Prep Baseball Report

California State Games: Red Team Analysis Part 1

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout


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Lathrop, CA - On the banks of the San Joaquin river under the hot summer sun the annual Prep Baseball Report - California State Games took place at beautiful Islanders Field. Players from across the Golden State made the journey to showcase their skills and chase their dreams. Uncommits became commits and unknowns became known. 

Nationwide restrictions altered the State Games from allowing college coaches to attend but thanks to modern technology the Prep Baseball Report - California staff was able to stream nationwide. TrackMan and Blast Motion technology provided exceptional data to be collected and distributed. The scouting staff crushed the twitter game and provided ample highlights on day one, day two and day three.

With an abundance of talent on hand, the players were broken up into three groups, today we take a look at Part 1 of the Red Team analysis.


Brock Wirthgen, Orange Lutheran (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 5-11, 190-pounds.
Defense: 2.02-2.11 pop times. Shows good feel and comfort behind the plate, blocking tool needs improvement, handles pitchers well.
Arm: RH. C - 70 mph. INF - 77 mph.  Compact throwing mechanics, release is quick, 70 mph catcher throwdown velocity is good not great.
Hit: RHH. Comfortable short staggered setup, hands relaxed at shoulder height, lower half drives into hitting base. Short to the ball, displayed good timing, high bat speed for class, lower half rotation needs improvement.
Power: 88 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.89 runner in the 60. 

Nate Franco, Oaks Christian (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/SS
Body: 5-11, 160-pounds.
Defense2.00-2.11 pop times. Posted some of the best pop times for 2023 catchers. Athletic catcher, moves well laterally, can tell his infield skills are translating behind the plate. 
ArmRH. C - 73 mph. Arm showed potential with consistent throws at 73 mph, short arm swing and speed in his follow through help enable a quick release. 
Hit: SH. Switch-hitter, similar setup on both sides of the plate; wide base, shoulder height hands, leg lift to stride, one-hand finish. Fairly even spray chart distribution from the switch-hitting catcher. TrackMan line drive averages on seven swings; 82 mph exit velocity - 22.1° launch angle - 195 ft. 
Power86 mph exit velocity. 
Run: 7.15 runner in the 60. 

Larry Ayala, Clovis North (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 1B
Body: 5-11, 175-pounds.
Defense: Showed basic fundamentals, choppy footwork, displayed ability to pick, defensive positioning needs improvement.
Arm: LH. INF - 70 mph. Throws consistently on target, short arm path, below-average infield arm. 
Hit: LHH. Slightly open wide base hitting setup, keeps his hands low, high lift front foot drive to plant. Works upwards through the zone, reaches his peak hand speed of 67.3 mph at 23.1 g rotational acceleration (above-average), 78 blast motion rotation score the second-highest at the State Games.
Power: 89 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.88 runner in the 60.

William Ashley, Branson (CA), 2023 

Positional Profile: 1B/OF
Body: 6-3, 165-pounds.
Defense: Corner outfield spot could have most value, first base ability gives him versatility.
Arm: RH.  INF - 72 mph. OF - 78 mph. Arm looks more comfortable in the outfield where his throwing velocity was 6 mph higher, lets his arm work more freely and lets it fly.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup with a large base, slightly pinched knees, bat waggle in attempt to generate bat speed.  TrackMan line drive averages; 221.9 ft - 17.3° launch angle, 87 mph exit velocity.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.42 runner in the 60. 

Xander Estrada, Benicia (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 3B/1B
Body: 5-10, 170-pounds.
Defense: Sound footwork, knowledgeable of defensive positioning, reads ball well, lacking lateral quickness needed for shortstop.
Arm: RH.  INF - 74 mph.  Made throws from multiple arm angles, 74 mph across the diamond is average for age and has potential for more down the line.
Hit: LHH. Simple left-handed setup, tall with slight knee bend, steps into load, hands stay back, 67.7 mph bat speed.  TrackMan line drive averages; 90 mph exit velocity - 21.9° launch angle - 285.9 ft.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.85 runner in the 60. 

