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Alabama Pitchers Scout Blog: Deep South Invite

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Alabama Position by Position Analysis at the Deep South Invite: Pitchers

There were 18 pitchers in the 2020-2023 classes from Alabama that made there way to Auburn University for the Deep South Invite on October 14. Some arms really jumped out and will be interesting to follow over the next few years. The pitching analysis for each of those pitchers:

Parker Carlson (2021, RHP/3B, Faith Academy) Big time RHP, really jumped out at the event. Long, wiry frame that can easily carry more weight and will continue to add strength. Very clean mechanically with loose, quick  arm action and stayed on plane to the plate attacking hitters. Fastball was electric at 86-87 and up to 88 mph with big time ASR and a well shaped breaking ball with late tight bite in the mid 70’s. Committed to Auburn the week after the event.

Nick Hamlin (2021, RHP/OF, Oxford) Starts with a small side rocker step and gets balanced over the rubber. Was able to command both sides of the plate and did a good job of creating downhill plane on all of his pitches. Effective use of his lower half. Fastball was up to 85 mph and constantly sat 82-84. Flashed a well shaped breaking ball at 74-76 mph with tight spin and late depth to hitters. Has time to add strength and weight to his 6’2 frame.

Caleb McGinnis (2020, RHP/3B, Hokes Bluff) Showed some serious improvement from previous events. Very powerful lower half that helps create drive to the plate. Continued to pound the bottom half of the zone with all of his pitches and worked a very clean inning. Really gets the arm back and lets it work, it looks easy as his FB was consistent mid 80’s reaching 85 mph on the day. Big time spin the breaking ball that was tough for hitters to pick up and he mixed it in well in the low 70’s. Really attacked hitters with both pitches and was ultra effective.

Trey Mooney (2021, RHP/1B, Oxford) A 2021 with a high ceiling that really repeated his arm slot and arm action with all three effective pitches. Broad shoulder kid with a nice frame (6’2).Threw both a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball with the 2 seam really created run into RH hitters. Commanded the bottom half of the zone and forced some weak ground balls. His FB sat in the low 80’s and was up to 84 mph while showing a plus breaking ball with 12/6 action in the 73-74 mph range.

Drew Druckenmiller (2021, RHP/OF, Faith Academy) A lot of good 2021 arms at this event and this one is no exception. Another 6’2 RHP that has a nice frame and the ability to continue to add strength and weight. Has more in the tank and may can add some velocity by freeing up his backside some not getting over his land foot. Regardless, this is a very projectable arm that shows good stuff now. His FB in the low 80’s seemed to get on hitters a little quicker than expected, as he was able to top 85 mph. The over the top breaking ball was a good pitch he mixed in in the low 70’s with nice shape. Another very projectible 2021 arm.

Landon Singley (2020, LHP/OF, Baker) The second time we have seen him on the mound and he has been impressive in both outings. He is just that guy that can pitch and miss barrels by being able to locate all of his pitches and throw any pitch at any time in the count. Hitters can’t get comfortable vs. him. Clean mechanics with more velocity in the tank. His fastball sat 80-81 and topped at 82 with typical LHP action. Both of his offspeed pitches are very effective as his breaking ball has nice 12/6 shape with big time late depth and his changeup really tumbles away from RH hitters. Same arm slot and action for all 3 pitches.

Wesley Sparks (2020, RHP/OF, Oxford) One of several impressive arms from Oxford HS at the event. Long arm action with easy repeatable mechanics that makes his delivery look ”easy”. Gets his lower half involved in the delivery, can clean up his lead side a bit which will add to his velocity. He sat lower 80’s and topped at 82 with his fastball and was not afraid to throw in to RH hitters. His breaking ball was a slower one in the upper 60’s but showed depth as he showed some swing and miss ability with both pitches.

Jacob Dantro (2021, RHP/OF, Tallassee) A projectable 2021 RHP that really did a good job of mixing pitches during his inning of work. He should develop more velocity as he matures physically. His short arm action creates some whip and allows the ball to sneak up on hitters to some degree.  Showed a breaking ball in the upper 60’s to low 70’s that had good shape and he was able to throw it as a swing and miss pitch. His fastball was anywhere from 78-82, topping at 83 with some cut to it. Will be interesting to see him develop as a 2021.

