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Doyle's NextLvl Baseball Scout Day: Player Analysis

Blake Davis
Scouting Director

Doyle's NextLVL Baseball hosted their Scout Day on September 26th at LakePoint Sports Community in Emerson, GA. The event played host to 25 prospects from the 2021 through 2023 prospects. Today, we present to you full reports on each prospect in attendance (alphabetically).

Logan Bare 2B / SS / North Cobb, GA / 2022

Comes in at 5-foot-8, 140-pounds. Bare shows strong athleticism in everything he does and posted a strong 6.69-60-yard time. As he gets stronger look for him to improve on both his 79-Infield Velocity and 80-Exit Velocity.

Brett Blomquist C / SS / Allatoona , GA / 2021

Truly a rare super utility type of prospect.  He checks in at 6-foot-2, 171-pounds. Posting a strong 6.89 /60-yard is a look into the kind of athlete ability he possesses.  His 79-Catcher Velocity is strong, but he is much more effective when he relies on his strong transfer abilities over pure arm strength, and he can show sub 2.0 pop times regularly. Infield and outfield velocity are both strong, but the actions allow for easy projection with added strength. His 84-Exit Velocity is deceiving because of the fact that Blomquist relies on good path and being on time for consistent hard contact which leads to power, though more strength is sure to come.

Robert Boughner C / RHP / North Cobb, GA / 2022

Checks in at 5-foot-10, 175-pounds.   

As a position player Boughner has strength and posted solid 2.08-2.15-Pop Times, and has the ability to improve on those times with improved feet and mobility. At the plate his strength shows up, posting a 83-Exit Velocity.  Boughner stays over his backside now at the plate, but does so by collapsing on his backside.

On the mound Boughner takes a stretch only approach.  His fastball works true in the 70-71 mph range. While he flashes shape for his 64-65 mph breaking ball.  On the mound Boughner’s approach is similar to that at the plate in terms of losing leg drive because he collapses on his backside.  His strength projects to have much more of an impact when he drives off his backside rather than collapsing.

Caleb Butler 1B / RHP / Darlington, GA / 2022

Checks in at 6-foot-2, 230-pounds.  Offensively Butler’s size and strength give him some leverage and power in the box showing a respectable 84-Exit Velocity .  Mostly locked in to pull side, Butler shows the ability to drive the ball into the pull side gap. Defensively his hands and feet work and catches what he gets to, but his profile and value revolve around his bat and strength.  Improved mobility in his hips and continuing to get stronger will pay large dividends in Butler’s game.

Fields Chapman RHP / SS / Cherokee , GA / 2021

At 5-foot-9, 145-pounds, he posted a solid 7.05/60-yard time with excellent running form, and threw 80-Infield Velocity across the diamond, with good feet and athletic actions. In the batter’s box Chapman needs to add strength and get better use of his lower half.  He makes consistent contact with his singles type approach. He posted a 78-Exit Velocity at the event.

On the Mound Chapman uses a simple side step delivery with a full online arm-stroke. He has a fast arm and flashes quality depth on his breaking ball coming from his high ¾ slot. His straight change is a good looking pitch as he comes from a similar slot and maintains his hand-speed.

Parker Doyle SS / 2B / North Paulding , GA / 2021

Checks in at 5-foot-10, 166-pounds.  He posted a solid 7.20/60-yard time. He shows a strong arm from the outfield posting an 82-Outfield Velocity, while he is more of a quick release type of guy on the infield dirt.  Behind the plate Doyle showed off true versatility as he posted a strong 1.93-2.00 pop time with a very good transfer and accuracy. Offensively he set up straight away with a bat-path that stays in the zone well and flashes some pull side gap power. With added strength and current approach ball has a chance to jump off his bat in the future.  

Payton Doyle SS / RHP / North Paulding , GA / 2023

Comes in at 5-foot-8, 163-pounds. He posted a strong 7.29-60-yard time for his age and should see improvement upon that time with age and strength, due to good form and easy strides. Defensively Doyle comes in gets the ball with ease and shows good footwork, both in receiving the ball and getting into position to throw and his 82-Infield Velocity across the field is also strong for his age.  At the plate Doyle as a strong base with rhythmic hands, staying over his backside well. With his fundamentally sound set-up and approach look for his 75-Exit Velocity to jump with added strength. Excellent young follow going forward.

