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PBR Mid-Atlantic Summer Championships 17U Scout Notes Part II



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Today is part II of our breakdown on players from the Mid-Atlantic Summer Championships that occurred last week. We continue our focus on the 17U bracket. 

Mid-Atlantic Summer Championships 17U Part II of III:

Anthony Solometo LHP Bishop Eustace Prep (NJ) 2021 (North Carolina)

 Ultra long loose arm from a low three-quarter arm slot. Pitches with normal effort to the delivery and lands closed at stride. Fastball was 90-92 in the first, 89-91 in the second, and back up to 90-92 in the third. The fastball worked to both sides of the plate with hard run to the arm side and bored in on right handers. Slider was inconsistent with spin and control, but offered some hard late 1/7 break later in the outing and velo held at 80-82 mph. The changeup was 86-87 mph with arm speed and intent. Very impressive arm that still has a high ceiling and upward trajectory with the velocity.

Conor Cook RHP Neumann-Goretti (PA) 2021 (Millersville)

Longer arm stroke from a high three-quarter arm slot. Two pitch mix that offers above average spin rate on both. Fastball was 84-86 and worked downhill with spin up to 2450. The breaking ball had the makings of a potential swing and miss pitch with hard 12/6 break at 69-70 mph and up to 2587 spin rate. Is an arm that can step on campus with the ability to spin it from day one.

Joe Jaconski SS Plymouth Whitemarsh (PA) 2021 (North Carolina)

Athletic frame with strong lower half. Hits from an athletic on line stance, level path to contact, and an uphill finish with ability to keep barrel in the zone a long time. Has advanced barrel control and wrist strength. Hit some balls really hard this week, as well as had the barrel control to adjust on off-speed and two strikes. Premium defender up the middle with arm strength to stay on the left side.

Ian Petrutz 1B/OF Clearview (NJ) 2021 (Maryland)

Small leg lift to stride at the plate and lands on line in a wider stance. Uses leverage in the swing as well as a strong lower half to lift the ball to the pull side with power. Level path to contact and hands stay inside with pull side tendency to the swing. Swings with intent and looks to do damage at all times.

Tyler Griswold RHP Bishop Eustace (NJ) 2021

Strong, athletic frame. Side-step wind-up and high leg kick to a compact, crouched balance point. Up-tempo with strong lower half drive down the mound. Lands in-line with the plate and pitches with intent. Long, loose arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Fastball sat 80-84 mph with some arm-side run. Plus breaking ball that showed tight spin and sharp 11/5 shape at 68-70 mph. Change-up was 75-76 mph with plus fade.

Jeff Duda C Father Judge 2021

Strong physical frame. Present strength at the plate, quick hands, and fast bat speed through the zone. Showed some hand rhythm and quiet, short load. Does a nice job with his hands getting the barrel to the ball.

Lucas Adam OF Miller School 2021 (Dayton)

Strong athletic frame standing about 6-foot-5 with present strength in the swing. Hands load in rhythm and uses a simple toe tap stride forward. Hands are back in a strong position when the foot gets down. Has present pull side power with power potential to all fields. Corner outfield and first base profile with the power to impact the middle of the order.

John Rittenhouse 1B/3B Fluvanna 2021

Strong physical frame with big juice in the bat. Quiet mechanics at the plate. Hands are loose, small leg lift to stride, and foot gets down on time. Has power to all fields and when he gets it up in the air to the pull side it seems like it goes out every time. Does not swing and miss a bunch so I think he will have the chance to hit for average as well with his bat speed and strength being able to muscle bad contact through for hits. Really intriguing bat that profiles defensively at first base long term and a middle of the order run producer.

Jacob Exum SS Miller School 2022

Long athletic frame with positional versatility. Has the hands and arm strength to stay on the left side with the size to play first base as well as both corner outfield spots. Loose fluid hands at the plate and doubles power from gap to gap. The offense has really ticked up for Exum over the last year and has grown into the frame nicely.

TJ Brooks RHP Miller School 2022

Compact frame with a strong lower half. Works with a lot of intent from a low three-quarter slot and comes right at hitters. Fastball sat 82-84 mph and tended to be on the higher end of that range with one 85 and one 86 mixed in. Breaking ball was 64-65 and backed up out of the hand at times with some 12/6 action, but when he was able to get it out of the front of the hand it had nice 11/5 bite with some horizontal break to it.

Landon Abrahamson OF Western Albemarle 2021

Athletic frame with a strong upper half. Stance starts on line and slightly upright before a simple leg lift to stride landing on line. Hands are back at stride and gets a nice stretch through the middle. Hands stay inside, bat path has slight uphill tilt to it, and finishes the lower half with aggression. Had some hard hit balls during the course of the week, including a home run out of left center to start Thursday morning. Solid defender in the outfield that has the range and arm strength to play all three.

JJ Zirkle LHP Catoctin 2021

Athletic frame. Throws with shorter arm action from a tough low three-quarters slot with easy effort. Lands closed to the plate in an athletic fielding position. Fastball sat 75-77 mph and slider was 65-66 mph with some 2/8 shape.

Scott Wilson RHP Frederick 2021

Athletic, projectable frame. Controlled side-step wind-up and high leg kick to a tall, compact balance point. Strong down-to-out lower half drive off the rubber landing in-line with home plate. Gets over front side well and worked quickly throughout the game. Creates quick arm speed through release throwing from a high three-quarters slot with some intent. Fastball sat 76-79 mph and touched 80-81 mph on occasion. Breaking ball had short 12/6 shape at 66-68 mph.

Carlos Carmona RHP Kingsbridge International 2021

Athletic, lanky frame. Lit up our gun with velocity and spin in the nightcap. Showed a loose, quick arm. Short arm circle. Throws from a high three-quarter slot with easy effort. Deliberate wind-up and pause at balance. Smooth downhill delivery landing slightly closed to the plate. Carries himself well on the mound. Fastball sat 86-91 mph with 2500-2600+ spin and arm-side run and breaking ball had 11/5 shape at 74-76 mph with 2500-2600 spin.

Justin Larrea LHP Raven Gap (GA) 2021

Athletic frame. Controlled side-step wind-up and high leg kick to a tall balance position. Smooth downhill delivery with strong lower half involvement. Lands in-line with the plate. Throws with some intent from a high three-quarter, near over the top slot. Shorter arm action and quick arm speed through release. Fastball sat 83-86 mph, breaking ball was 68-70 mph with big 1/7 shape. Showed good control of both pitches and pounded the zone.

Jonathan Larrea C The Baylor School (TN) 2022

Strong, athletic frame. High level defender behind the plate. Controlled the game and staff. Plus arm strength and receives the ball well. Also showed the ability to move laterally to block balls in the dirt. Showed strength and present power at the plate with feel for the barrel. Short to the ball with fast hands and quick bat speed. Laced a double to the left-center field gap.

Gialdri Gomez SS Pearl River (NY) 2021

Strong, athletic frame. High level defender up the middle with quick, active feet and range to both sides. Showed off a strong arm with clean exchanges consistently. Short, compact swing at the dish with explosive hips from the left side. Quiet load with rhythm and a smooth line drive approach gap-to-gap.