Jackson McKenzie (2023, LHP/1B, Fairhope) One of the more intriguing arms at the event. The youngest player at the event (2023) but has an advanced build and the actions to match. His mental makeup is real advanced for his age as he has a clue what he wants to do on the bump. Mechanics are clean and he does a good job of getting balanced. His fastball was 75-78 with major ASR and his breaking ball was advanced in the low to mid 60’s with good shape and late depth vs. hitters. Will be interesting to watch his development on the mound.

Dawson Winningham (2020, LHP/OF, Oxford) Showed a live arm with his hands set high out of the stretch and did a good job of driving off of the mound and incorporating his lower half into his delivery. The fastball showed true run at 79-82 and was a swing and miss pitch vs. RH hitters. The breaking ball is a work in progress in the low to mid 60’s but showed tight spin at times. Attacked hitters early in the count with the fastball.

Carson Granberry (2020, RHP/OF, Auburn) Really showed significant improvement from earlier times we saw him in the summer. Carried himself very well and was composed on the mound. Really attacked hitters and created good down plan on his pitches attacking the bottom half of the zone. Fastball was 79-81 mph but looked a little quicker and got on hitters. The breaking ball was upper 60’s and showed over the top depth.Really worked quick between pitchers, ready to make the next pitch. Has the frame to carry additional weight which should translate to more velocity.

Jacob Ingram (2021, RHP/OF, Tallassee) Over the top arm slot with a fastball in the upper 70’s and really attacked the zone and was able to locate that pitch on both the inner and outer half. Did a good job of mixing in his breaking ball in the mid 60’s that did not allow hitters to sit on his fastball. Should continue to increase velocity in the coming years as he develops the ability to engage his bottom half in his drive to the plate.

Dennis Porterfield (2020, RHP/3B, Beauregard) Long frame (6’2) with the ability to easily carry more weight. Can also help velocity by getting the ball back a little more out of the glove. His 4 seam fastball was 74-77 mph and he featured a breaking ball in the low to mid 60’s. The breaking ball did not have much side to side action but really showed depth and was a 2 plane pitch.

Jackson Bassett (2021, RHP/SS, UMS- Wright) Athletic delivery with a slight ¾ arm slot which created ASR into RH hitters. Another long, lean frame young pitcher at the event that can easily carry more weight as he physically matures and fills out. His fastball sat 71-75 and topped at 76 but was able to miss barrels due to the ASR from his slot. The breaking ball was upper 60’s and showed good shape with slider type action.

Ben Easterling (2022, RHP/3B, Trinity Presbyterian) A physical (6’2 190 lbs.) 2022 RHP that will be an interesting follow over the next few years. Does a very good job of getting to his balance point over the rubber and showed the ability to attack the zone. Will add more velocity with physical maturity and some cleanup of his mechanics- getting his glove side back to closed and really getting through his land foot. His fastball was anywhere from 71-76 mph with a breaking ball in the mid 60’s that showed tight spin out of the hand.  

Michael Hopkinson (2021, SS/RHP, Faith Academy) An athletic arm on the mound who is clean mechanically and has a loose arm. Showed feel for all 3 pitches and wasn’t afraid to throw any pitch in any count. The arm works and all 2 pitches are delivered with the same arm speed and slot, creating deception for hitters. The fastball was mid 70’s with some cut backed up with a breaking ball that showed nice shape at 67-68 mph. The changeup can be a plus pitch for him as he really pronates and creates tumble into RH hitters. Athletic delivery, appears to be easy for him.

Caiden Howle (2022, RHP/OF, Vestavia Hills) Whippy arm action from an over the top slot. Has a tall, slender build that will continue to fill out in the coming years. Obvious he knows how to pitch and had a plan when he got on the mound. His fastball was low to mid 70’s and he attacked hitters with intent on the mound. Wraps the breaking ball a bit out of the glove but still managed to show depth with a breaking ball with spin in the low 60’s. Will be interesting to follow as he continues to mature.

Carter Hartsock (2020, RHP/C, Auburn) Athletically built RHP that worked very fast between pitches.His fastball was mid 70’s, topping at 75 mph with a bit of ASR. A little late getting the ball out of his glove which forces him to throw across his body a bit but was still able to pound the zone with his fastball. Was really able to locate the fastball on the outer ⅓ of the plate.

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