Prep Baseball Report

Chicagoland Open: Outfielder Analysis

By Illinois Staff

On Aug. 25, the PBR Illinois team visited Triton College in River Grove, Ill., to host its annual Chicagoland Open showcase – a late summer event that perennially produces high-level prospects to continue to follow.

Today, we’re continuing our position-by-position analysis with the day’s outfielders, after detailing the day’s catchers yesterday.

Oak Park River Forest sophomore Erik Carlson showed very well in River Grove back in August, with natural athleticism encompassing his game. Carlson is a thin/lean prospect who moves well in the outfield and brings with him a gap-to-gap approach from the right-handed batter’s box. He’s yet another Husky to follow at OPRF.

For reports on all of the outfielders who attended the Chicagoland Open, continue on below.


Erik Carlson, Oak Park River Forest, 2022
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-foot-7, 125-pounds.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, reverse toe tap stride. Long path, line drive contact, worked gap to gap.
Power: 70 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 77 mph. Long arm action, high 3/4 slot.
Defense: Active feet, plays through the baseball using two hands off of glove hands side.
Run: 7.61 runner in the 60. 

Jack Carney, Marist, 2021
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-10, 158-pounds. Athletic build.
Hit: LHH. Slightly open stance, loads hands back, leg kick trigger. Path has some length around the baseball, pull side contact.
Power: 84 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: LH. OF - 78 mph. Long loose arm action, high 3/4 slot.
Defense: Hands work though the baseball, crowhop through release, feet stay active and gains ground.
Run: 7.57 runner in the 60. 

Jack Cosich, Lincoln-Way East, 2023
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-7, 130-pounds. Lean lanky frame, projects.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, balanced stance, sways into short stride, bat waggle load. Short path, line drive contact, opposite field at times.
Power: 67 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 74 mph. Short high 3/4 slot, occasionally works out of 3/4 slot.
Defense: Plays through the baseball in stride, shuffle through the baseball.
Run: 7.74 runner in the 60. 

Malachi Gonzalez, Lakeview, 2024
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 5-foot-5, 125-pounds.
Hit: RHH. Open stance, tall setup, smooth loading action, short stride. Long level path, line drive contact.
Power: 72 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 66 mph. Short arm action, low 3/4 slot.
Defense: Glove works off his left side with two hands, shuffle through the baseball.
Run: 8.03 runner in the 60. 

Ricky Pospisil, Lockport, 2021
Positional Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-9, 165-pounds.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, slightly open, long leg lift stride. Uphill path, some extension through the baseball, line drive contact.
Power: 92 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 81 mph. Short over the top slot, accurate at times.
Defense: Works through the baseball, glove works with one hand out front, shuffles through release.
Run: 7.37 runner in the 60. 

Nicolas Quimque, Lemont, 2023
Positional Profile: 3B/OF
Body: 5-foot-7, 120-pounds.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, narrow stance, short lifted stride, gets into lower half. Long path, works uphill, pull side approach.
Power: 74 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. INF - 62 mph. OF - 66 mph. Short, high 3/4 slot.
Defense: Showed best in the outfield, plays one hand out front and works through the baseball. Infield actions play tall, two hands funnel through center.
Run: 8.05 runner in the 60. 

Aidan Williams, Marmion, 2020
Positional Profile: OF/OF
Body: 5-foot-10, 175-pounds. Athletic build, strong throughout.
Hit: LHH. Crouched, wide setup, leg kick stride, gets into lower half. Long uphill path, lift hard contact at times, showed bat strength.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 80 mph. 3/4 slot, long action.
Defense: Glove hand plays out front funnel to exchange and shuffles through release in the outfield.
Run: 7.36 runner in the 60. 

Jalen Williams, Joliet West, 2021
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-foot-10, 147-pounds. Long lean frame.
Hit: RHH. Wide setup, balanced stance, slightly crouched, short minimal stride. Path has length, uphill plane, slight pull side approach.
Power: 77 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. OF - 75 mph. Long over the top slot.
Defense: Works through the baseball with one hand, out in front, plays through with active feet.
Run: 7.63 runner in the 60.