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The National Program Invitational brings in some of the most talented teams in the country. Georgia has numerous teams represented in the event, and they always show well for the peach state. Over the coming days and weeks there will be numerous articles that highlight the talented players of Georgia that were at the event. Be sure to keep an eye on the national news HERE for more content. Here we take a quick at some Georgia players that stood out to some of our scouting staff. 

Weston Bryan, 3B, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 240 pounds. Bryan is a tall, muscular, physical specimen that instantly grabs your attention. He hit a triple to the left-center gap hard (93 EV). His athleticism is very evident thru his athletic actions in both hitting and fielding. Bryan has a leg-kick load which signals his hips + shoulders to rotate with controlled aggression as his quick hands stay inside. This allows him to get his barrel up through the zone with + power making him dangerous to pitch too. Bryan is able to keep his balance throughout his swing. His swing is smooth with a fluid motion with no wasted movement and his + power is to all fields. Bryan does a good job seeing the ball in while also barreling the ball thru full extension keeping his head still and locked in. Bryan is a dual-sport athlete as he also is the starting quarterback for Lee County. Defensively, Bryan is very agile for his size and has no problem getting to hard hit grounders with his smooth glovework. He is able to get to any ball hit his way and throw it on a line with accuracy. Overall, Bryan is an athlete with potential to be an everyday power bat in any line-up. 

Xavier Hill, OF, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Athletic build, quick and twitchy player. One of the top outfielders in the 2025 class in GA, ranked 8th at his position. Hill had a solid performance at NPI 2023. Hill makes his presence known in all facets of his game. His swing is very smooth with lots of fluidity and rhythm. He does well sinking into his lower-half and coiling his hips. His quick hands allow him to get to pitches in all parts of the zone. He has lots of pull-side pop by turning the barrel efficiently and quickly. Hill does well at staying inside the ball allowing him to make good contact to all parts of the field. Not only does his swing impress, He shows off his speed while tracking down balls in the outfield as well as flying around the bases. In the outfield, he has quick reaction time with solid arm-strength. On the bases, Hill is always a threat to run making the opposing pitcher pay extra attention. This dual-sport athlete will be a fun player to watch as he continues to fill out and improve certain parts of his game. 

Quindon Wright, OF/RPH, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Wright has an XL frame full of power. He is tall, strong and grabs your attention easily on the field. He is ranked 26th in his poition for the state. He launched an opposite side home run making it look easy. He has been someone to watch this NPI tournament. He perfectly sinks into his lower half to then create power in his shoulder knee separation. He has a connected swing which allows him to launch the ball over the fence (95 EV). Whether he was pitching or in the outfield Wright was able to control the game. On Friday Wright played first base. He was able to reach and make plays at first. And despite his large build he is a quick runner. He does well on offense and defense. Wright is also known on the football field. He is a multi-sport athlete who can be useful at almost most positions on the diamond.

Terrance Bowen , 2025 IF
Uncommitted , Bowen has flat out hit all summer thus far and cemented himself as one of the states best hitters and will be a highly sought after RHH IF that will hit in the middle of the order and be a run producing bat for years to come. The combination of raw pwr , feel to hit , proper swing mechanics & overall athleticism are what separate him. He has shown the ability to not only lift the ball over the fence but drive the baseball to all fields , match the elevated FB by keeping his hands above the baseball , shrink the front arm and tuck the back elbow and manipulate his shoulders and barrel for the inside FB , recognize spin and slightly hang his leg kick and drive the breaking ball, inside out a inside BB for a HR down the RF line. These are all traits that really separate him from just being a big and strong hitter that can only lift the ball. What allows him to do all these things stem from getting into the right positions that give him the best chance to make quality swing decisions. Terrance does a great job by consistently repeating his launch position with minimal head movement and proper weight distribution at foot strike, which is ultimately why he has the ability to adjust to multiple pitch locations. Very impressive thus far and will only continue to trend upwards as the summer continues. High Follow 2025!

Keon Johnson, SS/3B, 2026
Uncommitted, 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. Can’t say enough words about Keon and his abilities. Ranked 12th nationally and 2nd in the state, he gave the crowd a show this weekend, especially in the Championship Game. Defense is a plus tool, with a low to mid 90s infield velo which he showed off in the championship game at 3rd in a spectacular play. Glove work is smooth with ease and accuracy is precise, has shown the ability to make the difficult plays. Hitting is also a plus tool, consistently hits balls at 90+ EV which he also displayed in the Championship Game, hitting 94 off the bat off the wall in one of the deepest parts of the outfield. Impressive bat speed, strong wrists, hand strength is a plus. Well-defined and athletic body, lots of power in the tank. Has shown the ability to spray to all fields. Back elbow tuck creates a linear connection and keeps top hand palm up through contact. High baseball IQ and has displayed talent on all parts of the field.

Ethan England, MIF, 2026
Georgia Southern Commit. 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. England has a slim, athletic, frame. Ranked 10th at his position and 44th overall in the state of Ga. His swing is effortless with fluid motion as it moves through the zone. England stays connected throughout his entire swing. He starts his load with a small toe-tap which signals his hands to start moving back while his hips and shoulders move simultaneously to square the pitch up. This allows him to keep his quick hands inside before exploding his barrel flat through the zone for a hard contact hit. England has a gap-to-gap approach at the plate. His glovework is impressive as he is smooth when fielding hard hit grounders. He has also shown that he can also make difficult plays at SS and turn the DP. His transitions, range, quick release, and precise throws are all above average tools that show right away when you watch him play. England is also an athlete on the base paths as he can really move. Overall, England is a twitchy Gamer that can impact a game through his fielding, hitting, and baserunning.

