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MBP High School Showdown - Scout Notes

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Scout

The Minority Baseball Prospects High School Showdown came to the campus of LakePoint Sports for the second consecutive year. The event brought together 25 high schools from multiple states for a round-robin style tournament. The PBR Georgia staff was on-hand to witness all the action. You can find notes and video on standout prospects below.

MBP Showdown

Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS, 2022
5-foot-10, 180-pounds has a stocky+strong frame. Best hitter in country, responds well when facing high end arms. Hips touch and go off backside with perfect direction. Constant pressure on legs, head doesn’t move, loads with core and chest which allows the hands to stay incredibly loose and fast. Barrel layback perfect off back shoulder which produces a very short swing. Incredible barrel turnaround from launch position thru contact. Great body control. Do think he’d have potential in CF as well.

Bryce Clavon, SS, Dutchtown HS, 2024

Oklahoma Commit. The 6 foot, 175 pounder has the body and actions of a track athlete. Refreshingly simple swing with minimal separation and good lower half direction. Gap to gap approach fits his game perfectly. Elite runner with a strong arm and very quick exchange at SS.

Jordan Thompson, RHP, Langston Hughes, 2024

Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 200 pound beast has the body of a D1 Safety. Enormous legs, will end up 220-230. Compact delivery with good rhythm, short arm circle from high 3/4 slot. Very deceptive with big arm speed and little effort. Sinking fastball sitting 84-86 T87 with late run. Offspeed will continue to develop. Low to Mid 90’s potential in 2-3 yrs.

Solomon McKinney, LHP, Riverdale Baptist, 2024

Georgetown Commit. 6 foot 2, 160 pounds, very athletic with room to get stronger. Unique delivery, big leg kick+expecting sidearm and comes from OH slot with serious angle. Mid 80’s fastball with sink. Slurvy breaking ball with depth at 69-72.


Kanious Davis, RHP, Maynard Jackson HS, 2024
Uncommitted. 5 foot 11, 150 pounder had log athletic levers from a loose arm action out of 3/4 slot. fastball 81-84 with some run. Short, late SL at 69-72 with some bite. Variations in delivery to throw off hitters timing.


Marquis Mitchell, SS, Lovejoy HS, 2023
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 150 pounds, good athlete who will get even more twitchy as he grows into his frame. Minimal movement at plate to keep head still for tracking and let hands work. Good separation timing of hands and stride- moving same pace in opposite directions.


Jacari Hardaway, SS, Forest Park HS, 2023
Uncommitted. The 6 foot 3, 170 pounder is a dual sport athlete(QB in football) with a prototype SS body. Tall setup at plate with natural and smooth swing mechanics, impressive timing of separation and body control for size. Advanced lower half, tons of leverage. Instinctive and rangy defensively with plenty arm for left side of infield in college.


Isaiah Drake, OF, Westlake HS, 2023
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 185 pounds, barrel chested beast. Tall setup, moves freely with hips, which triggers small leg kick, reducing room for error. Quiet flow in hands, drops smoothly into launch position. Repeats upper+lower sequencing, really stretches load to keep hands active. Can run, will add power.


Stephen Taylor, 1B, Stephenson HS, 2024
Uncommitted. 6 foot 5, 220 pound horse who could end up one of the strongest players in the country. Very quiet at the plate which helps control his long levers. Impressive hand eye coordination and approach. Lofty swing, can run too.


Ethan Garrett, SS, Heritage School, 2024
Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 165 pounder with athletic actions in every phase of the game. Tall setup with weight shifted slightly on the front side, allows hips to effortlessly roll back creating lower half momentum. This takes pressure off his upper body, which needs to stay loose to create bat speed and catch on barrel. Good hand eye+swing path. Bright future.

Jeremy Wellmaker, CF, Maynard Jackson HS, 2022

Uncommitted. 5 foot 8, 150 pounds with twitch. Run scoring machine. Contact oriented approach and swing, looks to attack fastball early in count. Plus runner with plus range in CF. Gamer!


Evan Jackson, RHP/CF, The Heritage School, 2022
Uncommitted. 6 foot, 165 pounds and an explosive athlete. Simple athletic setup at plate. Little C load helps swing path stay short+hands work close to body thru swing. Covers entire zone well. Electric 91-94 off mound.

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