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Georgia 2025 Rankings Update: The Top-10

Phil Kerber & Justin Goetz
Georgia Staff

PBR Georgia’s 2025 Top-10 is the real deal, and we feel it will stand alone country wide when the dust settles and ceilings are reached. For the Peach State to have this mixture of raw tools, pure arms, and pure hitters in our electric class, we think it will rival our 2022 rankings as far as draft prospects go. There are four new prospects that have risen into this elite group, and we feel they’re here to stay. Our top two remain unchanged, with some shuffling in the rest of the group. The bottom line is, we’re blessed to relentlessly cover these players who are the future of America’s Pastime. Enjoy the 2nd week of PBR Rankings Month!

The Top-10

Cannon Goldin OF / Buford , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-0, 175-pounds. Holding onto the No. 1 ranking for the 2nd consecutive update is one of the state’s, and country’s, top athletes. The intensity and fearlessness he plays with are on another level. This likely comes from playing football at a young age, and being so strong physically before even filling into his frame. With a 280 power clean, 445 deadlift, and 335 front squat, its one of the strongest baseball players in the country pound for pound. He shows little regard for his body flying into walls in CF, sliding through tags, and shrugging off HBP’s. One of the few players we’ve scouted who never lets off the gas with his effort, and that’s a player you can trust. Goldin is as quick twitch and explosive as they come. Speed and agility are the name of his game. A left-handed hitter, Goldin has exceptional hand-eye coordination, which lends itself to his feel for the barrel. He can fight off pitches, extend at-bats until he gets a pitch he can handle. A line drive hitter with minimal barrel angle, Goldin knows how to play to his strengths. He can spray the ball to all fields. The raw power is there and will continue to come on strong as he fills out his frame. Once in play, he is a human blur. A true plus plus runner now, his ability to impact the game on the bases is elite. The speed also plays in the outfield where he can seemingly cover the entire outfield by himself. With an upper 80’s arm from CF and plus range at such a young age, Goldin has potential to be an elite defender with an A/AVG bat. We will be surprised if anyone matches his stolen base numbers the next 3 springs. 

Eli Pitts SS / North Gwinnett, GA / 2025

South Carolina Commit. 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. An explosive prospect who went from slightly undersized to a pro body seemingly overnight. He’s had a serious growth spurt, putting on two inches in height and 10-15 pounds of lean strength. Pitts has gone from a fast, explosive leadoff hitter with sneaky pop to a near guaranteed five tool player with plus potential across the board. He backspins balls to all fields w/ ease, and is one of the toughest hitters to beat on an inside FB we’ve seen (for his age group). His head stays extremely quiet with exceptionally rare body control & separation timing. The hands and elbows work close to the body thru the entire swing which allows his lightning hands to take over. Natural hitter who repeats at a high level - his weight distribution and linear connection as the hands are thrown are remarkably good and have improved recently. The lower half has advanced too, with perfect timing on his knee to knee clearance at our ProCase. He’s got a business-like approach from the moment he steps on the field. It’s tough to think of a separator when everything he does separates him from the rest of the pack. He has all the attributes to become a true SS, but I think his impact would be just as strong in CF in the future.

Andrew Purdy SS/RHP / Calhoun, GA / 2025

Alabama Commit. 6-foot-2, 200-pounds, athletically built with strength throughout. Purdy has been one of the top players in the state since the rankings debuted and it has been for good reason. He now rises to No. 3. His advanced strength is displayed almost every time we see him, whether it be hard singles to the opposite field or mammoth home runs to pull side. An imposing left handed stick at the plate he keeps things simple, getting his front foot down early. His ability to barrel the ball and drive really stands out amongst his peers. No matter the arm he is facing, Purdy has time and time again excelled at the plate. There is also the two-way component. Gifted with a big right arm, we have seen him at 83-86 with the fastball and a curveball in the low 70’s, with sudden sweep.

