Showcase Rewind: North Georgia Prospect I.D.

Phil Kerber
PBR Georgia

The North Georgia Prospect I.D. took place on Tuesday, June 11 at LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, GA. The event brought together 20 prospects from all across the southeast. Albeit a small group of prospects, some big numbers were posted across the board.

Recent Middle Tennessee State commit OF Tyson Mickie (Thomas Jefferson, FL) took top honors in three statistical categories. The 6-foot, 180-pounder ran a blazing fast 6.38 laser-timed 60 and then blew the rest of the field away defensively with his 90 mph arm. Mickie was not done there though. Offensively, he put his athleticism and physicality on full display, driving balls from gap-to-gap and posting an 89 mph exit velocity off a tee.

The event also produced a member of the inaugural Team Georgia at the 2019 PBR Future Games in RHP Pax Briley III (North Gwinnett). Briley, an athletic, long, 6-foot-3, 175-pounds, impressed our staff with his 86 mph fastball, getting good downward angle on the pitch. The secondary offerings are still developing, but there is a lot to like in the frame and upside of the arm action.

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Keep reading to view full reports and videos on all the prospects in attendance at the event.

Jack Braun 2B / SS / Riverwood International, GA / 2022

Bruan is a medium framed athletic looking 2022 middle infield prospect at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. He sets up at the plate slightly open, with hands at  his shoulders. He uses a cocked back elbow to generate his bat-speed out of a sit and spin approach at the plate (producing an exit velocity of 76). Defensively Braun shows upright actions receiving the ball cleanly in both directions. His athletic ability is mostly in his speed at this time as he grows into more man strength, as he turned in a solid 6.97 60 time at the event. As Braun matures into his frame look for him to improve his arm strength (70 mph across the infield) and bat-speed. Plenty of athleticism to work with and with improved flexibility and baseball strength look for Braun to emerge as a quality infield prospect at Riverwood International.

Pax Briley III RHP / 3B / North Gwinnett, GA / 2021

Briley is a long rangy 2021 right-hander with broad shoulders and room to grow into some man strength at 6-foot-2, 155-pounds. Briley impressed on the mound at this event. The long limbed right-hander has plenty of upside and showed more and more velocity (topped at 86 mph) as his bullpen progressed.  His delivery matches up well with his body and is very repeatable. As he learns to command the bottom of the zone, look for Briley’s ability to stay tall and over the rubber to pay dividends. The lanky right-hander will most likely pitch with very good angle as he progresses. He gives his arm time to work with good balance over the rubber and as he gets stronger the projectable right-hander is going to gain even more velocity. Briley still has work to do with his secondary offerings, as he buries his breaking ball (66-69) deep into his hand and loses some shape and feel for the pitch. As he gains confidence in his feel breaking ball, he will have a chance to repeat the pitch with more hand-speed and finish.  Briley has a workable change-up and this is a pitch that has a chance to some very quickly as he commits to the pitch and finishes with the same hand-speed. All this one needs is mound time and room to make mistakes. You have to love the frame and body control on this young right-hander, but as he gains confidence look for him to show the ability to get unhinged and finish his pitches with some aggression. Arrow up for this young right-hander.

Gauge Burkett SS / OF / Armuchee, GA / 2020

Burkett is a stocky strong 2020 infield/outfield prospect at 5-foot-9, 170-pounds. He sets up at the plate with a slightly closed stance and shows the ability to lean on a fastball with his stocky strong frame creating loud contact (Exit velocity of 89). Burkett plays with a hop in his step and shows good baseball actions both on the infield and the outfield. Enough so that he will add value early in his career at the next level due to his versatility. On the infield he shows the ability to use his momentum and strength to keep moving to first-base and he has enough release (will throw from different slots) and arm strength to be effective. Burkett is a good combination of speed (7.01 60), strength and baseball ability to make somebody a good baseball player at the next level.

Henry Collins RHP / 1B / Riverwood, GA / 2021

Collins is a tall, rangy 2021 right-handed pitcher at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds. Collins has a longer arm stroke and creates good leverage in this delivery. His fastball is up to 80 mph now, but has a chance to throw harder with strength because of his intent and the way he works down the mound. Collins fastball shows some natural hand side life his fastball and is effective when down in the zone. His breaking ball (67-69) is still inconsistent as he will run away from his arm at times and loses the ability to finish the pitch with consistent shape. As Collins gains mound time look for his change-up to emerge, due to his hand-speed and ability to commit to the pitch. Collins has upside in his frame and leverage and delivery should allow strength gains to pay dividends to his velocity. Will be a close follow going forward.

Case Davis 2B / RHP / Lafayette, GA / 2022

Davis is a medium framed looking 2022 middle infield prospect at 5-foot-9, 166-pounds. He projects as a stocky strong prospect as he matures. He sets up at the plate straight away with his hands at his shoulders. He has a nice clean stroke and generates consistent barrel contact. Davis will stay on his backside and loses power from his lower half and is more of a contact hitter at this time. Defensively his hands work and fields the ball clean with upright actions. As Davis learns to get into his strength and lower half with age, he has a chance to profile and strong hitter with the ability to lean on a good fastball.