Drew Turley, Thousand Oaks (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP. High IQ pitcher, attacks hitters, name to watch down the line.
Body: 6-1, 160-pounds.
Defense: Prep-step, athletic base, good ball reads, sound baseball actions, solid footwork around the bag, clean transfers.
Arm: RH.  INF - 74 mph.  Arm is quick, able to make accurate throws, same arm path as seen on the mound.
Hit: RHH. Stands upright, wide base stance, slight knee bend, leg lift trigger to initiate swing.  Shows some bat speed at 64.1 mph, able to cover the inside part of the plate but struggled with pitches away, line drive potential.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.36 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Easy feel on the mound, keeps head in line, lower body balance, drop and drive, raw projection.
Arm Action: RH. Some whippy action, long arms show projection, creates backspin.
FB: T82, 80-82 mph. Fastball sat comfortably at 82 mph with a 2176 spin rate average, showing ability to locate to all quadrants of the zone, projectable fastball.
SL: 64-66 mph. Slider shows good tilt, lacking sharp break and spin, developmental pitch.
KN: 70-71 mph. True knuckleball, did not register spin on TrackMan, swing and miss pitch. See Turley knuckleball breakdown below.


Conner Barth, Woodcreek (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/C
Body: 6-0, 167-pounds.
Defense: Athletic actions, moves laterally well, basic fundamentals need improvement, shows ability to stay at short, could translate well to the outfield.
Arm: RH.  INF - 75 mph.  Above-average arm for class, quick actions, able to make throws from multiple angles, improved since last showing.
Hit: RHH. Looks good in the box, toolsy athletic feel, struggled with timing and pitch recognition, projectable.  Highlighted his batting practice showing with a well struck ball to straight away center; 91.5 mph exit velocity - 32.5° launch angle - 340 ft.
Power: 90 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.24 runner in the 60.

Colin Johnston, Granada (CA), 2023 

Positional Profile: SS/OF
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds.
Defense: Showed solid fundamentals at balls hit right at him, limited laterally, better backhand than forehand.
Arm: RH.  INF - 74 mph.  Average arm for class, potential for more, cleaner arm path could enable immediate improvements, accurate throws.
Hit: RHH. Relaxed stance, shoulder width base, hands held high, leg lift to plant, hands load back with front leg lift, two-hand finish.  Keeps the bat through the zone, on-plane efficiency at 73%, solid contact throughout the weekend, clean opposite field single in competitive simulation.
Power: 88 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.34 runner in the 60. 

Will Marenghi, Menlo  (CA), 2024
Positional Profile: SS
Body: 5-10, 145-pounds.
Defense: Infield feel; prep-step, calm actions, head down and glove out in front, positioned well. Footwork and twitch needs work.
Arm: RH.  INF - 73 mph.  Short clean arm action, able to make throws from all three infield positions, 73 mph throwing velocity slightly above-average for class.
Hit: RHH. Relaxed setup, low hands, rhythmic feel. TrackMan line drive average; 73.3 mph exit velocity - 20.7° launch angle - 212.1 ft.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.88 runner in the 60. 

Bryce Cruz, Jesuit (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/RHP, Athletic with arm strength, metrics say his future is on the mound.
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds.
Defense: Solid overall, first step actions stood out, showed well in competitive simulation with backhand play and strong throw to first, can stay at SS.
Arm: RH.  INF - 82 mph.  Arm is above-average for class, 82 mph across the diamond and 85 mph off the mound, arm to watch.
Hit: RHH. Tall open stance, hands high and elbow back, bat to ball approach, lacking elite metrics, bat speed of 65.2 mph is average. TrackMan line drive averages; 79.6 mph - 16.5 launch angle - 186.8 ft.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.48 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Relatively clean overall, good balance, lower half drive, clean follow through.
Arm Action: RH. Arm action stays close to the body, longer arm swing to high 3/4 arm slot, quality extension in front.
FB: T85, 82-84 mph. 82% of pitches thrown, induced vertical break 17.8 (extreme ride) and horizontal break 4.1 (21st percentile) show extreme ride and low run. Ride on his fastball garnered some swing and misses and pop-outs in the competitive simulation portion.
SL: 69-71 mph. 10% of pitches thrown, induced vertical break -6.9 (7th percentile) and horizontal break -10.8 (50th percentile) show sink and cut. Developing well as an out pitch from his 8:00 tilt.
CH: 74-75 mph. Released from the same slot as fastball, sinks and fades with parachute like action, should be utilized more. 

