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PBR 15U National Championship - Pitchers

Justin Goetz, Chaz Crawford, Paul Gies
PBR Georgia Staff

The PBR 15U National Championship showcases an endless amount of pitching from east coast to west. It never gets old seeing so many underclass arms reaching the mid to upper 80’s before they are physically developed. The advanced explosiveness and feel for pitching speaks to the work ethic these players have and their hunger to learn.

William Haas, LHP, Rockford (MN), 2025, P2P Millers
Uncommitted. The 6 foot, 160 pounder has one of the best deliveries in the tournament. Pace, body control, ease of operation, gradual build of momentum. Arm stays connected over rubber in stride, firing w/ largest muscles. Kinetic chain seems to work perfectly. Loose 1 piece AA near sidearm. FB generated tons of swing & miss in all quadrants of the zone. The pitch has a very similar profile to a certain reliever on the Brewers. It was 83-85 T87 (carry up, sink down). Didn’t need it, but flashed a unique SLV at 72 with present sharpness & depth to go along with the sweep.

Grady Westphal, RHP, Blue Valley (KS), 2025, Building Champions
Uncommitted. At 6 foot 3, 170 pounds stands the No. 2 player in all of Kansas. He would be at the top of the rankings in many other states. Has a well sequenced, rock & fire delivery that slowly builds up for violence after landing. Really drives the ball downhill and gets good extension. Creates noticeable torque in separation. Balanced in knee lift, up+down+out phases help build position of power. Loose, deep+full AA 3/4 slot. FB 85-86 T88 BORE, SL 77-78 tight, late depth @ 2800 rpm. CB 73-74.

Jackson Peavy, LHP, Peach County, 2025, Five Star Mid South
Uncommitted. Absolutely dominated from 1st pitch to last, expecting to strikeout every hitter. Peavy has very impressive body control w/ efficient, deceptive short circle AA L 3/4. He creates quick arm speed with just a flick of the wrist. Stays strong on the lower half and works his front knee stiff just after release. Confident & aggressive w/ heavy tailing FB (84-86) to both edges. Future + CB (69) sharp 2 planer w/ sweep!

Brady Rosenkranz, RHP, Stevenson (IL), 2025, Slammers Coyote
Mizzou Commit. Big projection but current pitchability, needs time to grow into his XL frame. When he works north south to plate & keeps direction it’s serious backspin creating ride on 80-84 FB. CB 68-71 tight rotation, depth up to 2400. Low spin CH. This is an arm that will make a slow climb year by year, and be well worth the wait by the time he arrives at school.

Hunter Atkins, LHP, Rockmart (GA), 2025, ECB Astros Orange
Uncommitted. 6’1 165 of arms+legs, funky cross fire deliv w/ deception. Produces EZ arm spd from big, mid-depth arm swing, low 3/4 slot. Incredible torque created in separation at landing, only needs more strength to capitalize off it. Unique angle FB 79-81 T82 heavy sink & tail, CH 73-74 downer w/ fade, SLV 67-69 sweeper would like to see more against RHH. Will be keeping very close tabs on this one as the ceiling is endless. The velo is always going to play up.

Marcos Paz, RHP, Hebron (TX), 2025, Stix Baseball Uncommitted. Paz showcased one of the better two pitch combos the event has seen thus far. Tunneling both his two seamer w/ ride+run characteristics and a short gyro cutter. The two seam FB proved tough on many hitters because of the “life” the pitch had. The FB sat in the 85-87 range and touched 89mph. Cutter sat 82-83 w/ up to 2600 spin. It is a loose, fluid and easy arm action with a frame that is only going to put on more muscle.



Jackson Rose, LHP, Etowah (GA), 2025, 643DP Cougars Uncommitted. Rose was attacking hitters primarily with his low-mid 80’s FB that was consistently 16-19in of horizontal break. Flashed both a CB and a CH which showed promising life. The CB, which was used against left-handed hitters, had a sweepy profile that received some swing and miss. The CH, which is a pitch that I believe can eventually become his best because of the unique slot he possesses, was thrown in the mid 70’s with subtle fade to right-handed hitters. 6’3 195lbs frame, a FB that has crazy movement, and two offspeeds that show encouraging life, sign me up!



Hyland Brown, RHP, Walton (GA), 2025, USA Scout National 
Uncommitted. Honestly one of the better 3 pitch mixes in the state for 2025 class. Easy operation w/ gradual build up into delivery. Super balanced pace/tempo. Lower half mechanics are pretty advanced as he allows the upper half  to stay sideways for as long as possible just before front foot strike. This allows him to get the most potential out of his upper body when going into rotation. FB was 83-85 T86 with crazy IVB (19-21in) and HZB (14-16). CH was the real equalizer in the low 70’s which he threw to both RH and LH hitters. The CH was registered up to 19in of HZB and a spin direction of >2:30. CB flashed decent movement as well in the mid 70’s with late sweep. One pitcher to certainly look out for in the 2025 class.



Tyler Baird, RHP, William Amos Hough (NC), 2025, South Charlotte Panthers
Uncommitted. Baird was one of the more fun arms to watch during the first couple of days of the 15u National Championship. Loose, wiry frame standing at 6’4 165lbs and the projection just oozes out of him. True 3/4 arm action w/ advanced balance and pace just before entering leg drive. Limiting the amount of “head whack” when going into rotation is something that is always key when pitching and Baird does just that. Combined with his FB that presents “elite” life for his age getting upwards of 19in of both IVB and HZB. The FB is a + weapon at the moment that Baird uses early and often which creates a lot of uncomfortable swing and misses. The CB is a developing pitch in the mid 70’s with 11/5 shape. I personally did not witness a CH, but the possibility for that pitch moving forward and potential it could have based on the arm action, ability to pronate, and tunneling opportunity off the FB could be very promising. A very highly ranked pitcher in the 2025 class!


Avery Shiflett, LHP, Calhoun (GA), 2025, Georgia Jackets
UGA commit. Shiflett provided a unique look to hitters that I do not think many LHP in this 2025 class present. Throws a cutter in the low 80’s w/ >1:00 spin direction that reached upwards of 2400 spin. Downhill angle from tall 6’4 185lb frame. HZB numbers eclipsed 10in at times and continuously jammed both right handed and left handed hitters. Also flashed an upper 60’s CB that got up to 2600 spin and showed big 1/7 shape. As he continues to progress physically, the cutter will be an interesting pitch for many hitters to figure out as the velo increases. Ranked top 20 in the state!



Evan Amos, RHP, P27 (SC), 2025, Canes American 16u
NC State commit. Amos has certainly improved since we saw him back in mid-May. Super athletic delivery and not to mention his 6’4 190lbs frame. The FB sat 84-87 w/ insane IVB numbers which sat anywhere from 18-23in. Used the FB almost exclusively during his outing and only flashed 2 CB and 1 CH. The CB was at 71mph w/ a depth profile. The one CH he threw registered at 78 mph with 19in of HZB ! The pace/tempo was noticeably different. Definitely will not be the last time we hear his name for summers to come!



Jordan Martin, RHP/SS, Jefferson City HS (MO), 2025, Royals Scout Team 
Tall lean frame at 6-foot-4 190-pounds. Dominant on the mound today for the Royals Scout Team. Efficient smooth delivery. Stays balanced over the rubber and drives down the mound hard. Tight quick arm action and throws from an over the top arm slot. Throws a downhill plane fastball 85-87 T88 hit 88 multiple times. Created a lot of swings and misses with a sharp late breaking slider 73-75. Threw 5 hitless innings on 60 pitches. Filled up the zone and showed a good two pitch mix to make him unhittable today.

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