Nathan Dunagan C / 3B / Riverwood, GA / 2022

Dunagan stands 5-foot-7, 150-pounds with a muscular build, a right-handed hitting catcher. He projects to add more strength to frame as he continues to mature. Ran a 7.25 laser-timed 60. Offensively, starts with bend in his knees and high hand, barrel flat across shoulder. Line drive type hitter, barrel works mostly level through zone, using the middle of the field, 72 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, arm works short and over-the-top, 66 mph out of the crouch. Receives cleanly, plays through the ball on throws down with clean footwork and transfers, pop times ranged 2.48-2.60.

Jacob Fairbanks OF / Greater Atlanta Christian, GA / 2021

Fairbanks is a rangy outfield 2021 at 6-foot-1, 165-pounds. He sets up at the plate with a narrow base and good rhythmic load. He uses his lower half well and gets good extension at contact. His frame projects well for necessary strength gains and ball jumps off his bat as he maximizes present strength. He moves well in the outfield and has a long fluid arm stroke well suited for the position.  Ball comes out clean and should add good carry as he gets stronger. Fairbanks projects well as a corner outfielder and will benefit from maturity and strength gains.

Mason Fincher RHP / C / Pepperell, GA / 2020

Fincher checks in at 6-foot-2, 210-pounds and is a 2020 catcher/right-handed pitching prospect from Rome, Georgia.  On the mound Fincher uses a compact arm action and a strong lower half to generate his power. His fastball will flash angle when down and his arm works clean enough to project more arm strength.  His compact arm action plays very well for his breaking ball (65-67) and allows him to work on top of the baseball, giving him good shape and spin. He also shows the ability to land the pitch for strikes. As he commits to his change-up the pitch (71-73) should progress nicely as he offers a small window for hitters to see the pitch.  Fincher has solid actions on the mound and will benefit from completely maximizing lower half strength. As a position player Fincher’s upside is directly tied to his strength, athleticism and footwork. At the plate he shows an open stance with rhythmic actions and a sound swing. He shows a respectable 2.19-2.33 pop time, but also has the ability to get this number down by improving his footwork. His arm action is prototype for the position and he makes consistent throws to second-base. Fincher is intriguing due to his baseball actions and has a chance to make a jump over the next year with work in the strength and footwork, because he is a good enough baseball actions to have next level ceiling.

Grayson Goss RHP / 1B / Model, GA / 2021

Goss is a tall, thin 2021 pitching prospect from Model high school in Rome, Georgia. He has impressive frame to leverage and grow into at 6-foot-5, 176-pounds. This young tall right-hander shows a repeatable delivery.  As he gains confidence Goss will benefit from a higher leg kick and leverage. At this time he leaves some velocity on the table (topping out at 72 mph) due not using his size and leverage. His delivery is sound and online, but lacks leverage and torque to generate as much hand-speed as he could. Goss has intriguing size that can’t be taught, but will benefit from added strength and leverage in what he does.  His actions are good and his arm works well and offers intriguing upside as a pitcher.

Troy Johnson SS / OF / Ray Corpus Christi, TX / 2021

Johnson comes in with a medium sized frame at 6-foot, 160-pounds, room for more physicality, right-handed hitting shortstop and outfielder. Defensively, arm works short and loose from a predominantly over-the-top slot., 78 across the infield, 80 from the outfield. Fields position with a soft glove, clean on transfers, utilizes a step behind crow hop in the outfield, packs glove on occasion. Offensively, takes a narrow setup, long strides, low hands load back, lower half thrusts with some collapse, remains balanced. Line drive type hitter, barrel works level through the zone, 82 mph exit velocity off a tee. Ran a 7.22 60.

Karson Kelley 2B / 3B / Cass, GA / 2020

Checking in at 5-foot-7, 150-pounds Kelley is a 2020 second-base prospect from Cass high school in Cartersville, Georgia. At the plate Kelley sets up slightly open with a leg lift that takes him to square. Swings slightly uphill through the zone with a mostly pull approach. He has late finish to swing and generates hard contact with an exit velocity of 82 mph. Kelley plays low to the ground defensively with the ability to play low to the ground. His arm is accurate and shows online carry (76 mph across the infield).

Turner Maddox SS / 2B / Upson Lee, GA / 2020

Maddox is a 2020 infield prospect from Upson-Lee high school in Thomaston, Georgia.

At 5-foot-8, 170-pounds he plays low to the ground with solid actions and hands. He is a capable runner with easy online speed (7.15 60 times). He shows enough arm (81 mph) and plays low to the ground with reliable hands and shifty feet. In the box the left-handed hitting Maddox, shows a balanced straight away set-up and easy tempo to the bathead, finding the barrel over and over. He works the ball around well, and is a threat foul pole to foul pole.  Maddox shows more of a singles type approach with flashes of pull power (80 mph exit velocity).