Parker Hellekson, Roseville (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds. Mature build, long limbs, present strength with room for more.
Defense: Corner outfield projection, raw fundamentals, charges the ball well.
Arm: RH.  OF - 80 mph. Uses mature frame to propel throws, short arm swing, stiffness throughout, finishes in front with speed.
Hit: RHH. Power stance, slightly open, hands shoulder height. Leans back to create launch angle, majority of batting practice balls hit in the air, line drive average; 95 mph - 19.9° launch angle - 320 ft.
Power: 91 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.62 runner in the 60.

Tanner Forbus, Centennial (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/LHP. Classic left-handed two-way player, name to watch on both sides of the ball.
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds.
Defense:  Premier play in right field; plus-first step, tracked a line drive, dove to his left along the foul line, full extension grab, robbed a would be extra-base hit.
Arm: LH.  OF - 75 mph. Average arm, consistent throwing mechanics from the outfield, uses his lower body well to generate drive, chance for more down the line.
Hit: LHH. Blast Motion data shows average metrics for his class. Metrics to watch; 60.1 mph bat speed coupled with a rotational acceleration of 13.5 g projects well for a power increase.  TrackMan line drive averages; 82.3 mph exit velocity - 20.2° launch angle - 280.2 ft.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.54 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Noticeable delivery difference since June 2020 showing is that Forbus lands more evenly with his body and inline with home plate, where as he previously worked more across his body.
Arm Action: LH. Significant velocity gain in two month span; fastball averaged 72-73 mph in June 2020 and averaged 76-77 mph in August 2020.
FB: T78, 76-77 mph. 60% of pitches thrown, 1804 spin average, 10:45 Tilt, induced vertical break 14.6 (50th percentile) average run and horizontal break -11.5 (35th percentile) above-average cut.
CB: 17% of pitches thrown, 1924 spin average, 2:30 tilt. Commanded the pitchl low and away to right-handed hitters.
SL: 67-68 mph. 12% of pitches thrown, 1833 spin average, 12:45 tilt. Developmental pitch, broke more like a cutter, helped differentiate from curveball.
CH: 10% of pitches thrown, 1675 spin rate average, 11:30 tilt. Looks very similar to fastball, induced vertical break almost identical to fastball. Pitch needs to be utilized more.

Kurt Marton, Oakmont (CA), 2023 

Positional Profile: RHP
Body: 6-0, 155-pounds. 

Delivery: Projectable mechanics, power in lower half, hides the ball well.
Arm Action: RH. Live arm, irregular arm slot, inevitable velocity increase.
FB: T83, 80-81 mph. 71% of pitches thrown, induced vertical break 14.2 and horizontal break of 8.1 show a fastball with averages right at the 50th percentile.
CB: 68-69 mph. 23% of pitches thrown, induced vertical break -7.4 and horizontal break of -11.9 show slurvey action at 8:00 tilt.
SPLT: Showed one splitter, above-average run, lacks sink, developmental pitch. 

Cole Clark, Notre Dame (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: RHP. Effective two-pitch pitcher with repeatable mechanics and a feel for pitching.
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds.

Delivery: Compact, balanced, repeatable.
Arm Action: RH. 12:45 tilt, worked down in the zone, consistent release point.
FB: T89, 86-87 mph. Command on the arm side part of the plate, 15.3 induced vertical break and 6.4 horizontal break show slight ride and run, 1986 average spin rate is low.
CB: 70-72 mph. Command on the glove side part of the plate, -7.1 induced vertical break and -8.8 horizontal break show classic curveball break, 2109 average spin rate is low.
CH: 75-79 mph. 

