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GDC Scout Blog: Week 1 (Hitters)

Justin Goetz, Hudson Graham, Sean Smith
PBR Georgia Staff

Joe Lattanzi Division

Blessed Trinity

2024, SS, Michael Zito, Blessed Trinity
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. With this loaded roster of D1 bats, it's easy to miss one of their best hitters. This is one of the Titans most dependable players, and it’s because he is a net positive in all facets of the game. He’s an instinctive defender with smooth feet & hands, and has a strong arm with the ability to throw from all angles with ease. Zito also has the IQ to know when to use a certain arm angle, and is never in the wrong spot defensively. His simple, repeatable swing and skill to manipulate the barrel to any pitch location allow him to regularly produce big hits in game. He leads by example and will be a key factor for a deep BT playoff run.
North Cobb

2023, SS, Jay Abernathy Jr, North Cobb
Tennessee Commit. 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. This was the unquestioned MVP of the tourney, and none of our scouts blinked while he was on the field. This is the most barrels we’ve had on film from one player in a tournament, that includes the longer ones. After squaring up one of our favorite 2023 arms twice in his first game, it was quickly apparent that no other arms had a shot against him. Showcasing his new lower half move (taller, more narrow base, mini leg kick) brought even more pace to his hands in & out of launch. Jay’s eye opening bat speed is easily top of scale now, and no matter what setup he’s rolling with it seems to work to perfection. He made multiple off balance plays with accurate throws from SS and I haven’t seen a player more aggressive to the ball in the class. He uses his instincts ++ speed to kill all hops, and his burner qualities also extend his power & run production.

2026, OF, Steele Ingram, North Cobb
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2 190-pounds. Dual sport athlete. Ingram was a member of the ‘21 Junior Future Games team. He has made huge strides since then. The athletic center fielder has quickly become a top player in the class. He is mature for his age, and plays a big role in the North Cobb line up. He stands tall in his stance and lets his hands do the work. The lower half works well, and generates power throughout the swing.

2025, 3B, Keenan Mobley, North Cobb
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11 155-pounds. Mobley was a part of the Junior Future Games team in ‘21. On one of the most talented teams we have had he produced more hits than anyone on the team. He had a hard hit ball in every at bat I saw on Saturday morning. The level bat path and simple load is the key to his consistency. He never tries to do too much, and can cover the entire plate. He looks the part at third, but could end up sticking anywhere on the field at the next level with his bat.


2023, OF, Cole Eison, Alexander
Columbus State Commit. 5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Wow is all I can say. The overall production from this player in the past year at PBR events is nothing short of incredible. There is not a more underrated player in the 2023 class, and his updated ranking this Friday will absolutely reflect that. Not only is he a walking 95+ EV, but does it on a consistent basis in game vs D1 arms. From his 3-2 choke up on the bat bomb this summer to his 99 EV at SE Senior Games (during scrimmage), the eye opening bat speed seems to only get more explosive. That’s exactly what’s happening, as he’s added 10 lbs to his twitchy lean muscled frame since last summer. His hands flow like the Chattahoochee river, with one of the most beautiful one piece swings you have ever seen. The forward move is perfectly sequenced with elite separation timing & balance and creates easy momentum into landing. “The IceMan” is an A/AVG runner soon to be plus, and is a fearless defender in CF with very impressive instincts and range. As he gets faster the defense will only improve, but I don’t care where you play him, this bat is as real as any other in the class.

Savannah Christian

2023, C, Daegan Strickland, Savannah Cristian
Georgia Southern commit. 6-foot 195-pounds. After the event was over we found out Strickland is battling a torn meniscus. He battled in the freezing cold Friday night on the mound running the fastball up to 88. A gutsy performance all around for the GATA commit.  At the plate he had five hits on the weekend with two doubles and four rbi’s. Daegan has a great approach and hits the ball where it is pitched. His hands are quick and has the power to get the ball in the air on the right pitch.

