2018 North Georgia Summer Trials: Class of 2021 Position Players

Blake Davis
Scouting Director

The 2018 North Georgia Trials featured an interesting group of 2021 position prospects. The group was comprised of up the middle prospects with promising futures and a corner infield prospect that flashed some legit bat potential. looking forward to the year 2021, it has a chance to be a very successful group. 


Hayden Holsomback 3B / 1B / Calhoun, GA / 2021

Holsomback is a 6-foot-2 173-pound corner player that shows promising bat potential.  In the box he sets-up straight away with hands slightly below shoulders. He shows good bat-speed with 86 mph exit velo, using his fast hands and lower half to generate over the fence pull power. Most exciting part of Holsomback's approach in the box is his loose athletic actions and is already showing the ability to get into his legs for power.  Defensively Holsomback shows good actions with both his hands and feet. Throws with an easy accurate motion. The rising sophomore appears to have staying power at the hot corner even as he grows into even more size and strength.  Holsomback is a name to follow closely over the coming years.


Spencer Middleton SS / 2B / Woodstock , GA / 2021

Middleton is a 5-foot-8 135-pounder with good baseball actions.  He is a switch hitter with feel for the barrel from both sides of the plate.  As to be expected with a young hitter he will greatly benefit from strength gains.  His swing from the lefthas a slight arm-bar, which gives more length to his swing, but his approach is straight away with the ability to use the field.  From the right he appears more natural showing more batspeed and power potential, and just like from the left he shows the ability to use the field. Middleton's offensive game is only going to get better with strength because of his already solid feel for the barrel.  Defensively he shows the ability to play close to the ground with compact actions. He has soft hands and a quick release. With added strength Middleton projects as gap to gap hitter and a strong middle of the field defender.


John Paul Mosier C / 2B / Allatoona, GA / 2021

Mosier checks in at 5-foot-8 150-pounds.  The compact and strong rising sophomore hits out of a straight away stance. He shows the ability to be direct to the baseball, with some rhythm and finish to his stroke. His approach and swing are polished and already look like he has good feel for who he is in the batters box. Defensively John Paul is a very interesting receiver of the baseball, he has a compact build, which plays well as he gets low and is able to keep a flexible athletic base. He moves well from side to side and the ball goes into his glove easy. He needs to build on his arm strength, but shows the ability to make accurate online throws. Overall Mosier projects as a good receiver with sound approach at the plate, and should grow into gap to gap power down the line.


Christian Sutton 2B / SS / Collins Hill, GA / 2021

Checking in at 5-foot-11 and 130-pounds Sutton has an interesting game. he has a rangy frame that will take to needed strength. At the plate the middle infielder shows the ability to stay short and handsy, using the entire field. As he matures Sutton should grow into a nice easy all fields hitter. defensively Sutton shows good feet and hands, with the ability to glide to the baseball.  His soft hands and loose actions are a plus.  He also shows off a good transfer and quick release.  Overall projection to his game is directly related to strength and as he matures, he has a chance to grow into a smooth defender with good bat to ball skills at the plate. Will keep a close eye on his development.


Marshall Toole C / OF / Decatur, GA / 2021

At 5-foot-10 165-pounds Toole shows solid size and strength at the plate with room to add more.  The left-handed hitter starts out with a narrow base, and upright stance. He shows high relaxed hand placement, and loads into a good launch position around his shoulders.  He is willing to work the middle of the field with good feel for the barrel while maintaining bat-speed. When he gets into his legs the ball jumps of his bat, showing 88 mph exit velocity. Defensively Toole shows solid mechanics behind the plate and the ability to stick a pitch hand side. As he grows and gets stronger Toole will need to work to maintain flexibility for the position, so he does not become to upright behind the plate. Overall Toole profiles well as a left-handed hitting catcher with power on the come.

2018 North Georgia Summer Trials Analysis