Prep Baseball Report

Georgia Top Prospect Games: Elite 11 Position Players

By Blake Davis
Georgia State Director

On May 28, the PBR Georgia team hosted its Top Prospect Games showcase at our LakePoint facilities. The event featured some of the state’s best 2020 talent, nearly all of whom remain on the market. You can find all of the measured data taken from the event here, as well as our rapid analysis here.

Below, we’re going to be breaking down the top 11 position players from this event in detailed scouting report form. There was a ton of premier talent that visited us in LakePoint, so let’s dive right in (prospects below are listed alphabetically).


Harrison Aulds, OF/RHP, First Presbyterian Day, 2020
Checking in at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds, Harrison can only be described as powerful. He is balanced and quiet in his approach at the plate and has plenty of power to hurt the baseball inside his zone. He displayed an impressive exit velocity of 94 mph, driving balls in both the batting practice and live game portion of the event. Defensively, Aulds has plenty of range and arm to play all three outfield spots. He has a good combination of measurable ability and present baseball acumen to his compact, stocky, strong game.

Dwight Banks, SS/2B, McEachern, 2020
Banks is a long rangy infield prospect with some throwback feel to his game at 6-foot-2 160 pounds. This kid is one to keep an eye and has as much of a chance to gain ground over the coming years as anyone. His measurables are all played up by his length. His range is greater than his 7.4 flat 60 time would indicate. His feet work well and he gets to more baseballs than you would think. His arm strength is average now with a 79 mph positional velocity, but look for that to improve as the wiry Banks grows into his man strength. At the plate, Banks has more of a straight away opposite field approach, and has not yet learned to use his significant leverage to his advantage pull side yet, but when that comes looks for this kid to start putting up some numbers.  It is smooth leverage over bat-speed at this time, but Banks has a solid approach, good feel for the bat-head and staying inside the ball. Actions to stay in the dirt, with a strong offensive foundation. He is man strength away from growing into some power. Will be fun to watch this one progress.

Brayden Broome, SS/OF, Ringgold, 2020
Broome seems to get better every time I see him, and at 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, he has an excellent frame and has room to get even stronger. His game is smooth both in the box and defensively. He relies on fluid actions and good rhythm for the game. The bat has really started to come and he does it with an upright stance, with high hands and a leg lift that he picks up and puts down without getting too far out on his front side. The power during batting practice played better than his exit velocity of 86 mph would indicate. He’s an up-the-middle defender who can play both center and shortstop, and plays both with an easy gait and fluid actions. Watching Broome reminds me of a young Jordy Mercer, both in terms of actions, body, and strength at this age. Broome has a chance to make big strides over the next year and is one to keep a close eye on.

Donovan Cash, 3B/2B, Northgate, 2020
At 5-foot-10, 185-pounds Cash packs has plenty of strength and surprising agility to the hot corner. He plays quick and low to the ground on defense. His arm plays with 82 mph across the diamond. He runs & moves well enough for a corner profile turning in a 7.21 60 yard time. At the plate Cash whips the bat through the zone, really throwing his hips and generating power. He posted an impressive 94 mph exit velocity at the event and showed impressive pop during batting practice and during the live game portion. Cash profiles as a solid defender at third-base with all the tools to hit in the middle of a lineup at the next level.

Jack Davis, C/1B, Parkview, 2020
Davis is a tall/lean catching prospect, listed at 6-foot-4, 180 pounds. He has the build to grow into good strength in the future and handle the rigors of the position well. At the plate, Davis has a quiet setup with a slight leg lift, giving him good balance and the ability to use his leverage to all fields. His smooth swing produced and exit velocity of 90 mph, with more to come as he fills out his large frame. Defensively, Davis has the flexibility to play low to the ground behind the plate and he possesses an accurate arm and still has projection to add to his present arm strength. He is a strong catching prospect right now with even more room to grow. Davis is an interesting two-way prospect with more to come.