2023, SS, Trent Lanier, Savannah Christian

Uncommitted. 6-foot 160-pounds. One of my favorite players in the first games on Saturday. Lanier stands out on the field, and looks the part at SS. I did not see any plays at SS, but the glove works in warm ups, and the throws to first are effortless. He is a player that will continue to fill, and could end up playing anywhere on the field. At the plate he has a wide stance, but stands tall. A small leg lift keeps him on time, and produces consistent contact. He has long, effortless strides getting down the base path.

Julian Mock Division


2024, C, Lucas Grantham, Campbell
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds.

2024, OF, Jackson Bradfield, Cherokee
Kennesaw State Commit. 6-foot, 195 pounds. This is an explosive bat with hands of dynamite through contact. Not only does he have the advanced strength to control his body while producing 100% intent in the swing, but he has plenty of aptitude as a hitter to manipulate the barrel to all pitch locations. As you see below, the vertical approach of today's arms will have no impact on his hit tool. Bradfield absolutely tattoos the high ball, easily flattening his path against quality velo. You can’t beat him in, or out, and he will continue to refine his approach over time. He is extremely athletic for his stocky frame and is a current A/AVG runner. This is a serious bat to follow throughout his HS process.

Forsyth Central

2024, 3B, Alex Hernandez, Forsyth Central
Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. This elite two way showed how consistent his bat is in Week 1 of GDC, with two multi hit games. To our knowledge, every single AB he took was a QAB. He rarely needs to stray from his right center approach because his hands stay inside the ball so well with a quick, knob led path. He sees spin very well, and works consistently advantageous counts. Hernandez is as locked in as they come at the plate. We would like to see him show more pull side power in game, and know he has the swing to do it.

2025, SS, Josh Gibbs, Forsyth Central

UGA Commit. 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. Easily one of the best pure hitters in his class, few make more consistent hard contact than Gibbs. It was great to see an extended look on him at SS and get to see him run some hard 90’s last weekend, only making us more convicted on his future tools. We had multiple A/AVG run times, and he’s far from the ceiling on his athleticism and physicality. He’s in an elite group of hitting aptitude in the southeast, and soon to be the nation. This weekend he showed the arm to easily stick at SS, and one of the most advanced in the class. He will continue to smooth out the glove and exchange but is instinctive and gets to everything with ease.

Locust Grove

2023, SS/RHP, Connor Crisp, Locust Grove
UGA Commit. 5-foot-10, 180 pounds. This unreal two-way might be the most versatile player in the entire 2023 class. Not only does he have an advanced bat and sneaky raw power, the approach is way ahead of his time and he backspins the ball foul line to foul line no matter who he’s facing. When he’s on base, its an A/AVG runner with ridiculous reaction time on jumps, playing up his speed. Crisp is no doubt one of the strongest players in the class pound for pound. He also hit 2 bombs in 1 game last weekend!

EE “Red” Whitsett Division

East Paulding

2023, CF, Stephan French, East Paulding
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 185 pounds.

Greater Atlanta Christian

2024, 3B, Eli Hanna, GAC
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 185 pounds.

Starr’s Mill

2024, C, Ariston Veasey, Starrs Mill
UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. The looks on Veasey continue to be absolutely eye opening on the number one catcher in his class. After his unreal performance with all tools on display in GDC Week 1, he will continue to climb in our rankings. In my opinion this is as sure of a bet as it gets (in the entire country) to be an everyday MLB catcher, and I feel he’s right there with Mullinax and Abernathy in OFP. He’d be one of the safest picks in the next 3 classes, if he is selected out of HS. But this is a player who could triple his value if he steps foot on Foley Field in 2025. He has the best arm in the country behind the plate, and few can match his athleticism overall. His FB is up to 94 with a high spin CB, and he’s an easy average runner. I wouldn’t at all rule out an A/AVG run with his work ethic and training.


2023, RHP/SS, Bryce Kearson, ECI
South Georgia State commit. 6-foot 175-pounds. Kearson is an athletic player that can get it done anywhere on the field. He hopped on the mound in relief in a tight game, and worked out of a jam against East Paulding. His fastball was up to 86 and mixed in a 12-6 type curveball at 72-74. He could throw it in any count, and kept the hitters guessing. He moves well at SS with a clean transfer and throw. Kearson won POTW honors with a complete game no hitter in their season opener.

