Prep Baseball Report

Team Georgia: vs Indiana, Quick Hits

PBR Georgia

John Stuetzer, 2025, SS/OF
5-foot-11 185-pounds. Stuetzer is the type of athlete that any coach will want on their team. He has exploded on the scene ever since his state championship run with Pope. He sets the tone at the top of the the line up, and is the type of player that makes everyone around him better. The type of energy and competivness he plays with his fun to watch. He nearly led the event off on Thursday night with a homer to left. He hunts the fastball and rarely misses. He has easy pop, and stays through the middle of the field. He has a great 2 strike apporach and will always be a tough out. He mixed in a SS and the OF this week, and can do either at a high level. Friday night against Indiana he had 2 of the loudest barrels of the game. One looked like it was leaving the yard to deep left center off the bat, but the fastest player at the event somehow tracked it down at the wall. He also had a loud double down the line. Few players explode out of the box like Stuetzer does. He is thinking 2 every time he takes off to first. His explosive strides allow him to cause havoc on the bases, and has all the right insticts to be a threat on the bases at anytime. 

Cooper Underwood, 2025, LHP
6-foot-2, 165 pounds. The overall look on this tall, lean southpaw was stellar from a pitchability and stuff perspective. Cooper showed the ability to dominate with his seemingly invisible FB even for an entire 3 pitch sequence, which is rare for a lefty in the mid-upper 80’s. The most exciting part for me is that he didn’t have his usual glove side control (because of a slight drift that impacted his line to the plate), but still no one hit the FB. His whiffs were majority arm side but he was still able to be effective to the glove side at times with the heater. But when it’s spinning in the 2400-2500 range with late life and hitters have to worry about 2 disgusting breaking balls, it’s usually a miserable AB. Underwood has always shown a rare ability to spin, and the recent velo jump has take both his SL and CB to the next level. Both pitches are harder, sharper, and have more life overall. What’s going unnoticed is his natural feel for the CH which we feel has just as much potential as the CB & SL. This is a strike thrower with noticeable athleticism and plenty of room to grow into his projectable, high waisted frame. He has the mental makeup it takes to be a D1 starter early in his college career. 

Matthew Pearch, RHP, 2025
What was really impressive about Pearch’s performance is that he was rocky and didn’t have his best stuff, but still performed very well and came out on top. Allowing 0 ER through 2 IP working through trouble, you see that he still found his way with hitters and did his job. At 6-foot-1, 185 pounds, he has a very athletic, strong build that allows him to excel in multiple sports. Not only is he a very impressive pitcher, but also a standout quarterback which makes his delivery all more impressive as he doesn’t get to work on it full-time but yet, has better mechanics than most. The QB-Pitcher profile is something that is fairly common in big-time arms and shouldn’t go unnoticed. He displayed standout athleticism on the mound in Future Games with a smooth, controlled and balanced delivery at a H3/4 arm slot. Fastball worked really well for him especially, generating a lot of whiffs and ran up to 88, staying consistently between 85 and 88. Had good feel for the curveball too, running 74-76. Pearch will be a name to follow through the remainder of his high school time and with his high projectability, there is no telling how high he goes beyond. 

Jared Glenn, 3B, 2025
A pure hitter that continued to display the hit tool in the Future Games. Well-timed in sequence with an advanced lower half sink and is well-balanced in stride. A clean and powerful swing that pleases the eye. At 5-foot-11, 200 pounds, he has a strong, athletic frame that he is well in-tune with. He displayed the contact and power with an RBI triple in the 3rd, smoked at 96 EV to build on Team Georgia’s lead. Glenn continues to develop power and can only trend upward from here, matching the power to the pure hitting tool. 

Eston Simpson, RHP, 2025
Handled possibly the best talent he’s faced perfectly, literally. Simpson went perfect through both innings he pitched with 3 K’s. An arm that is easy to love. Long, athletic frame that will handle the next level well at 6-foot-6, 180 pounds. Displayed a show of dominance and mound presence. Builds pace gradually and creates angle with his long build and ¾ arm slot. Well-sequenced with coil. Smooth, loose full-circle arm action. Fastball had some run, going 86-88 that he located wherever he wanted with a curveball he threw in occasionally running 71-73. Pitchability was displayed very well, and his ceiling his endless. A projectability as high as his will be a must-follow and proved everything we saw in him this summer in this outing, gaining the attention of many. 