Jay O'Neal RHP / Cedartown, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. This is a unique arm with a durable frame and awesome blend of pitchability, nasty stuff, and advanced mechanics. The delivery is wonderfully balanced, as he keeps his chest over feet from start to finish. This is a big key to keeping everything in sequence. It allows his arm to work at the same pace, depth, arm slot, never having to speed up/slow down or change. His arm action is an efficient and connected medium circle that reaches mid depth from a deceptive low ¾ slot. He was already good in June, but he took the sequence of his delivery to a new level in his July outing. His hip/shoulder separation went from solid to perfect between those months, from a timing perspective as well as his torque near landing. Young players with a similar slot should watch his July 13th video on PBR Georgia twitter, as an example of perfect hip/shoulder separation. The up, down, out phases in O’neal’s lower half are very smooth and repeatable. Jay’s front foot lands pointing straight at the catcher every time, which actually allows him the hip mobility and extension to throw his 88-90 FB (bore, 2500 rpm) to both edges of the zone. As long as the delivery doesn’t change, we believe he’ll have plus command with the pitch. His sweeping 76-78 T80 SL mirrors his FB well when he throws it for strikes, and he’s able to get proper depth on the pitch for K’s. This pitch projects to have A/AVG command due to his exceptional repeatability of the delivery and arm action. We believe he can develop an impactful CH in the future, and operate in the low to mid 90’s by his senior year spring.


Dominic Stephenson C / Harrison, GA / 2025

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-1, 170-pounds. A player must have a very strong mindset to start behind the plate as a freshman in the highly competitive Cobb County area, where some of the best athletes in multiple sports come from. Dominic achieved this goal with lots of success and has only gotten stronger from learning on the fly. So when he had to face arms 1-2 years older than him who all threw 88-90 or better at Future Games, it was barrel city! This is a player that's comfortable being uncomfortable, maybe the most important trait a player needs mentally to make it to the games biggest league. This is a dream of an athlete at catching position with easy five tool potential. His high waisted, lean muscled frame is what many catchers wish they looked like. As he gets stronger the tools will only get louder. Dom had the best swing mechanics in the entirety of Future Games, by a long shot. There are many pros who would be shocked by Stephenson’s rhythm, ease, swing  path, and ability to repeat. The swing develops in perfect sequence and he’s as handy as they come, with great rhythm in hips creating good direction taking pressure off his upper half. He manipulates the barrel to any pitch in any spot, and is showing lots of improvement in pitch recognition & plate discipline. This is a smooth receiver who has the awareness and arm to shut down the run game, and has plenty of toughness for the position. This is a sure bet for A/AVG tools in all 5 categories, and we feel a couple of his 5 tools will end up plus.

Ty Peeples OF / Franklin County, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 160-pounds. It’s easy to argue that this is a future star in CF, with his production doing the talking both this spring and summer. It’s just as unchallenging to claim he’s the purest hitter in the entire state, one of the best in the country in that regard as well. His spray chart is foul line to foul line, consistently hitting the ball where it’s pitched with no effort. Peeples pitch recognition, plate discipline, and aptitude are only matched in the class by the next guy in our Top 10. Ty will change his lower half depending on the type of pitcher he’s facing, sometimes pitch by pitch! He’ll go leg kick when he’s really timed up, foot down early when facing a 90+ arm he hasn’t seen, toe tap or hang the leg kick when he faces pitchers with nasty offspeed pitches. There are few players we’ve ever seen with this ability to adjust on the fly at this age, as most D1 hitters never fully develop this trait. The swing mechanics are extremely advanced, and they show off his underrated athleticism. Peeples rhythm, timing of separation, and ability to repeat launch position are innate, and allow his knob led path extended barrel time in the zone. The path has minimal barrel angle, optimal for high contact and making it easy to steepen or flatten the barrel on pitches in the bottom/top of the zone. This Franklin County Lion has the potential to be a plus hitter in the batting average & on base % categories. He’s got legit instincts in CF, future A/AVG run, and plenty of arm for the position.


