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GHSA Scout Blog: March 6th @ LakePoint

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

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Mill Creek v Collins Hill (3/6/20)

Zach Green, LHP, Mill Creek, 2020
Louisiana Tech commit. 6-foot, 165-pound left-handed pitcher, proportional, athletic frame. Arm works short and quick to a high ¾ slot, hides the ball well on the back-side. Works towards the first base side of the rubber, starting on the third base side, lands foot square, finishes upright with some light recoil. Fastball sat 83-86, mostly straight, threw for a high volume of strikes. Slider, manipulated shape between 1/7 and sweeping, 69-73, pounded the zone with. Changeup, 76, sinking action.

Landon DePratter, OF, Mill Creek, 2021
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, strong, athletic build, has really picked it up this spring offensively after being an impact player over the summer for Georgia Roadrunners. Has an athletic setup with a bend in his knees. Drives the ball from gap-to-gap with more and more power developing in his swing. Has shown the ability to handle a variety of pitching. Facing upper-80s fastballs, on a day with 20+ mph wind gusts blowing out, elevated a ball that carried over the right field fence for a solo HR.

Samuel Horn, RHP/SS, Collins Hill, 2022
6-foot-3, 170-pound right-handed pitcher and switch-hitting shortstop, long, lanky frame, athletically build, projectable. Really burst onto the scene this spring at the Georgia Dugout Club Tournament in February with a fastball that is touching 90 mph. Facing a talented Mill Creek team, did have some command issues, but showed the same type of stuff that makes him one of the top arms in the state. Arm works quick and clean with looseness to a ¾ slot. Fastball sat 86-89, touched 90 with some life. Changeup, throws aggressively, 81-83, fade action. Slider, short sweeper, 74-77. High follow arm.

East Paulding v Hiram (3/6/20)

Jackson Phipps, LHP, East Paulding, 2020
South Carolina commit. Big, strong 6-foot-4, 205-pound left-handed pitcher, athletic, projectable build. One of the top left-handed arms in the country. Got our first look a few weeks ago at the Georgia Dugout Club Tournament where he touched 94 with his fastball. Did not have the same type of velocity on this day, but had no trouble working his way through the Hiram lineup. Fastball sat 87-90, touching 91. Slider is a true out pitch, swing and miss type, 73-75, big sweeping action with late bite to it.

Lakeview Academy v St. Francis (3/6/20)

Andrew Estes, RHP/SS, Lakeview Academy, 2020
Furman commit. 5-foot-10, 185-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder and right-handed pitcher, proportional, athletic build. Started on the mound against St. Francis and went the distance. Arm works short and clean out to a ¾ slot, repeats well. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line. Clean delivery and mechanics. Controlled the zone with fastball and slider combo. Fastball sat 82-85. What was truly impressive was his ability to repeat and command his slider. Slider, downward action, some 11/5 shape to it, great feel for, 75-77, consistently dropped in the zone for strikes, Offensively, balanced, heel lift stride, hands load back smoothly with a short barrel wrap. Quick hands, takes a line drive approach. 

Skyler Thellman, SS/3B, Lakeview Academy, 2021
6-foot-4, 190-pound right-handed hitting infielder, long, lanky frame, athletic build, looks to have leaned out his frame some since we last saw him over the summer, listed as a primary third baseman, but started at shortstop against St. Francis. Offensively, hit out of the two-hole, open setup, hands start low, loading back and up as he strides to a balanced position. Good hand-eye coordination at the plate, has consistently shown the ability to compete at the plate, quick hands and good feel for the barrel, takes a middle approach, driving the ball gap-to-gap. More power to come as he fills out his frame with more mass.

Parker Allen, 1B/3B, Lakeview Academy, 2021
6-foot-3, 185-pound right-handed hitting corner infielder, strong, projectable build with plenty of room for much more strength. Offensively, open setup, high hands load back to a near armbar, toe-tap stride, good balance. Smooth swing, strong hands/wrists, swings with aggression and force, does not hold back, showed the ability to drive the ball gap-to-gap. Heavy feet, makes him more suitable to be a first baseman. His bat will carry him and with added strength has a chance to be a long ball threat.

