Fuel Sports Pitching Showcase and Analysis: Top Overall Prospects

By Ryan Quigley
Illinois Scouting Director

The Prep Baseball Report Scouting staff hosted a Pitcher Showcase and Analysis on Tuesday October 21st at Fuel Sports in Shorewood, IL. The event saw fifteen pitchers from the 2015-2018 classes work directly with the PBR scouting staff in a hands-on, instructional bullpen setting. We will roll out scouting reports on each player once videos are edited in a few weeks, but today we’ll take a look at the radar gun readings, and also some impressions on the talent.

St. Joe Ogden’s Dalton Parker is already ranked No. 54 in the 2016 class, but he’s made strides streamlining his delivery, and sat more consistently in the 84-85 mph range than he did back in June. The 6-foot-4, 200-pound righthander has plenty of projection remaining thanks to his clean arm action and ideal pitcher's frame.

Jordan Petty (Highland, IN) is a smooth left-handed pitcher in the 2016 class who impressed with a feel of four pitches and low-80’s velocity. The athletic-framed lefty boasts smooth mechanics and could see a bump in velocity sometime in the near future.

Champaign Central’s Phillip Swartz is currently ranked No. 85 in Illinois’ 2016 class, and impressed with his 80-82 mph fastball and his 71-73 mph cutter/slider which is his go-to pitch. Swartz impressed this spring as one of the top pitchers on a 35-3 Champaign Central squad loaded with 2016 prospects.

Joliet Catholic’s Alex Analytis sat consistently in the 80-81 mph range, and shows feel of a three-pitch mix that is impressive for a 2017 graduate.

Minooka’s Brad Van Asdlen has a projectable frame and touched 83 mph, while also flashing a 70 mph splitter with downward action.

CLICK HERE for a complete statistical breakdown of the Pitcher Showcase and Analysis in PDF format.

Top Pitching Prospects

1. Dalton Parker, RHP, St. Joseph Ogden, 2016
6-foot-3, 200-pound pound physical and projectable right-handed pitcher currently ranked No. 54 in Illinois’ 2016 class possesses ideal workhorse pitcher’s frame. Works from a short, high ¾ arm slot, clean arm action, easy effort, tall and fall type delivery, improved direction and momentum from windup with step back instead of step to the side to begin windup. Shoulders slightly uphill throughout delivery, lands square and athletic with lower half stride direction in line with home plate. Improved power to breaking ball anywhere from 68-76 mph, later break at higher velocity with 11/5 shape. Threw strikes at the bottom of the zone with 73-75 mph change from windup with plus feel and sink. From stretch changeup was 70-72 mph.

2. Jordan Petty, LHP, Highland (IN), 2016
6-foot-2, 172-pound athletic and projectable left-handed pitcher sat from 79-82 mph with some sink and late life on fastball consistently down in the zone and on the corners. Works from a short, loose, high ¾ arm slot, easy effort, tall and fall delivery, long athletic stride, hands initially raised high at balance point, when quieting them down velocity ticked up consistently 81-82 has arm moved through quicker. 67-70 mph curveball had hard late bite with 11/5 shape. 67-69 mph changeup had plus arm side action, and speed differential between fastball is sold with aggressive arm action. Petty is a prospect to follow in Indiana over the next two years thanks to his left-handedness and pitchability.

3. Phillip Swartz, RHP, Champaign Central, 2016
6-foot-2, 200-pound right-handed pitcher ranked No. 85 in Illinois’ 2016 class impresses with sinking fastball/cutter combination. Fastball sat 81-82 mph with sinking action from long ¾ arm slot, tall-and-fall delivery, shoulders close off, throws across his body, lands closed on ball of foot, adds to deception and makes sinker/cutter tough to pick up for hitters. Glide steps from the stretch. Lands 62-66 mph curveball with gradual 11/5 break for strikes. 71-73 mph changeup had some sink, cutting action at times. Cutter looks more like a slider in the 71-73 mph range, and is go-to pitch. Threw more strikes from the stretch, and cutter/slider showed later action from the stretch as well.

4. Alex Analytis, RHP, Joliet Catholic, 2017
5-foot-9, 175-pound stocky and athletic righthander with a strong lower half works from a short, ¾ arm slot, rhythm and plan for pitching. Tall-and-fall type delivery, loads over the rubber, toe down at balance point, lower half stride direction stays in line with home plate, lands square. 80-81 mph fastball has heavy finish, occasional sink, mechanics/arm slot bode well for future sinker/slider combo. Slows arm and drops arm slightly on 62-66 mph breaking ball with sweepy 10/4 shape. 68-73 mph changeup flashed arm side run. Analytis impresses with his feel for three pitches.

5. Brad Van Asdlen, RHP, Minooka, 2016
6-foot-2, 180-pound lanky and projectable right-handed pitcher works from a long, high ¾ arm slot, regular effort, lower half coils/torques over rubber, toe up at balance point, lands closed across his body. Fastball sat 79-81 from stretch, last two pitches hit 82 and 83 mph. 65-68 mph curveball showed 11/5 sweeping action. 67-70 mph splitter is gripped deep like a forkball, with downer/tumbling action thrown aggressively and has potential to be a strikeout pitch.