On the mound Doyle a simple and repeatable side step delivery.  His fastball range is 74-76 with occasional sink down in the zone.  HIs breaking ball flashes depth and shape at 64-67, and shows excellent early feel for his change at 67-70.  Doyle projects as a strike thrower with good feel for the zone.

Elliott Eastin OF / 2B / Cartersville, GA / 2022

Eastin has some strength to his game.  He shows balance and a flat path to his stroke in the batter’s box, showing an 74-Exit Velocity. He also turned in a very respectable 7.26-60-yard time, but will need to improve upon his 69-Outfield Velocity.  Interesting left-handed hitting outfield prospect with strength gains coming.

Rami Fabian 1B / 3B / The Weber School, GA / 2021

Checks in at 5-foot-9, 170-pounds. He posted a respectable  7.36/60-yard time. While showing an accurate throwing arm and solid actions at first-base, posting 67-Infield Velocity.  Offensively he has a straight away approach and produced a 76-Exit Velocity.

Timothy Fant SS / 2B / Dominion, GA / 2023

A medium framed athletic youngster.  He shows strong actions on defense. He moves like a baseball player and has compact movements. At the plate he sets up straight away and creates leverage with a late front side C approach.  Fant makes consistent hard contact and is a good looking player that is waiting on natural strength gains.

Hunter Gulledge RHP / OF / Paulding County, GA / 2021

Checks in at 6-foot-2, 185-pounds.  He has a good frame and athletic build with strength throughout. He posted a solid 7.01/60-yard time.

He also good actions in the outfield with a strong throwing arm (87-Outfield Velocity).  At the plate he is upright with a straight away set-up. He uses a slight hand hitch to generate impressive bat-speed and posted a 90-Exit Velocity.

On the mound he uses a full wind-up with good rhythm and loads his lower half well before delivering the baseball. He uses a high over-hand slot to create good down angle to the plate at times and his fastball ranges from 85-88.  His change-up is interesting as it has hand-speed and late diving action at the plate. His curveball plays as a downver type especially coming from that overhand hand spot. Interesting kid that is not done yet.

Brady Kimberlin OF / RHP / Lassiter, GA / 2022

At 5-foot-10, 145-pounds, he hits out of an upright narrow base, with a straight away approach. His contact approach produces consistent contact. Defensively he is (72 MPH) across the infield and (73 MPH) from the outfield.  Kimberlin’s 78-Exit Velocity tells much of the story here, solid mechanics will be greatly enhanced by added strength.

Logan Lynch OF / RHP / North Paulding , GA / 2021

Checks in at a proportionally built 6-foot, 176-pounds, a solid overall athlete, ran a 7.25 laser-timed 60. At the plate, he starts open with his hands separated back, short stride, good balance throughout. Swing works with an incline, looks to elevate and drive the ball middle/pull, 80 mph exit velocity. Defensively, arm works long with some length to it, good feel, 85 from the outfield. Fluid footwork and clean on transfers.

On the mound, arm reaches back, accelerates to a 3/4 slot, cross-body action with some whippiness to it. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line, lands toe-closed, finishes square to home. Fastball sat 80-82 with armside run. Changeup, heavy fade action at-times, 74-76. Slider, showed good depth, 71-73.

Caleb McGinnis 3B / RHP / Hokes Bluff, AL / 2020

Checks in at 6-foot, 180-pounds. The Alabama native has plenty of strength and leverage to what he does on a baseball field. His 7.19/60-yard time is respectable and plays at an infield corner spot, especially of a kid that can swing the bat. He also has plenty of arm strength with both his 86-Outfield Velocity and 84-Infield Velocity times. His actions on defense will play in both the outfield and infield at the next level. His set-up and approach at the plate are both balanced and leveraged with solid present strength, but because his positional profile is so offensive continuing to add strength will be a bonus though his 88-Exit Velocity is impressive as is.

Benjamin Norton SS / RHP / Lassiter, GA / 2021

Checks in at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds.  Norton is athletic and his hands and feet really work well together on the defensive side of the ball.  He is accurate and has some arm strength with a 81-Infield Velocity, but also gives you the feel of a guy that can accurately flip the ball with a quick release when he is not throwing for the gun. His 7.18/60-yard time is respectable and shows his athletic ability. With added strength and staying over his backside a little bit better his 78-Exit Velocity should improve, but looks as though he still wants to get to his front side a little to quick at times.  Once he adds strength and trust that strength look for even more and harder contact to follow.