Jackson Westmoreland, SS, St. Francis, 2023
5-foot-9, 160-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder, athletically built with strength throughout, especially in his lower half. We had a good look at Westmoreland last summer where he showed an advanced feel for the barrel and hit tool, has carried over to his first varsity season where he was hitting nearly .700 before the season was suspended. On a day when Lakeview Academy starter Andrew Estes (Furman) was mowing down the St. Francis lineup, Westmoreland battled each and every time at the plate and did what he always does, put the ball in play and find a gap in the defense. His competitive nature and feel for the barrel make him a hard out each at-bat.

Chattahoochee v Johns Creek (3/6/20)

Scott Mudler, C, Chattahoochee, 2021
5-foot-11, 175-pound left-handed hitting catcher, strong, proportional build, athletic frame, really caught our attention at the Georgia Dugout Club Tournament with his ability to swing the bat. Starts with weight loaded on his back-side, loads low hands back smoothly, short stride. Short to the zone with quick hands, long through the zone, smooth actions, drives the ball with force.

TJ Kloiber, RHP, Johns Creek, 2022
6-foot-1, 185-pound right-handed pitcher, broad shoulders on an athletic frame, athletically built. Arm works long and loose to a ¾ slot, quick arm speed allows for him to get out front consistently and on-time. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands toe-closed, finishes crossing over. Fastball sat 81-84 with sink. Used exclusively fastballs in a one inning stint against Chattahoochee.

Dalton Pearson, OF, Johns Creek, 2020
Georgia State commit. 6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, projectable athlete with strength throughout frame. Has hit out of the leadoff position all year long for Johns Creek and does it with an advanced combination of hit and emerging power tools. Smooth swing, barrel works mostly level, quick hands and strong upper half allow for him to drive balls even when he is caught out front or has to make an adjustment to a breaking ball. Takes a middle approach with gap-to-gap abilities.

South Paulding v Mays (3/6/20)

Terrmarr Johnson, SS, Mays, 2022
A top-5 ranked prospect in the country, 5-foot-9, 165-pound left-handed hitting middle infielder, highly athletic, broad shoulders with advanced strength throughout frame, especially in his lower half. Mature beyond his age in the box, open setup with weight loaded on his back-side, hands load back smoothly and drop, short stride to a balanced position. Explosive lower half and hands through contact, short to the zone with quick hand speed, swings with easy effort and in an aggressive manner, level barrel path, drives the ball around the entire field, good hand-eye coordination, is able to lace pitches where they are hit. Puts pressure on the defense with his speed, always looking for the extra bag, easy strider.

Cole Brewer, RHP, South Paulding, 2022
6-foot, 170-pound right-handed pitcher, proportional build, athletic frame. Slings it from a low ¾ slot, stays short on the back-side, quick arm speed to release. Stays tall throughout delivery, works on-line, lands square, finishes upright. Controlled the zone with fastball and slider combo. Worked at an extremely quick pace, leaving little time for batter to get comfortable in the box. Fastball sat 81-84 with heavy armside run, ran under right-handed hitters' hands. Slider, 11/5 shape, tough to recognize out of the hand, deceptive, late break, swing and miss type pitch.

Dalton v Harrison (3/6/20)

Tyler Neises, INF, Dalton, 2023
6-foot-2, 180-pound left-handed hitting infielder, large, projectable build, strength throughout frame, one of the top ranked 2023s in Georgia, offensive-minded prospect. Balanced setup, high hands drop as he strides, good balance throughout. Has a nose for the ball, swing path works with some incline, gains extension through the zone, has shown the ability to consistently drive the ball to all fields.

Brady Pendley, RHP, Dalton, 2022
6-foot-1, 165-pound large frame, will carry more mass and strength as he continues to physically mature. Arm works long and clean on the back-side to an over-the-top slot, maintains a high front side. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line, finishes square to home. Fastball sat 81-84. Curveball, 12/6 shape, depth, 70-72, consistently dropped in for strikes. Went the distance against Harrison allowing one run, was unlucky to pick up the loss in a 1-0 game.

Rhett Hammontree, SS, Dalton, 2020
Lipscomb commit. 6-foot, 160-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, lean, athletically built frame, wiry strength. Simple, relaxed setup at the plate, balanced, low hands smoothly load back, short stride, great balance throughout. Takes a middle approach, drives the ball gap-to-gap, somewhat uphill swing path. Showed the ability to make consistent hard contact.

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