Daniel Pierce SS / Mill Creek, GA / 2025

Georgia Commit. 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. As we’ve said since the GHSA playoffs in April, this is one of the purest hitters in the state regardless of class. Going back to look at his two oppo doubles off pro prospect and FSU commit Brett Barfield in a must win series, he could barely put any pressure on his lower half in both swings. This was the first look on him and we didn’t know his quad was not healthy, and a few observations were shocking - 1. How well he timed the pitchers delivery with his hips. 2. How smooth & repeatable his hip shoulder separation was, and how easy his hands worked in & out of launch position. 3. The free and explosive movement he generated in one compact spot. This doesn't happen without special balance, weight distribution, and linear connection (hands, back hip, back elbow, back knee in vertical line as hands are thrown). When we saw him this summer, it was even better. The quad was finally healed and the swing went from dynamic upper half only to one of the most dynamic swings in the country regardless of class. Daniel Pierce’s swing matches up visually and efficiency wise to any professional swing. As we said about the player one spot above him, this is the only guy on the same level with Peeples as far as pitch recognition, plate discipline, and aptitude. Pierce is a smooth defender with the instincts, hands, exchange, and arm strength to stay at SS long term, long before physically maturing. We see him as an A/AVG possibly better runner when that time comes. Whether he comes off the position eventually or not, no ones going to out hit him.

Jackson Peavy LHP / Peach County, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 167-pounds. What a whirlwind it has been for the southpaw Peavy over the past six months. He went from an unknown to now the No. 2 ranked pitcher and No. 1 ranked left-hander in the state. PBR Georgia Scouting Director Phil Kerber detailed the come up of Peavy in his South Georgia Shines article from the PBR Future Games, having this to say, “An unknown arm entering the spring, we received reports in March of a 2025 from Peach County. A tall, lanky southpaw with some arm speed, sitting in the low 80s, that could sneak up on some people, and if he could throw strikes consistently, had the potential to be a force. Off that report alone, Peavy received an invite to the Underclass Games, where we got our first look at him. For the most part, the report held true, Peavy sat 82-85, and had some command issues, but the projectability and stuff were both there. It was at the National Program Invitational where we saw the real Jackson Peavy against the loaded East Cobb Astros. Peavy put on one of the top pitching performances I saw all summer, going 4.1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 8 K. He had swing and misses on all three pitches, sat 83-85, touching 86, spun a slurve-like breaking ball at 68-70, and tossed in a changeup at 77-80. That performance alone was good enough to earn an invite to the Future Games, but he continued to do it each time he took the mound at LakePoint.

Standing 6-foot-3, 167-pounds, Peavy is long and lanky with loads of room to fill out. The upside in his frame alone is worth a look, and what he is capable of on the mound will keep you in your seat. He works with a deceptive delivery, staying tall throughout and hiding the ball the entire time as it comes out of a low ¾ slot. The arm action is short on the back-side and quick to get out front with good extension. At the Future Games, the fastball sat 84-86 with disappearing sink, swing and miss pitch. He showed the best version of his breaking ball, a slurve-ish offering  with two plane break at 69-72 (2500 rpm). A big breaker, hitters routinely gave up on the pitch early. Peavy went 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 3 K in his appearance against Team Indiana.”

Jax Bishop RHP / Calhoun, GA / 2025

Tennessee Commit. 6-foot-2, 160-pounds, a lean athlete with lots of room ro fill out, Bishop has one of the more projectable builds in our top-10. His athleticism shines through on the mound. tt is an easy effort delivery. A smooth operator, he glides down the mound. Bishop’s whip-like arm has elite arm speed and gets out front routinely, allowing his stuff to play up. One of the top fastballs in the state, he has been up to 89. Equally as impressive is his offspeed. The curveball is a slurve-like offering, and consistently generates ugly swing and misses at 73-76. He has a hard changeup at 79-82 that shows a similar profile to his fastball. As he continues to fill out, watch out for the stuff to take another step forward.


Wesley Silas RHP / GSIC , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. The story of Wesley Silas’ rise to the top-10 is nearly identical to that of Jackson Peavy’s above. In fact, Silas went from an unknown to the state’s No. 4 pitcher and No. 3 right-hander in less time. In a number of outings, form the Underclass Games to several tournaments at LakePoint, Silas showed off a big arm and the ability to spin a swing and miss breaking ball. Working short on the back-side, showing some, he has ultra quick arm speed to an over-the-top slot with good extension. Silas creates deception with a strong front-side, and explodes on stride. At the 2022 PBR Future Games, we saw the very best of Silas. He sat 87-88 the entire first inning (has been up to 90) with turbo sinking action. He consistently got swing and misses with the pitch. It got even better though. The breaking ball he featured that day was a swing and miss downer slider, sitting 76-78 with 2500 rpm. He also mixed in a heavy sink and fade changeup at 80-82 with 1200 rpm.


Full Class of 2025 Top-150

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