Jim Luck Division


2024, C, Jackson Fardo, Cambridge
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 190 pounds. Fardo had a big weekend with 4 H, 1 2B.

2023, OF, Austin Middlebrooks, Cambridge
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 150 pounds. Huge weekend for the speed demon Middlebrooks, as he had 4 RBI, 3 H, 2 R.


2024, C, Levi Clark, Walton
Tennessee Commit. 6-foot-2, 195 pounds. As far as bats go, this one stood out as a real draft follow for next year. This was only my 2nd tournament getting to see him live, and he left an unbelievable impression at the plate. He didn’t catch day 2 so still haven’t been able to bear down on the defense, but the catch & throw is MLB avg right now. I feel the arm strength has a real chance to be plus, and ends up A/AVG at worst. Clark has the prototype size pro clubs look for in a catcher, and is going to hit for some real power production. After seeing an extended look with his bat last weekend, I see a guy who I’m convinced can have an average hit tool (near avg at worst) and A/AVG power production in the future. He still looks very young for his age, but the frame already has the durability you look for. Levi is well on his way to plus raw power to the pull side, and was a walking barrel in GDC Week 1.


2023, SS, Trey King, McIntosh
UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. This was another eye opening look from a player we haven’t had a look on since last GDC. Not only has he put on some weight, but he’s undoubtedly another step as a hitter both mechanically and physically. Although he’s trending up, there is still so much more potential in his overall game. He still runs like a baby deer who’s just getting his footing under him, but he has gotten faster. Being a baby deer is a good thing, because he’s already college ready as a hitter well before reaching his eventual physical ceiling. King is a smooth defender at SS and his athleticism and instincts lead me to believe he could really play anywhere on the grass or dirt.

2024, Connor Soper, McInthosh
Kennesaw State commit. 6-foot 170-pounds. Soper can get it done in all aspects of the game. He has a great approach at the plate, and has some power the swing. He has an athletic frame that will continue to fill out and add strength. The swing is simple, especially with two strikes, he picks the front foot up and sets it down with a level bat path and smooth finish. He also tallied eight innings on the mound with thirteen strikeouts.

Bud Theodocian Division


Ean Marria, 3B, 2025, Sequoyah
Uncommitted. Big, strong frame at 5-11 200lbs, made to barrel up baseballs. At the plate, stands tall with his bat placed over his shoulder pointing down and a high back elbow. Straightens up more as he loads with a big leg kick, doesn’t affect his timing however as he sits in his back hip well to keep his power stored up before turning the barrel thru the zone. Could cut down some on the leg kick in order to minimize movements pre-swing and have more success with power to all parts of the field. Soft on his feet as he strides thru the baseball, maintaining all his leverage and coming uncorked as he makes contact with a slightly uphill path. Quick flick of the wrists puts a jolt behind the ball in clip, displaying how much raw power is behind his swing. Swing stays short and compact as he turns the barrel, not many pitches are getting past him as he establishes his weight back on the ground after his stride. Big time potential as a run producer, has found comfort and ease handling third base and has enough arm strength to consistently make good throws, but could also see him moving across the diamond to first as well. At either position, the bat will play.

Saint Pius X

2024, OF, Liam Ebbs, St. Pius
Lafayette Commit. 6-foot-2, 175 pounds.

Union Grove

2024, OF/LHP, Gavin Webster, Union Grove
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. This was without question the sleeper find of the tournament for us. Not only is he highly projectable with current athleticism that stands out, but he’s also got a 4.0 GPA. After his tweet he garnered interest from not only Ivy League schools, but a handful of others. Yes his in-in barrel went viral in more ways than one, thats far from what he is as a hitter. His 2 AB’s before that one were backspin lasers to left center for 2 more doubles. Not only does he have elite swing mechanics, but an impressive approach and feel to hit. This will be a close follow not only as a D1 bat, but he has draft potential written all over him in the future. But that’s not all, he’s also up to 87 on the mound and has plenty of arm speed ready to unleash once the arm action is more efficient.
Rob English Division

North Cobb Christian

2024, OF, Michael Mullinax, North Cobb Christian
UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. It was just more of the same for our No. 1 player in the 2024 class, with barrel after barrel in the gaps and Mulli zooming around the bases. Although he has future light tower power thats already plus currently, its extremely fun to watch him play defense. He attacks every ball with no fear and loves to lay out for balls. He runs precise routes for his age, and the hips work fluidly to balls hit in all directions. His ++ arm is sure to be top of scale, and he made one of the best throws we’ve ever seen in the State Championship last year.