Jacob Harper, C, Paulding County, 2020
Harper is a steady, smooth defender who hits with a methodical approach. He checks in at 6-foot, 170 pounds, and works with a good baseball clock. Behind the plate, he is a quiet receiver of the baseball and possesses an accurate arm, producing a top pop time of 2.04 at this event. At the plate, Harper is also quiet and produces some pull-side power (82 mph exit velo), but his offensive game is more about being on time rather than pure bat speed. His feel for the bathead and rhythm serve him well at the plate. Harper plays the game with some throwback feel and an even-keeled demeanor.

Jake Killingsworth, C, Headland (AL), 2020
The stocky and strong Killingsworth had a good showing at this event and the tournament that followed. He displayed big bat speed, whistling the barrel through the zone that resulted in a bunch of hard contact with top exit velocity of 99 mph. He is compact to the baseball and long through, showing a fluid elevated finish. Killingsworth shows the ability to have power to all fields and is a threat every time he steps into the box. Defensively, he posted a very respectable 2.01 pop time, and his throws topped 79 mph to second. He projects as an offense-first backstop at the next level, but will be able to keep working out of the crouch, showing some quickness and the ability to stick a pitch when he needs too.

Dominick McInytre, OF/3B, Peachtree Ridge, 2020
One word comes to mind watching McIntyre play: impact. It’s not just the impact speed that he produced during his 60-yard dash (6.57), it is the way that speed plays during the game. He showed the ability to be on base and pressure the defense as soon as he left the box. McIntyre is an aggressive runner with instincts, and he shows the good doubles-type power to all fields and always leaves the box looking for three. Defensively, his arm plays best in center and left fields. He is also serviceable defensively in the infield, but his speed makes give him more value in the outfield.

Jaylen Paden, RHP/SS, Decatur, 2020
The athletically built, wiry strong Paden checks in at 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, and plays the game with a high motor. Offensively, he has sneaky power (87 mph exit velocity) and knows how to hunt pitches. His set-up is balanced, though he will get to his front side and pull-happy at times. He shows feel for the bathead and good recognition on secondary pitches. On defense, Paden has plenty of arm (88 mph across the field) for shortstop and has the ability to play the middle infield at the next level. Though he is not a burner, (7.08) he is quick with a good first step. He anticipates on the bases and in the field.

Joseph Salvo, C/3B, Buford, 2020
Salvo is a compact, strong-bodied catching prospect, checking in at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. He poses a strong accurate arm producing a positional velocity of 78 mph, but his agility and flexibility behind the plate also leads to an impressive 1.89 pop time. Salvo relies on good footwork and a quick transfer to execute these catch-and-throws. At the plate, he has a sound and balanced approach. Salvo loads his hands to shoulder height, getting the barrel to a good launch position, and shows solid gap-to-gap type power from there. His exit velocity was a consistent 86 mph off the tee. The Buford backstop’s actions are compact and sound on both sides of the ball. Salvo projects as a defense-first catching prospect with strong leadership qualities.

Garrett Staton, SS/3B, North Forsyth, 2020
Staton is a very interesting shortstop/third base prospect who poses a strong build at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds. Staton moves well to his left and shows the ability to come and get the baseball, on the move. He has all the measurables as well, posting a 6.81 mark in the 60-yard dash, combined with an 89 mph top velocity across the infield. He has plenty of arm and his feet work well in the dirt. While Staton can get it done on the defensive side of the ball, he has excelled at the plate over the last year, and it was easy to see why. He sets up with hands loaded slightly above his shoulder and gets maximum leverage to put his size and strength to work. He showed well with the ability to stay on pitches on the outer half and drive the baseball. He produces consistent hard contact with feel for the bathead, and has enough thump in his bat to do some damage, as he produced and exit velocity of 92 mph off the barrel. Staton profiles well at the next level and has enough versatility to be used in a variety of capacities early in his career, giving him much value to a team at the next level.