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LakePoint Open - Quick Hits

Phil Kerber, Justin Goetz, Chaz Crawford, Sean Smith
PBR Georgia Staff

On Wednesday, June 1st, the PBR Georgia staff hosted the LP Open at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA, for all high school aged prospects. The event brought together over 50 of the state's top prospects, who took part in a pro-style workout in front of our evaluators.

We began our event analysis by taking a look at the top statistical performers in our Statistical Analysis.

Now, at the event’s conclusion, our scouting staff has collaborated with a few notes from the day’s standouts inside this Quick Hits piece. Below you’ll find which players' performances caught the attention of our scouts and a brief nugget on them.

Our second viewing of OF Trevor Condon (Etowah, 2026) in the past three months only further confirmed that he is already one of the elite athletes in the 2026 class. Condon led the event with a 6.83 laser-timed 60. At 5-foot-8, 157-pounds, Condon has lean, twitchy muscle throughout. The left-handed hitter is explosive at the plate with obvious hand and bat speed. He wore out the right field with sharply hit line drives during batting practice. The ball simply jumps off the bat. He’s the ultimate competitor who won’t back down from any high end arm.


The biggest out of state surprise was SS/RHP Braden Mauro (Daniel (SC), 2024). The 6 foot 3, 170 pounder with long limbs and developing strength has 5 tool potential and should garner interest from a slew of D1 programs. Creates ridiculous leverage at the plate getting front shoulder tilt as his hips start the swing, allowing him to work on an uphill plane as he separates in the forward move. Almost everything he hits has a chance to leave the ballpark. Mauro’s footwork is still developing at SS but he’s got smooth hands and all throws jump out of hand, as he was 88-90 across the infield every throw. The ceiling is endless.

We were excited to get one of the most impactful bats in the GA 2024 class to our leadoff showcase for the summer in IF Adrian Jimenez (Lanier, 2024). With 11 barrels in 12 swings at an average of 90 mph EV, he showed just what we expected. His simple, high level swing mechanics and fast hands make for a deadly combo. Adrian dramatically improved his defense in the past year, especially the arm. He registered 86 & 85 mph on his best 2 throws. Consistently stayed low and on his legs with quickness & bounce in his reads. Smooth hands & footwork, exchange improving.

Twitchy OF Jake Gaskill (North Gwinnett, 2025) wins the award for the pound for pound most explosive hitter at the event. The 5 foot 9, 150 pound athlete was also one of the best runners, clocking in a 6.85 time in the 60. At the plate, Gaskill has unreal body control. Knees inside feet keep him close to center of balance, touch & go off backside w/ hips, perfect rhythm+sequence in forward move. Separation timing & knob path so clean. Direction perfect. The hands are lightning quick and the ball jumped off his barrel with some of the highest EV’s at the event, with an average of 90 mph!

One of our favorites at LP Open was the swiss army knife with great makeup, C/IF/OF Mattheson Go (North Cobb Christian, 2023). The 5 foot 10, 170 pounder is an elite athlete who can play every position on the field. Ran 6.8, pop time 1.95-2.0 range, 91 mph from OF, great footwork+EZ exchange in IF, mid 80’s off the mound! Oh, and he barreled 9 out of his 10 BP swings. Love approach & hand eye. This is a winner who is tough to strikeout and would be a perfect fit for any mid major.

The cool, calm, and collected IF/OF Keenan Mobley (North Cobb, 2025) is a Junior Future Gamer and rightfully so. The 6 foot, 155 pounder with long levers repeats an effortless swing w/ good rhythm. One of the most relaxed hitters at LP Open which best translates to the game. Hits the inner half of the baseball consistently w/ a sweet inside out swing that promotes high avg. A/AVG run in game, ran 7.0. I think his run tool and instincts would fit best in CF, where he's a very exciting profile due to his advanced approach at the plate.

One of the most projectable players at the event was the 6 foot 3, 160 pound SS Brock Rein (Trinity Christian, 2026). With a large frame, sloped shoulders and long levers, this is a prototype body for the position now. He has the look, actions, arm of a serious prospect at the #6 position. Keeps feet under him well for size, showing surprising balance for age. Very quiet push thru the ball to prevent bad hops, EASY gather. Squares up well, 81 mph, cannon incoming. He has a smooth, explosive swing that consistently produced EV’s in the low 90’s with a high of 94.2. He ran a 7.5 60 but it surely will work its way below 7 in the next few years as he grows into his body. 5 tool potential!