Blake Dean, RHP, 2023, North Cobb Christian

Kansas State commit. Lean 6-1, 175-pound frame with room to add on. Didn’t have pinpoint command of the FB during his start at GDC and had to battle baserunners through the duration of his outing but the secondary pitches were as advertised. Athletic and quick movements on the bump, suggesting that with further added weight his velocity could jump even more. Shorter action with a H3Q slot, allows him to get good backspin behind his FB and stay on top of all his secondary pitches. FB sat 86-88 and touched 90, as mentioned before, didn’t have the most success with this pitch but when located well enough is a big weapon of his and will generate s/m at the top of the zone with high spin-rate numbers. Best pitch was his sharp CB at 76-77, often freezing RHH and falling right into the zone for strikes. Also showed a strong, hard SL at 79-82 and controlled pitch well for s/m. Both have registered over 3k RPM! Dean’s athleticism will keep his ceiling high and shows good feel for the entirety of his arsenal.


Carson Kerce, SS, 2023, Pope
Georgia Tech commit. Strong, proportionate frame at 6-0 180lbs with solid athleticism. Quick decision maker, high IQ at the dish, in the field, and on the basepaths. A vocal leader for his club. At the plate, stands balanced with weight evenly distributed between front and back legs, bat lays parallel to the ground above his back shoulder. Quiet pre-swing movements, all levers move directly and in sequence as he loads into launch position and strides. Manipulates the barrel well as he comes thru the zone. In clip, takes an 89mph outer-half FB the other way by extending his arms to keep his sweet spot in the zone just a tick longer and goes with the pitch for a backside triple. Can shoot liners all over the ballpark whenever he wants with a gap to gap approach. Barrel stays extremely level through contact and strong hands get the baseball to jump. Quality player in all facets of the game, will be able to stick at short with his natural athleticism and feel for the game but would also have success as a second or third basemen.

2024, SS, Jack Myers, Pope
Georgia Southern Commit. 6-foot, 165 pounds. There is nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said by PBR Georgia about “Mr. PBR.” That's why it’s great to just sit back and enjoy this hitting mastermind go to work. He spits on plus breaking balls like they are a joke, and knows exactly when to attack a pitcher based off their tendencies. He finds the barrel like no other in the class, and gets hits even when he doesn’t. Not only is he one of the best 0-0 hitters we’ve seen, he’s just as good of a 2 strike hitter. Jack has put on plenty of strength this winter, but still has much more room to grow physically. He will continue to be one of the most impactful bats in the country on a regular basis, and we’re only at the beginning of his impact on the game.

Effingham County

2025, OF, Jacques King, Effingham Co
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds.

John DeVore Division


Ethan Sutton, RHP/3B, 2023, Allatoona
Georgia commit. Large, strong 6-3 205-pound frame. A good start to his senior campaign for Sutton, going 3 innings with 7 punch-outs in Allatoona’s 19-0 rout in their first game of the GDC tournament vs. St. Francis. Overpowered hitters at times with big FB while mixing in secondary offerings throughout. Short, clean arm action with a balanced delivery, eases into his drive leg before exploding down the mound with quick arm speed. Confident, athletic lower half, opens the hips and whips his arm around after a long stride to generate power. FB (89-91, T92) with strong run and heavy sink plays best at bottom of the zone, but can also locate well towards the top to get s/m there as well. Snaps off a gradual CB at 71-74, front door break, used at its best to LHH, needs strong location to land versus RHH but keeps all hitters off balance with such a stark drop in velocity. Tunnels a good CH at 83 off FB, similar action but can improve feel and confidence for pitch to make into a true s/m weapon. Also tallied two multi-hit efforts over his three games played, two-way potential at the next level.


