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SoCal Upperclass Games Scouting Reports: Catchers

PBR CA Scouting Staff

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LA MIRADA, CALIF. - The annual SoCal Upperclass Games blew into Biola University and brought with it some top uncommitted talent from around the region. The event featured a showcase followed by a 12 inning simulated game in which pitchers threw to five batters per inning. With several ranked players in the 2022 and 2023 classes, the SoCal Upperclass Games featured quality fall baseball with plenty of talent to be seen. 

As customary to most PBR California events, scouting reports complete the post-event content rollout. TrackMan and Blast Motion provide necessary data needed to analyze and understand player capabilities but the written eye test remains undefeated and an integral part in scouting. Today we take a look at the catching position. 


scouting reports

Connor (Bear) Harrison, JSerra (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/1B
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Strong build with present strength throughout, presence behind the plate, room for athletic fine-tuning.
Hit: RHH. Relaxed in the box, athletic bend in the knees and hips, glide load, one and two hand finish. Showed significant pull side pop and mashed a HomeRun in batting practice. 
Power:  92 mph max exit velocity
Arm: RH. C - 72.00 mph. INF - 73.00 mph. Reacts to steals instead of cheats to the side, trusts his short arm swing and quick release to work with average pop time, 4/5 on throws to second.
Defense: 1.99-2.04 pop times. Good presence behind the dish both physically and vocally. Sits low, drop knee at times for location purposes. Struggled in the infield portion but could progress at first base.
Run: 7.83 runner in the 60.


Ben Lee, St. Monica Catholic (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/OF
Body: 5-10, 185-pounds. Present strength throughout, sneaky speed, room for more athleticism.
Hit: RHH. Athletic and relaxed setup, mild leg lift to load, even rotation, one-hand finish. Good batting practice session; displaying pole-to-pole ability and comfort to the right side.  Blast Motion scores of 55-56-79. Arguably the best scores from the event, the elite rotation scores give him high next level swing projection. 
Power: 96 mph max exit velocity
Arm: RH. C - 75.00 mph. OF - 84.00 mph. Catcher and Outfielder arm velocity has increased since showcased earlier in the year. Produces a short arm swing with little wasted movement, consistent speed and follow-through, accuracy on display at both positions.
Defense: 2.01-2.09 pop times. Quick pop times, capable in the outfield, received well. Lee shows enough athleticism that he can play corner outfield or catcher. Increased velocity and faster 60 really help build his next level resume.
Run: 7.39 runner in the 60.


Eric Perez, Culver City  (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds. Proportional build, some present muscular strength with room for more, sneaky athleticism.
Hit: RHH. Slightly-open stance, relaxed throughout, step and go load, two-hand finish. Compact swing with line-drive power behind it and eye test bat speed. Confident approach at the plate and willingness to go the other way played well in-game with two hits. Showcased in the top tier with his in-game hitting performance and showed that his swing will play at the next level.
Power: 92 mph max exit velocity
Arm: RH. C - 75.00 mph. INF - 77.00 mph. Slightly-above average arm from the catching position, highlighted the catchers with a caught stealing on a perfect throw at 74 mph, ability to stick behind the plate at the next level.
Defense: 2.01-2.06 pop times. Can stick behind the plate; hustled, blocked, threw, backed up, received and called a good game. Got the job done in the infield, understands basic fundamentals, throwing accuracy needs some improvement, multi-position helps player value.
Run: 7.76 runner in the 60.


Nate Snakenborg, San Marcos (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/OF
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Projectable strong frame. Athleticism throughout.
Hit: RHH. Wider straight-up stance. Slight turning in of torso allows for some coil. Foot gets down early. Downhill shoulders at footstrike. Level path with good extension at finish. Balanced throughout the swing. Pounded LDs to the middle of the field throughout his round. 
Power: 94 mph max exit velocity. Present gap to gap power. Bat speed average of 69.4 mph and rotational acceleration average of 16.5 gs shows potential for future power.
Arm: RH. C - 73.00 mph. 5/5 accurate on throwdowns with 4 of them right on the bag. Quick snappy arm action that flashed some arm-side tail. Average arm strength for level.
Defense: 2.05-2.12 pop times. During throwdowns showed good footwork; aligning his body and direction towards second base. Framing skills were present as well. Worked low-high which allowed him to steal some low strikes.
Run: 7.50 runner in the 60.


Andrew Violet, Fullerton (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/OF
Body: 5-10, 175-pounds. Smaller athletic build. Well-proportioned but room to add muscle mass throughout.
Hit: RHH. Slightly open stance. Rocks onto the backside and uses a simple stride in his forward move. Hands work consistently inside the ball as he lets the ball get deep. A steeper bat path is shown with his 70% ground ball rate. Worked oppo mainly throughout the round. 
Power: 91mph max exit velocity. Bat speed and rotational acceleration upticks are needed to increase his power.
Arm: RH. C - 72.00 mph. 4/5 accurate throwdowns during the workout. Shorter arm action that worked to a higher over-the-top release. The ball came out straight. Average arm strength.
Defense: 2.04-2.16 pop times. Throwdown footwork and exchanges were fundamentally sound and quick. Present framing ability. Sets up in a low crouch and showed a quiet glove that minimized movement after receiving.
Run: 7.34 runner in the 60. 


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