Hernando Pacheco 1B / LHP / North Paulding, GA / 2021

Comes in at 5-foot-11, 205-pounds. He turned in a 8.12/60-yard time.  In the box he has a strong bat from the left side, though he can cut himself off at times. He is pull oriented and shows the ability to drive the ball pull side.  Pacheco posted a respectable 81-Exit Velocity.

On the mound Pacheco uses a simple side step delivery, that he repeats well.  He does not use much of his strong lower half and loses some power. His fastball flashes angle at 69-73, and has two solid secondary pitches in his curveball (62-65) and changeup (62-67).


John Raines RHP / 3B / Harrison, GA / 2021

Checks in at 6-foot, 160-pounds. He posted a  7.83/60-yard time. He sets up tall in the box with excellent DNA to his swing. His bat stays in the zone well and swings with good tempo and rhythm.  Strength gains could pay big dividends with his approach and swing as he learns to use his lower half more. He posted a solid 81-Exit Velocity.

On the mound Raines is very much the same story.  He uses a simple side step delivery, that he repeats and holds together.  His arm works very well, but lacks power because he does not use the lower half of his body.  Interesting actions on the mound with projection with added strength.

Sammy Rose 2B / SS / North Cobb, GA / 2022

Checks in at 5-foot-2, 130-pounds.   Offensively he shows a straight away contact approach that will be enhanced by added strength. He produced an exit velocity of (72 MPH).  Defensively the hands and feet work and will benefit from added strength with regard to arm strength. Fundamentally sound player that is waiting on strength gains.

Christopher Schultz OF / SS / King's Academy, GA / 2021

Checks in at 5-foot-11, 171-pounds.  He turned in a respectable 7.26/60-yard time using long easy strides. He has solid arm strength from both the infield and outfield spots with projectable actions to both.  He hits from a straight away stance and creates leverage by staying tall and upright in the box. His 86-Exit Velocity can be built upon with added strength.

Jeb Shuler C / RHP / Robbinsville, NC / 2021

Stands in at a lean, lanky 6-foot-3, 165-pounds, showed solid athleticism running a 7.05 60. At the plate, hits from a balanced setup with a short stride, starts with barrel in a flat, pre-set position, loads hands back. A line drive type hitter, barrel works level, 83 exit velocity. Behind the plate, arm works short from a mostly over-the-top slot, 73 from the crouch, 2.10-2.30 pop times.

On the mound, arm works continuously in a full swing to a high 3/4 slot. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands open, finishes square. Fastball played mostly straight, topping out at 80, sat 76-79. Curveball, short break, 63-64. Changeup flashed sink and cut, 69-72.

Rylan Smith 2B / Brian Smith, GA / 2022

Comes in at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds. Smith shows solid athleticism in everything he does and posted a solid 6.86-60-yard time. As he gets stronger look for him to improve on both his 70-Infield Velocity and 70-Outfield Velocity.  While his 85-Exit Velocity is right on schedule and will also improve with added strength.

Blake Sutton C / OF / Cartersville , GA / 2022

Comes in at 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. He runs well for a catcher posting a 6.94/60-yard time. He will projects to grow into more velocity from behind the plate with a 69-Catcher Velocity.  He is athletic for a young backstop and moves well with good feet and exchange leading a solid 2.18-2.36-Pop Time. At the plate he shows high hands and a balanced straight away set-up, though his stride can be too big at times and loses some leverage, Sutton posted an 83-Exit Velocity.  Athletic ingredients and plenty of strength gains to come, make him an interesting 2022 follow behind the plate.

Harlan Will 1B / C / Pickens , GA / 2023

A young kid, Catcher/first-base prospect, checking in at 5-foot-11, 185-pounds.  He posted a 9.01/60-yard time. At the plate he has an upright straight away set-up out of a narrow base.  His hands are below his shoulder and is able to elevate the baseball, but loses some leverage. He posted a 75 mph exit velocity at the event.

Dawson Winningham OF / LHP / Oxford, AL / 2020

5-foot-11, 180-pounds.  His posted a respectable 7.26/60-yard time and shows solid actions in the outfield. In the box Winningham is dangerous from both sides of the plate.  With the ability to elevate from the left side with some power and staying through the zone more from the right. Shows bat-speed, feel and actions from both sides of the plate while posting an 89-Exit Velocity

On the mound Winningham executes and repeats a simple side step delivery.  He works against a good front side and has good direction to the plate. His fastball flashes angle at 80-82, and is complemented by a softer breaking ball that he has feel for the zone with at 62-65.  Winningham’s changeup is in play and shows quality late depth.

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