2024, OF, Owen Anchors, Dunwoody
Clemson Commit. 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. Few hitters have shown us the power production in the last year that Anchors has, regardless of class. He has hit monumental HR’s with identical trajectory to right center in almost every big event we’ve held since last June. But that’s far from why we like him so much. What sold us was what happens when he doesn’t HR. Big O produces high EV’s on such a consistent basis, that we are starting to think hard-hit rate was named after him. This LakePoint Legend is far from an all pull hitter, as he dominates the outer half of the zone and beyond with a lightning quick inside out swing and long levers. He continues to improve defensively as an outfielder, just now getting used to his newly developed strength and 6.7 speed. He projects an A/AVG arm out in the grass.

Harry Floyd Division

Kennesaw Mountain

2023, 1B, Sam Parker, Kennesaw Mountain
Georgia State Commit. 6-foot-5, 215 pounds. This pure beast from New Jersey has made quick work of Georgia competition and has improved greatly as a hitter over the past year. Facing the best arms the country has to offer has undoubtedly sped up Parker’s development as a hitter. He had the highest impact barrel of the entire GDC by far, with a 105 EV moonshot that traveled 386 feet! What’s even more positive on the outlook of Big Sam’s future career is that he might’ve hit that ball further with a wood bat. A metal bat looks like an absolute toothpick in his gargantuan frame, and it almost seems illegal for him to use! It’s a scary sight for opposing arms when he connects with one, and his future top of the scale raw power is already easily plus. That's the wild part, he’s going to get so much stronger! Sam really impressed us with his ability to decelerate and slow the game down vs secondary pitches, and had some good AB’s vs LHP’s. The future is looking bright for this 2023 draft follow.
Pete Jezerinac Jr., LHP, 2024, Kennesaw Mountain
Kennesaw State commit. Team Georgia alum at 2022 PBR Future Games. Lanky, high-waisted 6-2 165-pound frame with plenty of room to add on. Works up tempo and pounds the strike zone, commanding all pitches well. Shorter arm action with a closed, drop and drive delivery, providing tons of deception on every pitch from a 3/4 slot. FB has considerable run and sink and dives away from RHH consistently. Pitch worked 85-87 and generated several s/m and ground balls, a unique weapon. Also flashed a CH at 79 with similar tail to the FB, tunnels effectively.


2025, SS, Jin Kasuya, Seckinger
South Carolina Commit. 5-foot-11, 167 pounds. This is a very athletic player who continues to trend up with us since last fall. Judging Kasuya’s game based on tools only would be a grave mistake. Not only does he have elite makeup and baseball IQ, but instincts of the same quality. He showed that on multiple diving plays and finished each one with strong accurate throws from all angles. While he’s only an average-ish runner now, Jin is a long ways away from his eventual physical ceiling and twitch. Everything plays up defensively due to his anticipation, spot on reads, quick exchange, awareness, and strong accurate arm. Offensively, he has some of the best pitch recognition in the class, and can barrel any pitch in any spot to all fields. As he continues to get stronger and faster, we feel the tools will steadily rise.

Troup County

Reed Morris, 3B, 2023, Troup County
Uncommitted. Strong, solid frame at 6-0, 215-pounds. At the plate, stands tall, strong, and balanced with a high back elbow. Simple pre-swing movements, hands stretch simultaneously with stride, and fires the barrel through the zone with serious force, big time bat speed. Clean swing mechanics, distributes weight very well in the lower half as he strides, hips and hands work in sync and on time to the baseball. Good extension out front as he meets the pitch and coupled with his pure strength has the makings of a powerful stroke made to do damage. Good looking hitter.

2023, 2B, Easton Sears, Creekiew
5-foot-9 170-pounds. Young Harris commit. Sears has been seeing the ball well all year. He takes his walks, and becomes a threat to score as soon as he steps on first base. He has a great eye, and is tough out. He has a simple approach, and keeps the bat in the zone for consistent contact. His hits finally found the hole against a Seckinger with a back side double and triple. The triple was to take the lead and secure the win for the Grizzlies to lock up the Harry Floyd division.

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