Colton Sweat, SS, 2026
Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Sweat is ranked 5th at his position in the state of Ga and 50th nationally. Sweat has a small, skinny, frame with lots of athleticism. He has a noticeable leg-kick load with quick hands that are seen as he is able to barrel the ball with hard contact to all parts of the field. His swing is fundamentally fluid/connected throughout extension with repeatable actions. He is a good baserunner and doesn't take any unnecessary risks when on the bases. Defensively, Sweat is an athlete that knows where he needs to be in order to make routine outs. Sweat has light feet and a quick release which is why he was able to turn multiple DPs. Sweat has an above-average arm that is able to get most runners out due to his accurate throws and clean transitions. 


Jake Boland, 3B, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 170-pounds. Boland had himself a strong performance at the NPI23. Boland has a strong, compact, athletic, frame that is only going to keep developing as he matures. Boland has a gap-to-gap approach as he was barreling the ball to all parts of the field. He has a smooth leg-kick load, strong hands through the zone, and the ability to keep the barrel flat as he powers it through the zone for hard contact hits. His strong lower half helps him put more power throughout his swing and therefore the ball jumps off his barrel. Defensively, Boland is a good 3B with good glovework, arm strength, and feet. Though, these are all tools that will continue to develop as he matures. Boland was fun to watch this tournament and should be a player to keep an eye on as he develops more muscle. ?

Walker Myhand, OF, 2026
Uncommitted. 5-foot-8, 165-pounds. Myhand had himself a great tournament at NPI23, spraying the ball to all fields. Myhand has a leg-kick load, hips + shoulder rotate on the same plane, allowing him to keep his hands and bat tight to his body before barreling up through the zone with good contact. Myhand has a line-drive approach when he is at the plate. His swing is fundamentally simple with fluid action throughout extension. Myhand also has a good presence in the box as he battles until he gets his pitch and then squares it up and launches it into a gap. Defensively, Myhand is an above-average OF that takes good routes to get the ball. His reaction time and ability to cut runners off due to his arm strength was also something that was noticeable as he made multiple runners stop. While Myhand has a short, stocky, frame he makes his presence felt in both hitting and fielding. Good follow this summer and into the school year.

Carson Adomnik, RHP, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 173-pounds. Adomnik is a tall/lanky right handed pitcher that has a lot of room to fill out in his frame. He has the potential to be a big time arm coming out of the 2026 class. He has a lively fastball that he ran up to 86 mph while settling in at 83-85. He has a big time breaking ball that he can throw in any count. Adomnik is a strike thrower that can produce strikeouts and can record quick outs with contact. Excited to see his development throughout the next couple of years.

Porter Berryman, LHP, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. The crafty lefty had a solid outing during game one of the NPI. He painted the corners making it tough on any hitter that stepped in the box. The young arm sat 82-84 on his high spin fastball that was up to 2432 rpm. That carry on the fastball through the zone makes it a tough pitch to hit. The fastball comes heavy into the zone. The curveball is a sharp/hammer breaking ball that has plus movement that he can throw for a strike, or bury it down to get whiffs. Berryman has the potential to have a jump in his velo before long.
Cruz Paul, INF, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 190-pounds. Paul has a strong/physical frame. He starts off game one of the NPI with a great swing, putting one in the gap for extra bases. His short/compact swing allows him to catch up to velo on the inner half. He has quick hands through the zone then has good extension through the ball. Paul has good connection with his hips and hands and fires them both in sync. Paul has the potential to have plus power coming from the right handed hitter.

Reid Brosnan , RHP 2024
Uncommitted , Athletic RHP with a repeatable + easy operation & a 3 pitch mix that features a rare spin CH(2000/2100) and a 80 MPH downer SL he can throw for a K and use to expand w2K. The delivery is built on gradual build up of pace ,fluidity and overall athleticism. These all point to him having ease of operation and repeatability which means a potential chance to be a starter at the next level given he does have 3 pitches. The FB sat 87/88 and was up to 89 multiple times, his ability to use the CH off the FB is what will separate him , it is thrown with the same arm speed and has similar shape as the FB but bottoms out at the last moment. Overall this was another great look at Reid and it will be fun to see who gets this athletic RHP.

Wesley Hurt, C/OF, 2024
Uncommitted. 5-foot 10, 160-pounds. Hurt turned in a nice performance at NPI. He stepped into a starting role behind the plate for the Warriors at Cherokee due to injury, and helped the Warriors to the State Playoffs. Hurt is an athletic player who does what it takes to win. He also has the athleticism to be successful at the next level. Hurt has a short simple stride low and keeps the swing short and compact allowing him to drive the baseball and lower swing and miss rates. Good athlete, and student.


Hunter Atkins, LHP, 2025
Kennesaw State commit. 6-foot 2, 175-pounds. Atkins is ranked the number 8 LHP in the state if Ga in the 2025 class, and he showed why in his performance at NPI. He dominated the strike zone and got ahead of hitters consistently. He understands that strike 1 is huge. While the velocity is not overpowering from Atkins his deception is what makes him the number 8 LHP in Ga. He possesses an arm slot where the ball seems to the hitter that it is starting behind a lefty. Atkins mixed pitches well keeping hitters off balance all game.