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Blair Field, Long Beach, CA - After sitting on both California teams (Brewers, Athletics) for a full weekend at the Underclass Area Code Games I got an extensive look at our deep and talented group of 2021 and 2022 players. Today I bring to you the All-Area Code Team showcasing the players who stood out to me from the state of California. Tools, Production and Projection all factored into this list with all stats mentioned coming from my personal notes during the week being as accurate as possible. Let’s look at the standouts: 

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MVP: 2021 OF Roc Riggio (Thousand Oaks), 5-9, 170, L/R - Uncommitted.
Seemingly on base every at bat, Riggio was constant energy for the Brewers lineup and the catalyst for a team that ended up dominating the games on their way to a 4-0 weekend. With high hands, Riggio has a slight coil around the back hip allowing him to be on time with any pitch and allowing his quick bat to work directly to the baseball showing a gap-to-gap swing with easy carry into the gaps. Going 4-for-10 with four walks, two doubles, eight stolen bases and multiple RBI’s, Riggio showed the hit tool was above-average and maybe more with his patience added on. Base-running is at least above-average even through Riggio posts closer to average run times due to his ability to read the pitcher and take bases easily; the first step burst is impressive and he’s not afraid to take any of the bases including home. Defensively Riggio played both OF and 2nd base with fair skills at both spots showing the arm strength fitting those positions playing up because of its accuracy. Riggio shouldn’t be uncommitted for long after the weekend he had. 

C: 2021 C Ryan Stafford (Folsom), 5-9, 155, R/R - Cal Poly commit.
Stafford’s defense was consistently on display during the weekend. His average arm is strong and consistently on the bag showing an above-average release that caught multiple runners during games (2.01-2.18 on four caught). Stafford’s blocking was also consistently good with lateral quickness and the ability to smother and recover. On offense, Stafford went 1-for-3 with a BB and HBP showing a low even hand setup rocking the barrel on an upward path through the zone. The Cal Poly commit has projectable skills that will continue to help him improve as he matures and strengthens. 

INF: 2021 INF Marcelo Mayer (Eastlake), 6-3, 180, L/R - USC commit.
Mayer looks the part of the best middle infielder in California with a long and lean-strength frame that will continue to project as he matures. On defense, Mayer flashed plus arm strength with the ability to make throws from different angles and different spots on the field with ease. He matches the arm with above average range showing strong footwork and quick first step actions. Offensively Mayer went 1-for-6 with a double, four walks and a stolen base. The high-hand setup shows easy bat speed working slightly upwards through the zone.  During batting practice, he had lots of hard contact driving balls into gaps with easy carry. Mayer could be one of the top draft prospects for the 2021 class in two years. 

INF: 2021 INF Davis Diaz (Acalanes), 5-11, 170, R/R - Uncommitted.
Diaz has been one of the top middle infielders in the state for multiple years and showed this weekend that he’s got a future in the middle of the dirt. Offensively Diaz was patient and balanced at the plate showing loose, easy hand speed with his compact swing able to drive balls gap-to-gap. During the games Diaz found multiple barrels working through the middle of the field; only picked up two hits but the consistent hard contact was a positive. On defense, Diaz works in short bursts using high-level footwork to take strong angles to the baseball and making big-time plays in the games. The above-average arm is quick with the hands being very good at getting the ball out of the glove and to it’s location. 

INF: 2021 INF Jabin Trosky (Carmel), 5-10, 163, S/R - Oregon State commit.
Trosky showed the versatility to play all over the infield and the switch-hitter will be a staple atop a lineup at the next level. He keeps a similar stance on both sides with even hands having slight sway and using a flat, compact bat to spray the ball around the field. Going 3-for-10 with a walk, and six stolen bases, Trosky showed good instincts on the bases and understands the zone well battling tough pitches and looking for mistakes up in the zone. On defense he moves easily in the field with first step reactions showing instincts and the ability to get to the ball. The arm has a quick release and understands when he needs to use it. He made plays at all three spots and that type of consistency in the diamond will be his calling card. 

INF: 2021 INF Cody Schrier (JSerra), 6-1, 180, R/R - USC commit
Schrier is another California middle infielder who is going to be highly watched and followed for the next seasons. His defense was on display all weekend making plays up the middle and showing the tools to stick. His range is easy with good reactions and the ability to respond to the baseball using efficient angles. The arm is average with a quick release and the ability to keep the ball on the bag. Schrier showed the strong instincts around the bag flowing through on double-play turns. Offensively Schrier went 1-for-6 with five walks and two RBI using a balanced, high-hand set up. The barrel had length in it during the weekend, but when on time was able to square the baseball up. Playing in one of the toughest leagues in California will test Schrier, though with his tools shown this weekend that shouldn't be an issue. 

