SoCal Top Prospect Games: Team Two Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director



SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA. - The inaugural SoCal Top Prospects Games took place September 14th-15th at JSerra High School where players in the 2020-2023 participated in a pro-style workout before taking the field for game play. Players were selected to participate in the invite-only event after being seen at a prior event of throughout the spring/summer seasons. Players participated in two-games over two days after the showcase. The games were seven innings each with starting pitchers going to and two-way players only throwing one inning. 

Earlier we released our Quick HitsStats Leaders,  Team One and Team Three analysis from the event and now we present a breakdown of Team Two from the SoCal Top Prospects Games.


Brett Pierson RHP / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2020

Uncommitted. Six-foot-1, 195-pounds. Large, physical frame with strength from the shoulders down into the lower half. Starts and stays tall on the backside before a slight knee bend and backside drive down the mound. Arm from a high 3/4 slot - almost over-the-top - through to an out front extended release. Arm action is loose and clean with a full arm path in the back. Pieson showed to be a strike thrower with his three pitch mix. Fastball showed hints of run to the arm side on a downhill plane. Worked the pitch black-to-black and elevated when necessary while inducing weak contact and flyball outs consistently with the pitch. Curveball really projects with its sharp, biting action and 11/5 shape. Threw the pitch for strikes consistently in his outing. Slider was used as an out pitch registering two strikeouts on swing-and-miss with the pitch. Shows late fading action with minimal break - resembles more of a tumbling curveball. 

Tyson Patrick 3B / RHP / Chino Hills, CA / 2021

Uncommitted. Six-foot, 158-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame with room to fill out. Patrick works from a drop-and-drive delivery where he gathers on his backside before driving down the mound landing inline to the target consistently. Arm is loose and quick from a compact path in the back through to a 3/4 release point. Patrick worked down in the zone with all pitches with the fastball showing some action as it enters the zone while the slider showed late sinking action in on righties. Curveball was inconsistent at times, but when on flashed tight spin with depth to the break and 11/5 shape. There appears to be plenty more in the tank for Patrick as the frame can handle the addition of mass.

Matthew Rodriguez RHP / 3B / St. Monica Catholic , CA / 2020

Uncommitted 6-foot-2 180 pounds. Extra large frame that is long and lean with significant strength in lower half and room to add. Arm is loose and whippy through to a 3/4 slot. Fastball sat 80-81 topping 82 mph and had some arm side run. His curveball sat 66-68 MPH, had some snappines to it and he showed the ability to command it for a strike. Changeup sat 71-72 MPH, good variation from the fastball coming from the same tunnel and arm speed. Showed command of the pitch and threw it for strikes consistently. 

Ryan Anderson RHP / OF / Palos Verdes, CA / 2021

Uncommitted 6-foot-3 190 pounds. Large, long, wiry strong frame with ample room for growth. He showed a three-pitch mix with his fastball topping at 84 MPH. Is easy out of the windup, stretch, uses natural strength and a strong lower half to drive down the mound to an out front release. His curveball sat 71-72 MPH and he was able to command for a strike in his outing.  The pitch is a tight spinning, sharp breaker with 11/5 shape that he dropped in for strikes. His changeup was flashes plus potential at 75-76 MPH as it induced weak contact and swing-and-miss results consistently. Also an excellent student who carries 4.8 GPA in the classroom. 

Kaden Moeller 1B / LHP / Martin Luther King, CA / 2021

Long Beach State commit. 6-foot, 175-pounds. Large, physical frame with present strength throughout and plenty of room for continued physical development. Moeller backed up his state ranking with a strong performance overall that saw him register a 91 mph exit velocity off a tee and an 85 mph infield velocity from first base where he shows the nimble footwork of a player smaller than him. Moeller took to the mound where he was making his third appearance since the end of the season and the southpaw didn’t disappoint by pounding the strike zone with an 86 mph fastball that he put wherever he wanted and often overmatched hitters thanks in part to the late running action on the pitch. Moeller backed that up with a devastating curveball at 73-75 that flashed tight spin with late 1-7 break from the same tunnel as the fastball. Moeller then flashed his above average feel for his changeup at 77-80 mph that flashed late diving action leaving righties baffled. 

Lou Lucci OF / RHP / Beckman, CA / 2020

Uncommitted 5-foot-10 165 pounds, medium frame, athletic, young body with projection remaining. He recorded a laser timed 60-yard dash of 6.96 seconds the fastest recorded on the day. He then went to the hitting portion where he recorded an exit velo of 76 MPH. When he took BP on the field he had an excellent round. Sprayed the ball all over the field. Has a compact line drive swing, very quiet approach, used the whole field and routinely squared the ball up. Flashes average arm strength, very athletic with loose hips and made accurate throws to the bag from the outfield registering a 77 mph position velocity. Had a quick release, strong first step and chance to continue to add strength to the frame. Will be a must see this spring as he continues to develop.

Gavin Vogel C / 2B / Arcadia , CA / 2020

Uncommitted. Five-foot-8, 145-pounds. Medium frame with strength throughout. Athletic player with smooth actions defensively where he sets up low in his crouch and uses his lower half strength along with his athleticism to explode out of and into throwing position with no wasted actions. Arm action can get long in the back at time resulting in slower pop-times, but it’s strong with accuracy on the bag. Athleticism really stood out with balls in dirt as he dropped and popped quickly keeping runners on first three times in-game action. Offensively he starts tall before shifting weight back during his coil and using his fast hands/bat speed to drive balls to gaps. Showed excellent pitch recognition in live at-bats along with the ability to go the other way despite a middle approach. Quicker than he is fast, Vogel showed himself to be an instinctive baserunner and one who is not a liability on the paths.