Luke Lavin, Santa Margarita Catholic (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: C/1B
Body: 6-3, 183-pounds. Projectable catchers frame.
Defense: 2.02-2.10 pop times. Advanced catching skills, received well working low to high to steal strikes, blocked well laterally.
Arm: RH. C - 76 mph.  Above-average arm for class, quick release, short in the back, consistently put his throws to second in a position for the MIF to make a play.
Hit: LHH. Left-handed hitting catcher, keeps hands below shoulder height, steps into wide base, two-hand finish. Keeps bat path on plane through the zone, gap-to-gap ability, projectable swing.
Power: 91 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.48 runner in the 60. 

Payton Dupree, Folsom (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 3B/OF
Body: 6-0, 195-pounds.
Defense: Showed average fundamentals at 3B and in the outfield, lacking speed and lateral quickness, bat and fielding profile could suit him well at first.
Arm: RH.  INF - 77 mph.  Arm strength has improved since last showing, slightly above-average throwing velocity of 77 mph from short to first, keeps arm short, can pitch too.
Hit: RHH. Sturdy power stance, keeps his weight back with noticeable lean, leg lift to stride, hands stay tight to body. Lower half rotates well, stays behind the ball, keeps his bat on plane, one-hand finish. Posted some of the most impressive Blast Motion Scores of any player at the event. 71 Plane, 70 Connection, 67 Rotation (20-80 scale). To simplify, Dupree has one of the best quality swings of any State Games player according to Blast Motion. 19.8 g rotational acceleration shows that he is able to reach his peak hand speed of 64.6 mph on average with the MLB average.
Power: 87 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 7.89 runner in the 60.

Bradley Sutter, Rocklin ICA (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 5-11, 185-pounds.

Delivery: TrackMan shows that his average extension of 5.7 (21st percentile) has him labeled as a pitcher with a short stride. Efforts to increase his extension could greatly benefit him as a pitcher, suggesting increasing lower half drive by keeping weight back and working on balance.
Arm Action: LH. Medium arm swing in the back, more consistent than not, slow arm overall.
FB: T83, 80-82 mph. Threw fastball 72% of the time, struggled with command, spin rate average 1967 - induced vertical break 10.6 - horizontal break -7.0 show a fastball with significant sink (21st percentile) and low cut  (79th percentile).   
CB: 69-72 mph. Curveball has a chance, needs to use it more (18% of pitches thrown), 3:15 tilt, located to both sides, potential for swing and miss.
CH: 74 mph. Threw one changeup, induced vertical break 13.1 and horizontal break -11.5 show that the pitch is sinking and running at an average level, needs to trust the pitch and throw it more. 

Spencer Lee, Pleasant Valley (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-0, 195-pounds.
Defense: Defended well in competitive simulation, limited range, solid fundamentals within his fielding zone.
Arm: RH.  INF - 74 mph.  Compact arm, short arm swing and natural quick release helps him get rid of the ball quickly, arm works at 3B/2B.
Hit: RHH. Upright and relaxed, strength in wrists, leg lift to stride, shows some torque. Above-average Blast Motion bat speed of 70.8 mph is his best metric, swing path gets on plane quickly and shows ability to handle pitches away and in, 90 mph exit velocity trending in the right direction for 2023 class player.
Power: 90 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Run: 8.27 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Inconsistent delivery resulted in erratic command, high hands keep him tight, solid back leg balance.
Arm Action: RH. Short arm swing, high 3/4 arm slot, more arm speed in there.
FB: T80, 78-80 mph. Fastball induced vertical break 15.4 (64th percentile) and horizontal break 8.0 (50th percentile) show slight ride and average run, 1:00 tilt.
CB: 67-69 mph. Curveball is best off-speed offering, consistent tilt at 7:45, erratic command, at times showed some swing and miss ability.
KN: 72 mph.



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