Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hits: NorCal Preseason All State Upperclass Standouts

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Ventura, Calif- 

Prep Baseball California brought together 80+ of the top players in Northern California for the opportunity to showcase their ability at Mission College in Santa Clara, Ca.. Today we take a look at the players in the '24 and '25 classes who put together impressive performances amongst a talented group of participants.

Players participated in a showcase-style workout with athletic testing, on field batting practice, defensive workouts and bullpen sessions. During the workout portion of the event players had the opportunity to let their tools shine on video and build their database of metrics through Prep Baseball California's use of Swift Technologies, Blast Motion swing trackers, and Trackman technology for batted ball data and pitch tracking. 

For all the data and information on all of the players outside of the Quick Hits click here.

On a day filled with so many talented players from Northern California selecting the top performers of this event was a difficult process. Beyond the players featured here there were many others who had strong showings to start off the '24 baseball season. 

With that in mind here is a look at some of the Upperclass standout performers from the Prep Baseball California's NorCal Preseason All State.

Trey Morris LHP / 1B / Washington Union, CA / 2025

(Texas Commit) Morris put together probably the most impressive round of BP amongst several strong contenders. The LH hitting 1B has a loose explosive swing (79.7 MPH bat speed) with plenty of strength (101.3 MPH max exit velocity an event best) which combined with his feel for the barrel produces loud drive after loud drive. He can drive the ball on a line or lift it with carry to the pull side showing RCF to RF line HR power with ease and there is plenty of reason to believe he will develop the ability to add straight away CF HR power too. A good mover at 1B with clean hands, good footwork and natural accuracy to his throws that project average to above average defense. Then when you consider Morris is the #1 ranked LHP in California in the ‘25 class you realize how special he is as a player. He has the ability to be an elite LH arm on the mound while adding a special LH bat that could make him a 2-way impact player at the next level.

Antonio Castro SS / 2B / DE LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL, CA / 2025

(Cal Poly Commit) The Mustangs have landed themselves a very good middle of the diamond defensive profile player in Castro. With an athletic and strong 6’1 185 lbs. frame who has the athleticism and actions to potentially stick at SS going forward. His feet show rhythm with range and the hands work with plenty of arm strength (88 MPH INF arm velocity) and good accuracy to his throws. Could easily handle a move to 3B or 2B where he could be an above average to plus defender. The LH hitting Castro showed an impressive round of BP where he flashed pull side juice (98.1 MPH max exit velocity) with good carry to the middle of the field as well. The swing is balanced with a good turn (77.4 MPH bat speed) and natural lift to his path. Castro looks like a potential above average offensive and defensive talent at the next level.

Luke Kaiser RHP / OF / Folsom, CA / 2025

(Sac State commit) Kaiser showed in his bullpen session the tool set that has him verbally committed to Sac State. With a loose quick arm, natural body control to his delivery with lower effort to the operation there is plenty of reason to project him as a starter heading to the next level. He shows life on his FB working into the upper 80’s with room to add more velocity before he steps on campus at the next level. He has good feel to spin the ball with late action while flashing deception and good arm speed on his CHG. The overall profile for Kaiser is very interesting with his present ability being very good but still room to improve and reach an even higher ceiling going forward.

Nikko Taylor SS / 2B / De Anza, CA / 2025

(Cal Commit) Taylor is a strong framed 6’ 170 lbs SS who was another athletic standout on the day. Starting the day with a 6.95 60 and a 19.9 max run speed he shows burst of the line with smooth running actions which translate into how the Cal commit moves on the INF. He is a fluid and easy mover who showed natural rhythm during the defensive workout. The hands are quick with a clean transfer and his arm plays with 85 MPH INF arm velocity and accuracy to the bag. Plays with advanced body control that should make him an above average defender on the INF dirt who should stick at SS, but could be a plus defender at 2B if he slides over there. Taylor shows present strength at the plate with loud contact off the barrel (96.0 MPH max exit velocity). His approach plays middle to pull side of the field with an ability to get the ball in the air for hard contact. It’s a quick and balanced turn in the swing with carry after contact. The Cal Bears have a very good one headed to campus in the ‘25 class

Bobby Hill SS / 2B / St. Francis, CA / 2025

(CSU-Fullerton Commit) Hill flashed his toolset that has him committed to play for the Titans once his high school career wraps up. With an athletic 5’11 165 lbs. frame and smooth athletic actions at SS it’s easy to see Hill being an above average defender who flashes plus potential. The hands and feet are fluid with quickness in his transfer and ability to throw from multiple arm angles while playing laterally/downhill with body control. Offensively, he shows a balanced, loose and athletic swing with an ability to stay behind the baseball consistently while flashing an ability to drive the ball (90.1 MPH max exit velocity) with carry from the LCF gap to the LF line. The Titans have landed a talented ‘25 SS with a pretty bright future ahead of him.

