Prep Baseball Report

Scout Blog: Pickens vs Wesleyan

Hudson Graham
Georgia Scouting Director

2024, RHP, Connor Shouse, Pickens
6-foot 175-pounds. Georgia Tech commit. Shouse came out with his electric fastball and ran it up to 95 in the first. He settled in at 91-93, and did not throw a fastball under 90 all game. He struggled with command to lefty’s, but settled in and made pitches when he needed to. The lower half from Shouse continues to gain strength which translates to steady fastball velo. He commanded his curveball with good intent and downward action. When he kept his fastball down in the zone it was near impossible to hit. He mixed in his changeup at 82-83. This will be a big pitch for Shouse in the next couple of years. If he can continue to develop the pitch he will have one of the best 3 pitch combos in the ‘24 class.

2023, RHP, Dom Scalese, Wesleyan
6-foot-1 180-pounds. Tulane commit. Scalese went toe to toe with one of the best arms in ‘24 class, and it resulted in a complete game with 1 run given up, and only 2 hits. He forced weak contact for 7 innings, and kept his fastball down in the zone at 86-89. He has cleaned his arm action up, which has translated to an increase in average fastball velocity. His tempo and delivery were smooth and efficient. If Scalese can continue to develop his pitches he will be an impact arm in the next couple of years at Tulane with his consistency.

2025, 3B, Matthew Wright, Wesleyan
6-foot-3 215-pounds. Large, imposing frame that stood out on the field as an underclassman. He had one of the best swings of the night on a 91mph fastball down in the zone that he sent to right center for a double. With the 6-3 frame I was really impressed how he stayed down on the low pitch, and carried power throughout the swing. He moves well over at 3B, and has a strong arm to pair with it. Wright will be a high follow for us this spring, and throughout the summer circuit.


2025, Grayson McCollum, Wesleyan
6-foot 160-pounds. McCollum got his work in at short, with Scalese producing weak contact. He had 4 or 5 tough plays with a few being slow rollers, and made them all with ease. The athleticism really stood out Tuesday night. He had some good AB’s against 90+, and showed quality defense ability that will be a key piece to his game moving forward. He simplifies everything at the plate, and stays in his legs throughout the swing. He will be another high follow sophomore for us on Wesleyan.