Diego Gonzales C / 1B / South Hills, CA / 2020

Uncommitted. Six-foot, 190-pounds. Medium frame with high waist and strength in the lower half and strength in the sloped shoulders. Choppy footed runner with some agility in his gait. Implements a balanced stance at the plate with even hands with a high back elbow. Bat has some whippines through the zone allowing him to drive balls to the gaps with excellent use of the lower half. Defensively he shows a quiet, relaxed setup with quickness in his footwork and compact arm through to a high 3/4 release point. Did an excellent job in-game of framing/sticking pitches earning his pitchers called strikes. Shows the ability to setup hitters and putting his pitchers in a position to be successful.

Connor Tallakson C / RHP / Woodbridge, CA / 2021

Uncommitted. Five-foot-10, 185-pounds. Medium build that is durable with strength throughout and room for refinement. Is efficient in his movements behind the plate where the arm strength is fair with accuracy. Athletic in his actions when blocking and recovering balls in the dirt popping up in position to make a throw. Uses a high leg lift trigger that shifts weight to back leg before driving into the ball with quick hands showing excellent feel for the barrell and the ability to spray line drives to all fields, particularly the gaps. Showed in-game that he understands how to call a game by mixing pitches and locations to set hitters up. 

Patrick Stark SS / 2B / Redondo, CA / 2021

Uncommitted. Six-foot-2, 180-pounds. Large, lean, strong frame with ample room for continued physical development. Highly athletic player on the infield where he shows ample range to both sides and enough arm strength to make accurate throws from any angle. May profile best at third base in the future where his athleticism would really stand out. At the plate he starts with a neutral setup before shifting weight to backside and driving through the ball with fast hands and present bat speed. Drove balls to all fields during BP with more of a middle-left approach in game. Gets and keeps the barrel in the hitting zone for a long time while remaining balanced through to extension. Swings on a slightly uppercut path.

Ryan Watkins 3B / SS / Oak Hills , CA / 2021

Uncommitted. 5-10, 180-pounds. Strong, physical, compact frame that has some room for added mass/strength. Watkins is a strong, powerful third baseman that has simply hit in every viewing we’ve had. With a slight uphill barrel path, Watkins is able to consistently square balls up and drive them into the gaps. The load/swing can get long but his hand/bat speed allows him to catch up with the barrel. Registered an 86 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively he shows excellent footwork with smooth actions and an accurate arm that registered a 76 mph position velocity from third base. Plays hard, loose and under control. 

Justin Johnson 2B / SS / Xavier College Prep, CA / 2021

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Large frame with lean, wiry strength throughout. Johnson starts slightly open at the plate before a high leg kick trigger initiates his swing where he shows the ability to manipulate the barrel angle with his fast hands and present strength. Gets extended through the swing that remains balanced throughout. Smoked an RBI single to left field in-game. The ball was hit so hard it allowed the outfielder to get to it quickly and get it back in, otherwise it’s an extra base hit. Defensively Johnson, listed as a middle infielder, showed very well at third base where he may profile best with his middle infielder instincts. Arm (76 mph) works from the corner with Johnson’s accuracy and quick release.

Cole Quillin OF / LHP / San Juan Hills, CA / 2020

Uncommitted. Five-foot-11, 165-pounds. Large, lean frame with room for continued physical development. A two-way player, Quillin worked out in the outfield before throwing in the gameplay. In the outfield he showed adequate footwork when rounding balls and playing through them. Arm strength is fair with accuracy to both third base and home plate. At the plate he starts with a slightly open stance using a short stride trigger to get going. Shows feel for getting the barrel on the ball with the ability to drive balls to the pull side. On the mound Quillin stays tall on the back before bending backwards at the weight to gain momentum and drive down the mound. Lands a tick open at times causing the arm to drag behind from its compact path in the back. Shows the ability to work his three-pitch around the strike zone while doing an excellent job of mixing eye angles. Changeup may be best present pitch with its late diving action back across the plate and to the back foot of lefties. Curveball can be loose at times, but when on shows late breaking action with 1/7 shape. 

Jonah Storey OF / RHP / Mira Costa, CA / 2021

Uncommitted. 6-0, 175-pounds. Large, athletic frame with squared shoulders and wiry strength throughout. Storey began by running a 7.39 laser-timed 60 yard dash showing an athletic gait with little wasted movements. At the plate he stays tall with a slightly open stance before a leg lift trigger gets things started. Shows fast hands allowing his barrel to get to balls on the inner third; let’s balls get deep. Has some power (81 mph exit velo) in his swing presently that should continue to develop as he fills out. Swing is compact. Remains balanced throughout. Defensively he shows an excellent first step while remaining under control. Arm is strong (81 mph) with average accuracy although his misses were to the correct side of the bags. Instinctive base runner who is not afraid to take a chance on the basepaths.

Max Imhoff C / 2B / JSerra , CA / 2021

Uncommitted. Five-foot-10, 175-pounds. Medium-large frame with pronounced strength throughout. Strong top-to-bottom. Starts with a balanced slightly wide setup before using a modest leg lift and stride trigger to initiate swing. Strength really shines through at the plate where he drove balls into the gaps repeatedly during BP and in-game where his instincts on the basepaths really stood out. Showing position flexibility, Imhoff worked both at second base and behind the dish where his athleticism shone through. Sets up deep in his crouch and uses his lower half strength to explode out of his crouch and into throwing position. Arm strength really plays up because of its accuracy to the bag at second. Misses were to the first base side of the second just off the bag giving the infielder an opportunity to apply a tag. Showed good footwork in the infield where he flashes ample range to both sides and soft hands to go along with a strong, accurate arm across the diamond. Backhand was true and he was easily able to turn the double play ball both to the front side and backhand side. An excellent student, Imhoff is a member of the National Honors Society.


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