Ben McDaniel C / RHP / Upson-Lee , GA / 2020

McDaniel checks in at 5-foot-11, 185-pounds and is has continued to progress since we last saw him at the Peach State Games last August. McDaniel is a capable backstop that displays a quick transfer (2.05-2.09 pop time)  and accurate arm (78 mph) from behind the plate. His feet work behind the plate and grades out well in his ability to move side to side and work out in front of the plate when needed. At the plate McDaniel the right-handed hitting McDaniel has a straight away approach and with good rhythm in his hands placed at his shoulders. He is shows bat-speed, finish and leverage in his swing and is getting stronger. McDaniel has the ability to drive the baseball from gap to gap (89 exit velocity).  McDaniel projects well to the next level behind the plate as a capable defender and at the plate with a sound approach and strength.

Tyson Mickie OF / RHP / Thomas Jefferson, FL / 2020

Recent Middle Tennessee State commit. Mickie is a strong, physical prospect at 6-foot, 180-pounds, right-handed hitting outfielder. Project as a ntural center fielder with his speed and strength. Ran an event-best 6.38 laser-timed 60. Stood out in the outfield defensively for his strong arm (90 mph). Arm works short from a high 3/4 slot, accelerates quickly to release, throws with effort. Fields position athletically, soft glove, quick on transfers, clean footwork. Offensively, balanced setup, short stride, short hand load. Barrel path is short and quick to the ball, gap-to-gap type hitter, drives the ball, 89 mph exit velocity. 

Will Miller C / 3B / Indian Springs, AL / 2021

Miller is a strong, stocky 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, right-handed hitting catcher and corner infielder. Offensively takes an open setup, high hands drop on load, short stride, remains balanced. Power hitter with pull-side tendency, early timing, 82 mph exit velocity. Defensively, arm works short and over-the-top from behind the dish, more 3/4 at third baseman, 76 mph across the infield, 68 from the crouch, pop times ranged 2.44-2.52. Fields what he can get to at the corner with clean transfers. Ran an 8.04 60.

Blake Robinson OF / 2B / Darlington, GA / 2020

Robinson is a long athletically built 2021 outfield/second-base prospect from the Darlington School, in Rome, Georgia.  At 6-foot-1 160-pounds Robinson has a great frame to grow into more strength and leverage. The left-handed hitting Robinson sets up with an upright slightly open stance and triggers his swing with his lower half, and throws his hips at the baseball.  He swing generates line hard line drive contact and he stays on plane and level all the way through the zone. In the outfield he shows some on line carry to his full arm action when he is able to play through the baseball and use his momentum. Young outfield with sound mechanics and strength gains in his future.

Malcolm Robinson 2B / OF / Shiloh , GA / 2023

Robinson checks in at 5-foot-8, 158-pounds and is a 2023 outfield/infield prospect from Snellville, Georgia. At the plate Robinson set up with a straight away stance, hands at shoulders, with his elbow loaded.  He stays through the baseball and gets consistent contact with an exit velocity of 67 mph. Robinson is a very young prospect and will need to add strength gains to his sound actions on the baseball field over the coming years.

Dominic Rutigliano C / 1B / Campbell, GA / 2020

Rutigliano comes in at 5-foot-9, 185-pounds with a sturdy, stocky strong build. The 2020 catching prospect has a polished game. And sets up at the plate with a slightly open and uses a balanced and repeatable leg kick to load. His hands are shoulder level with a cocked back elbow and uses and rhythmic, repeatable load and ends up in sound hitting position and on time repeatedly. He has gap type power out of this polished approach with an 83 mph exit velocity. Defensively Rutigliano is a sound receiver of the baseball and produces accurate throws and respectable and consistent pop times at 2.19-2.22. Well coached backstop that has feel to play.

Simon Vaughn LHP / 1B / Bolles, FL / 2021

Vaughn is a left-handed two-way prospect, standing 6-foot, 135-pounds, lean lanky frame. On the mound, arm works short to a 3/4 slot, rhythm throughout. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands closed, finishes crossing over. Fastball sat 70-71. Curveball, 1/7 shape, gradual break, 57-59. Changeup, flashed fade, 65-69. Offensively, balanced setup, long reverse toe-tap, hands gain separation on load. Pull-hitter, barrel works uphill through the zone, 78 mph exit velocity. Ran an 8.17 60.

Nathan Weisoly LHP / 1B / The John Cooper School, TX / 2021

Weisoly is a 5-foot-10, 150-pound medium sized with room for filling out, left-handed pitcher. Arm works long with above average arm speed to a 3/4 slot. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands square, finishes with a slight cross over. Fastball worked 76-79, flashed armside run. Curveball, 1/7 shape, gradual break, 59-63. Changeup, flashed sink, 60-65.

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