fit his talents as he lacks plate coverage with that approach, starts with high hands and lowers them in order to lift the ball, does run well despite the home to first time, defensively he has a long overhand arm slot, gets to the ball athletically, balls comes out of hand well though can develop better carry as he develops more power from his lower half. He is an athlete and all the tools, both offensively and defensively have a chance to positively develop in next couple of years. On the mound has an overhand slot, long arm action that works easily, got some horizontal run on the fastball, stuff comes out of hand well but life at plate could be better if he can sync up the lower body and find more power while developing a more stable front side. Delivery does work easily with fluid actions and he’s got some good things going on. Big rolling curveball has a chance to be steep with late action.

Luke Jewett C / RHP / JSerra, CA / 2021

6-foot-2, 165-pounds, lean body, room to fill out, has present day strength but looks to be natural, good young athlete body. One of the top 2021’s we’ve seen in California. Two-way player and is a prospect both as pitcher and catcher. On mound has overhand slot and short, catcher-ish arm action, clean and simple delivery, pitched entirely from stretch, slight cross-body stride, good front side of body, strong stable lower body, repeatable delivery with consistent release point from pitch to pitch. Fastball was up to 88 mph and it wasn’t hard for him. Looks fully capable of being in the low-90s by the time he’s out of high school. Fastball fairly straight but good length through zone, mixed in usable change-up as well. Offensively has a tall set-up, starts open, balanced with a short fluid load with strong dominant hands. Stays inside with strength through middle of the field. Ball jumps off bat, lots of power comes from his lower half. Defensively has clean and efficient catch/throw skills to go with a strong arm that projects to be plus arm. Good carry to the bag. 

Vinnie Bachelier 2B / SS / Capital Christian, CA / 2020

6-foot-0, 170-pounds, strong athletic build with plenty of physical projectability, well-proportioned body. Strong player with good baseball tools. Hitterish presence in the box, balanced swing with on-time load, stays behind ball, gets power from lower body, drives back hip well, best when staying middle of the field and linear, strong hands. Potential to be middle of line-up contributor with gap to gap pop. Defensively showed a good arm and ability to throw from multiple arm angles, footwork is a bit mechanical in order to set-up to make throws, footspeed and lateral range could push him to 3rd base where his arm and good hands and bat potential would all fit. Plays with good energy and has aggressive nature on the field.

Brady Huchingson 3B / Acalanes , CA / 2021

6-foot-0, 150-pounds, lean and wiry body type, still growing into the frame. Starts with tall set-up and slightly open, low hand set and starts his swing from that set-up. Stays fairly short to the ball and has some bat speed, with balance. Drives hips well and as he gets stronger here is some hit potential that could emerge. Somewhat of an uphill path that could flatten out to give him access to more of the field. Game at-bats produced a walk and a hard hit F7. Defensively has some foot quickness to the ball and worked to get under control as he caught the ball, arm strength is there and projects to be better as he gets more from his lower body, lower throwing slot. There are some raw tools here and good energy on the field, suggesting that he’s quite a long way from being a finished product.

Takeo Prather OF / RHP / Campolindo, CA / 2020

6-foot-1, 180-pounds, put together well, long lean body, well-proportioned with plenty of positive physical projection ahead. Tools showed up as a hitter and defender. Balanced in the box, middle-pull side contact, mostly flat swing with occasional uphill finish. Starts with deep load but works to gets hands inside ball. Line drive power potential if gap to gap approach can be consistent. Hand speed and physical strength are present. Defensively approached ball aggressively, long clean arm action, ball comes out of hand well with good accuracy. Bouncy athletic actions with good break on the ball. Played with a lot of noticeable energy, first player on the field each half inning. Projectable tools and passion to play, good combo. Did not pitch in the showcase.

Gage Eastlick RHP / 1B / Whitney , CA / 2020

6-foot-3, 185-pounds, big frame, full body type, still young in muscular development. Competed as a two-way player, did things well and showed flashes as both a pitcher and position player. Overhand slot, delivery starts athletically and he has some rhythm on the mound, works down slope aggressively, unique stride leg finish as he locks it pretty stiffly and doesn’t get his back hip through which seemingly takes away from his raw stuff. The arm works fast and easy and there IS more velocity in there. Got up to 82 mph and that was mostly all from arm strength. Pitched/located well and even got his release to decent extension, despite lower body energy going toward the 3rd base line. Fastball w/life and sink and good movement. Pitched with good tempo and energy. Frisbee type slider. Offensively showed balance in box with an explosive approach. Has some loft in the swing and projectable power. Stayed on curveball well in game action. Defensively bounced around well with good footwork, aggressive confident arm. Overall he’s an interesting talent.

Dylan Day RHP / 1B / Santa Rosa, CA / 2020

6-foot-5, 165-pounds, long and lanky, lots of strength to gain, projectable young body. Loose arm works quite easily, overhand slot, deep backside arm action, good delivery rhythm, gets to good extension, cross body stride does make him work around the middle of his body and saps some of the power he could access. Arm speed is there and feel of the ball is there in the event that he gets enough physicality and strength. Maintains good body control during the delivery with a quiet head. Attacking style and puts pressure and controls the tempo. Fastball has some angle at its best and some length through the zone. Big curveball and displayed some feel of the change-up. Good one to see in the spring.

Jake Pina 3B / 1B / Franklin, CA / 2020

6-foot-0, 185-pounds, thicker stout body type, chance to develop a powerful body. Ranked player in the state. Bat talent is present and he takes hacks to do damage. Maintains good balance throughout swing, pull side power is present now, some slight lift can provide carry, ball leaves his bat well particularly when he got separation from his body, could be bit more linear to access more of the full field, game at-bats also showed same ability to make plus barrel contact and drive the ball. Physicality with bat should continue to show up more frequently as he gains more muscularity. Defensively has soft hands, fairly efficient footwork and profiles as a corner defender with a chance to handle 3rd base. Arm is strong enough to play across the diamond, could get rid of ball quicker.

Ethan Padilla RHP / 1B / Bella Vista, CA / 2021

6-foot-4, 205-pounds, big body, full body type, still young in muscular development, high-3/4 slot, controlled backside arm action, cross body stride, pitches with some body control which is intriguing for a larger young pitcher who still isn’t near as strong as he will be. Arm speed is still a work in progress but he doesn’t force it and works more on locating. Got to good extension at times and the arm is loose enough to write the name down and check in sometime in the future. Worked with a pretty slow tempo. Pitch to contact approach with three pitches. Curveball ranged in velocity which can keep hitters off balance so long as he locates it well. Mixed in the change-up too.