Donovan Parker (Homeschool, 2023) was a bat that stood out last summer at LakePoint and has continued to show improvement in the last year. At 6-2 185lbs he has the prototypical build for a corner infielder and shows present strength which would predict further added muscle will come as he continues to get older. His above average hand an bat speed will play against higher velos and shows an ability to hammer balls gap to gap with pop.  

OF Jaylen Hoilette (South Gwinnett, 2023) is a 5-9 164lb top of the order bat with the arm strength and athleticism to stick in center field. At the plate, utilizes his quick hands and downward swing plane to generate backspin on the baseball off his bat. Stays patient as he strides forward until he unleashes his lower half thru the zone, coupled with a strong core and keeps his barrel in the zone all the way thru contact. 7.1 runner with 88mph velo from the OF, will be one to keep an eye on this summer and as he advances into his senior year. 

1B Landon Wilson (North Oconee, 2023) is a physical speciman at 6-4 210lbs that will slot nicely into the middle of the order on any team. His lean athleticism stands out and could easily become a quality corner OF with some improved agility. At the plate, stands slightly open and shows nice rubber band action as he loads, front foot comes forward and he keeps his weight back and loads hands into launch position. Will need to work on some more fluidity and direction in swing but has the makings for a big time power bat with some adjustments.

 RHP James Fordham (Bleckley County, 2026)  stands at 5’11 170lbs and put together an electric bullpen Wednesday afternoon. Very clean/smooth delivery. Was very easy on front side which allowed his arm to work through rotation. Slow/medium paced operation which he repeated well. Over top AA.  FB worked in the 82-85 range and topped out at 86mph. FB showed 4 seam direction (12:00 at times, perfect backspin). Slight cut on FB when working it to the glove side. CB showed 12/6 shape with sharp downer bite. CB will play extremely well off the FB because of the spin direction the FB presents as well as the ride it has up in the zone. CH showed to be his best pitch on the afternoon. CH showed deceptive fade in the 73-75 range ( 2:30 spin direction at times). CH repeatedly showed great horizontal movement, reaching 19in of horizontal movement on one of the pitches ! Overall, Fordham is a pitcher who should not be uncommitted for long, the delivery, frame, and pitch repertoire are traits that should definitely garner the interest of many college coaches. 

RHP Tyler Waddell (Praise Academy, 2023) showed 4 quality pitches in his bullpen session. Standing at 6’3 180lbs, there is a lot to like here. Very clean operation. Worked into leg drive very well and exploded into rotation by firing hips first. FB, metrically, was his best pitch. FB worked 82-84 and touched 85mph with some sink/run. FB registered spin rates in the 1400-1600 range (absolute bowling ball) which will prove to get a lot of ground ball contact. Flashed a cutter that worked in the mid 70’s and touched 78mph. Cutter appeared to be the more comfortable breaking ball for Waddel which showed deceptive gyro-like spin tunneling well of the FB plane. SL/CB showed some great depth in the upper 60’s with 11/5 shape. CH is still a pitch to be developed, but showed some promise as a 4th pitch with some depth. Very good arm here with a lot of growth to come. 

LHP/OF Isaac Green (Calhoun, 2024) also had great actions on the bump on Wednesday. Compact delivery and hides the ball very well from ¾ slot. FB has some giddy up in the low 80’s with slight run. Showed great confidence in the CB which he landed for strikes on a consistent basis and showed sharp/late bite and sweep in the low 70’s. CH is still developing, but showed feel for the pitch. Possibly spreading the fingers apart, rather than keeping fingers together will provide the pitch with more speed differential as well as more depth ? A promising two way talent in the 2024 Georgia class!

LHP Smith McGarvey (Gainesville, 2026) is definitely a name to keep on your radar ! McGarvey worked from a lower ¾ slot. Standing at 6’1 160lbs, you can already see the physical projection that McGarvey has. His FB sat in the upper 70’s and touched 80mph with some slight run. Showed a CB in the low 60’s, but I personally believe that a sweepy slider would work better from his slot. Something he will definitely learn to play with once figuring himself out on the mound. CH showed great depth/fade and essentially “fell off the table” at times. McGarvey certainly put himself on the map in the 2026 Georgia class and it will definitely be exciting to watch him this upcoming spring for the Red Elephants! 

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