Emmett Johnson OF / 2B / St. Ignatius College Prep, CA / 2025

Johnson started the day by flashing his impressive athleticism with one of the better 60 yard sprint performances clocking a 6.76 time with 3.76 30 yard time, 1.65 10 yard burst and a 20.5 MPH max run speed. Combining that athleticism with very easy actions during the OF workout portion including an 85 MPH OF arm velocity with carry to his throws and online accuracy. The defensive profile for Johnson looks very tantalizing as a potential impact center fielder at the next level. Far from a glove only prospect, Johnson took a very strong BP session with a loose RH swing flashing fast hands with rhythm to his approach and timing. The ball jumps off the bat (96.1 MPH max exit velocity) with good carry back through the middle of the field which will allow him to collect doubles and triples with his speed and enough strength to run the ball out to the pull side. Intriguing uncommitted ‘25 with impact defense and offensive potential.

Maximiliano Garcia 3B / RHP / El Cerrito, CA / 2024

Garcia is a strong framed 5’11 180 lbs Uncommitted ‘24 out of NorCal who shows really impressive offensive ability. Took one of the better BP rounds on the day with consistent hard contact including a 100.7 MPH max exit velocity drive to the deepest part of the park which short hopped the CF fence 400’ feet away. Garcia gets there with a loose RH that has present bat speed (74.8 MPH bat speed). His swing plays better to line drive contact presently which will play as doubles power to the gaps with pull side HR ability, but as he continues to learn to lift the ball with authority he could be a middle of the field HR threat. With solid average defensive ability at 3B Garcia is sure handed with accuracy to his throws and a quick transfer. Very good uncommitted bat out of NorCal.

Kyle Sandner 2B / OF / Rodriguez, CA / 2024

Sandner was an offensive standout on the day. The 6’ 185 lbs RH hitter showed a natural feel for his barrel with controlled aggression to his swing. He consistently drove the ball through the middle of the field with line drives and deep fly balls that carried very well. He has strength in his fast hands (25.4 mph hand speed) and in the turn of the swing (78.1 MPH bat speed) which projects legitimate middle/pull side of the field HR potential (99.4 MPH max exit velocity). A fringe average athlete who shows good actions on the INF which should help him be an average defender at 2B or could slide to LF, but at either spot his feel to hit the baseball hard consistently will carry his profile. Sandner looks the part of a future middle of the order offensive talent at the next level.

Ethan Johnson C / OF / The King's Academy, CA / 2025

Johnson is a physically impressive backstop who stands 6’2 196 lbs. with present strength in his upper and lower body which will handle the rigors of catching full time. His arm flashes above average potential with 75 MPH C arm velocity, a clean quick transfer and online accuracy to his throws while posting a 1.98 pop time. LH hitting catcher is a desirable profile for college programs and Johnson is a potential impact LH bat at a premium defensive position. With a quiet approach and good feel for his barrel Johnson stung the baseball consistently during his BP round flashing a power approach. The ball jumps off his bat (94.9 MPH max exit velocity) with natural lift in the path with plenty of carry after contact which will project HR power from the RCF gap to RF line and could potentially play straight away CF HR power in the future. An uncommitted ‘25 Johnson should be one to keep an eye on in NorCal.

Ollie Obenour SS / 2B / Leigh , CA / 2024

Obenour is a good overall athlete who has an interesting frame with room to add strength still at 6’1 165 lbs presently. Another impressive defender Obenour stands out for his arm strength (88 MPH INF arm velocity) with feel for accuracy on the INF with good actions moving around at SS that should give him a chance to stick at SS or easily slide to 3B in the future where he will be at least an average defender with above average potential. At the plate he took a very good round of BP flashing carry to the gaps with at least doubles power (91.0 MPH max exit velocity) and should tap into HR power on the pull side of the field. It’s an aggressive swing with lift in the path and looseness to his body which should give him a chance to hit while adding some pop. Interesting uncommitted ‘24 in NorCal.

Nate Enders RHP / 1B / Homestead, CA / 2024

With an impressive physical frame at 6’4 215 lbs. with plenty of present strength Enders easily passes the eye test while adding in the tool set to back it up. His offensive profile is carried by the natural strength in his swing (94.9 MPH max exit velocity) with an ability to lift the ball with carry to the pull side of the field. Enders drove a couple impressive shots to the pull side while flashing a feel to hit back through the middle of the field as well. He moves around well at 1B with good feet and the hands work with 80 MPH INF arm velocity at 1B he profiles as at least an average defender. While the position player profile is strong for Enders he is also an interesting RHP who shows arm strength on the mound and good intent to his delivery with a sharp biting SLD that has swing/miss potential. There is a leverage reliever profile and potentially more for him on the mound.