John Loudon, OF, 2025
Dynamic swing mechanics & an advanced approach are what stand out when watching John at the plate. His ability to slow the game down and be where his feet are is highly impressive and point to him being able to grind at bats and work long counts, being a nightmare for opposing arms. Something that stood out last night was his future A/AVG arm, he fired a strike to home on a fly ball showing ideal carry and accuracy.His effortless, near double plus speed and instincts lend him plus range that allow him to cover every blade of grass in the OF. Combine those and you’re looking at a future A/AVG defender at worst with an arm that will be at least strong average. 3 tools that can play every day with rare bat speed, hitting intangibles, and makeup? Sign us up for the long term!

Michael Dee, SS/2B, 2025
6-foot-3, 170 pounds. Dee stands out immediately when looking at team Georgia this week. His tall, long limbed frame makes for a fast twitch athlete that shows off advanced swing mechanics and natural ability in the infield. Dee displayed an aggressive approach at the plate and showed off his innate bat to ball skills. He came up clutch by roping a first pitch FB into right field to drive home a run. Dee shows off long strides on the bases while rounding 2nd showing off A/AVG speed. His minimal negative move and hip pace create an efficient timing of the pitcher's release point. What stands out with Dee’s swing most is the elite body control for his size, well before reaching his physical ceiling. The hands work close to the body due to a connected coil that allows him to work explosively in and out of the hitting slot. Back elbow tuck occurs before the hands are thrown allowing for an effective hitting position. Dee displays rare bat speed and reaction time that allows him to let the ball travel deep before making a swing decision. Overall, this is an elite athlete with an endless ceiling who will be fun to watch at the next level. Not only do the mechanics impress but Dee shows off his athleticism at short while displaying impressive instincts and range. His quick transfer ability plus smooth hands will make him a shortstop to desire for years to come. Dee will be a fun follow throughout the next few years from the 2025 class. 

Aiden Kitchings, 2025, RHP
6-foot-4, 220 pounds. This physical specimen has long been one of our favorite arms in the class ever since we first saw him at LakePoint last summer. He’s battled some serious adversity over the last few months, fracturing his wrist power cleaning. But as the son of an ACC college football coach, toughness is built into the bloodline. Not only did Aiden look highly impressive, it was one of the better outings we’ve seen him throw. While he’s still getting back to timing up the delivery consistently due to being shut down for a period to rehab, it’s an absolute work of art when the mechanics are in sequence. While we have a team full of effortless deliveries, I think Kitchings takes the cake in that department. The body control is very good for his age, he repeats the arm stroke well, the delivery builds easy momentum, and his direction just keeps getting better. People need to remember that this is still nowhere near his ceiling as he continues to grow into his XL frame. The FB is going to be special but the CH won’t be far behind. This is a real chance for a plus FB and A/AVG CH in the future. What impressed me most on the CH is firstly his ability to kill spin, as it’s one of the lowest spin true CH’s in the country for the ‘25 class. The heavy, late fading pitch has nearly identical life to his FB and he can throw it with the same life to the glove side, an even more rare trait. I feel he will be able to front hip LHH with the FB/CH combo, and he shows in the video below his confidence and willingness to throw it off his FB to RHH. There's still so much to be desired with his lead leg block, and he’s only going to get stronger and more explosive with it. You can only imagine the ceiling if he’s able to develop a serviceable breaking ball, but at worst I think he is a dominant setup/closer type at the D1 level with endless velo potential who will have MLB teams all over him soon enough.

Landon Ludwig, 2025, RHP
5-foot-10, 180 pounds. This compact, twitchy athlete has been our do it all guy for Team GA this weekend, and has been highly impressive both on the mound and behind the plate. He started off with a 1.86 pop time that led all of future games and was top 3 in catcher velo! When I talked to him about it he says he hasn’t caught in forever. That’s because he’s Mr Versatility. He can play every position on the field, including CF and SS. Ludwig will make a perfect 2 way fit for a D1 program and be a leader on and off the field. This is a player who leads by example and is absolutely fearless on the diamond. While he will be a perfect 2 way piece, long term I think the mound is where he will make his money at. The delivery is compact and explosive with ridiculous torque in hip/shoulder separation and he’s highly repeatable. He’s already been up to 91 often, and I see him as a dynamic back end of the bullpen piece who is going to sit in the mid 90’s and reach back for more one day. While he has developed a new SL, I would love to see him start adding back in his 12-6 CB that he was throwing in the past. It tunneled perfectly with his carry FB and was a devastating 1-2 punch. His value goes up tremendously if he can get that pitch back. We love how he can work his FB both at the top and bottom of the zone, as it’s essential to change eye levels on pitchers. But I’d like to see him use it more at the top of the zone, where he can take advantage of his special IVB numbers (20+). He’s only at the ground floor of his ceiling and this is a guy you want to go to war with.