OF: 2021 OF Tyree Reed (American Canyon), 6-3, 175, L/L - Uncommitted.
The only player I considered against Riggio for MVP, Reed was the Athletics top player and was consistently having the crowd filled with D1 coaches and MLB scouts quiet and focused on him this weekend. Reed is a rare type of player pushing to be a five-tool guy who can continue to improve as he strengthens and matures. Going 5-for-11 with two doubles, a triple and stolen base, Reed shows plus bat speed and feel for the barrel keeping the hands even with a high back elbow. During batting practice he worked deep into gaps with future pop coming; Reed showed in game the ability to have the ball carry deep into the outfield. In CF, Reed has plus range and an above-average arm having instant reaction and the makeup speed when needing to get to a ball. He regularly took away hits while also working to get behind the baseball and set up throws to bases. When it comes down to it, Reed might just be the best player in the State for 2021. 

OF: 2021 OF/LHP Nick McLain (Beckman), 5-10, 170, R/L - UCLA commit.
McLain did just about everything as he showed well with the bat, the defense in the OF and a strong arm on the hill. Offensively McLain went 2-for-8 with three walks and found the barrel consistently during the weekend. Balanced at the plate, the handsy swing is able to turn the barrel and works on an upward path through the zone showing easy carry into the gaps. On defense, McLain showed strong range in all three spots reading the ball off the bat and using his plus arm strength to get the ball in quickly. On the mound that same arm strength shows up with the quick, compact 3/4 arm. Going two innings and striking out two, McLain showed a FB/SLD combo that could give him a chance to be a two-way player at UCLA in a few years. 

OF: 2021 OF Matty Clark (Damien), 6-2, 185, R/R - Arizona commit.
Clark is the type of player that you have to see consistently to appreciate his overall skills and that’s what happened this weekend. Going 3-for-8 with two walks, two HBP, a stolen base and multiple RBI, Clark stands slightly open with high hands allowing his compact bat to get through the zone with extension out on contact. During batting practice he showed he could carry balls deep into the OF manipulating the barrel to work the entire field. Defensively he plays shallow using his speed to track balls and be able to turn the hips and run showing closing speed in his direct angles. 

SP: 2021 RHP Luke Jewett (JSerra), 6-3, 180, R/R - UCLA commit
Jewett has the build of a future pro with length in the limbs and the squared up shoulders that projects to add more strength as he continues to mature. Going three strong innings, Jewett struck out six, walking one and giving up three hits for a run. The very compact arm is quick getting to its H-3/4 release with a consistent release making the pitches play up. FB 89-92 T94 with excellent angle and the ability to move the pitch all over the zone. CHG 75-80 with run at the plate showing as a future plus pitch. He showed a CB in warmups, but didn’t need it as his FB/CHG combo was dominant. Jewett has the potential to be the best pitcher in the 2021 class.

P: 2021 RHP Eric Silva (Laguna Beach), 6-0, 180, R/R - UCLA commit
Silva will battle Jewett for best arm in the 2021 class attacked the zone being perfect for two innings as he struck out four. Silva stays tall on the mound controlling himself over the rubber using controlled effort to get down the hill and allowing his loose whippy arm to repeat its H-3/4 release. FB 90-93 moved to all quadrants with late life up through the top of the zone and angle down through it. CHG 82-83 has late run and bottom at the plate selling the pitch well off his FB. CB 75-81 is sharp with late bend flashing at least above-average; during the outing he showed more 10-to-5 shape early before having the pitch look more like a 3/4 slider using it to the backfoot of hitters. Live arms with the ability to command the FB and two offspeed are always needed and Silva should continue to improve. 

P: 2021 LHP Gage Jump (JSerra), 5-9, 175, L/L - UCLA commit.
Jump didn’t want to get left out of the best pitcher at the event talk, working three clean innings striking out four and stranding two weak hits. The compact and quick H-3/4 arm is deceptive staying tight to the body through a high front knee and having the ball jump out on hitters. Jump controls his movements going down the hill and his ability to stay inline to home allowed for him to change eye levels and attack the zone. FB 87-91 painting all over the zone and getting some swings up through the zone. CB 69-74 is sharp with 1/7 shape being able to control the depth as needed and flashing as an above-average-to-plus pitch. CHG 80 with arm side fade; didn’t need the pitch because FB and CB were so good. Look for Jump to be a big riser in the 2021 class.

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