Best of the Rest (In Alphabetical Order)

Timmy Alfonso, RHP, St. Viator, 2018
5-foot-8, 120-pound right-handed pitcher works from a long, loose, high ¾ arm slot, possesses arm speed, lacking physical strength presently. Short, compact delivery, front foot stays below knee, toe down at balance point, slide steps from the stretch, shoulders stay level throughout delivery, lower half stride directions stays in line with home plate, opens lower half front foot at land point towards first base side. Fastball sat 68-71 mph with slight sink, both of the 4-seam and 2-seam variety. Shows feel for spinning 11/5 breaking ball for strikes with gradual action. 63-67 mph changeup flashed sinking action.

Charlie Bailey, RHP, Evanston, 2016
6-foot-4, 166-pound lanky right-handed pitcher works from a long, high ¾ arm slot, toe up at balance point, coils/turns to load over the rubber, turns back to hitter takes eyes off the target, rotational lower half delivery, but lands in line and square with home plate, works exclusively from the stretch. Fastball sat 76-80 mph with arm side run and sink. Slider showed above average velocity, thrown hard off his fastball, with late darting action at 70-74 mph. 70-72 mph splitter displayed late, downward action. Late life to the pitch but didn’t show the ability to throw for a strike, can be a putaway pitch out of the zone.

Matt Blaney, RHP, Lincoln-Way North, 2017
5-foot-8, 145-pound small and athletic right-handed pitcher works from a short, quick, high-3/4 arm slot, toe down at balance point, lower half stays in line with home plate, level shoulders throughout delivery, front side low, lands slightly closed at foot strike. Fastball sat 77-79 mph touching 81 mph. 64-68 mph curveball flashed 12/6 shape, showed feel for strikes. 69-70 mph changeup flashed occasional arm side run and sink, commanded it well out of the stretch.

Breven Daugherity, RHP, Joliet West, 2017
5-foot-11, 180-pound athletic right-handed pitcher works from a long, high ¾ arm slot, compact up tempo delivery, drop-and-drive type delivery, shoulders close off at balance point, lands closed, lower half stride direction is across his body, creating deception in delivery. Fastball sat 78-81 mph from the windup, 77-79 mph from the stretch with arm side run and command to both sides of the plate. Aggressive with 65-69 mph breaking ball with 11/5 shape also thrown for strikes. 67-68 mph split-change had late downward action. Impressive feel for three pitches at a young age.

Zack Dorris, RHP, Lincoln-Way West, 2018
5-foot-6, 120-pound small and lanky right-handed pitcher works from a long, ¾ arm slot, stretch delivery only, sits/crouches in pre-set position, lands in line with home plate, although lower half opens up early in delivery towards first base. Pushes 62-64 mph fastball at times, with slight arm side run. Curveball has side-to-side, horizontal rotation 50-52 mph, shows feel throw for strikes. New to a changeup, showed flashes at 55-60 mph when it wasn’t choked/gripped too tightly.

Jeremy Drexler, RHP, Hinsdale Central, 2015
5-foot-10, 200-pound thickly built right-handed pitcher works from a short, high ¾ arm slot, breaks hands with throwing elbow raised, drop-and-drive delivery, shoulders level throughout delivery, stride direction in line towards home plate, lands square. Fastball sat 72-75 mph, straight action. Slide steps from stretch, slightly losing velocity on all pitches (see bullpen chart). Drops arm angle slightly on 66-69 mph curve from the wind with gradual 10/4 slurvy shape, 63-65 mph from the stretch. 61-63 mph change from the windup with slight sink, 58-61 mph from the stretch.

Jason Kornacki, RHP, Highland (IN), 2015
6-foot, 185-pound right-handed pitcher works exclusively from the stretch, long, high ¾ arm slot, short leg lift, coils to balance point, straightens and swings lead leg around, lands in line with home plate with front foot open towards first base side, lands on heel, shoulders stay level throughout delivery. Fastball sat 74-75 mph for strikes. 12/6 curveball showed depth at 62-67 mph, and 61-65 mph changeup was choked at times.

Kyle Olson, RHP, West Chicago, 2016
6-foot-3, 170-pound lanky right-handed pitcher works from a long, over the top arm slot. Arm action is long in back, then shortens coming from ear. Coils lower half at balance point, pointing lead leg foot all the way back towards second base, creating torque in lower half. Level shoulders throughout delivery, lower half stride direction stays in line with home plate, lands slightly closed at foot strike, finishes athletically. Fastball sat 70-73 mph, up a tick from two weeks past. Slider/cutter showed 11/5 downer action at 64-66 mph, harder than before. 66-68 mph changeup showed more sink than previously.

Matt Sonntag, LHP, Crete-Monee, 2016
5-foot-10, 160-pound lanky and athletic left-handed pitcher works from a long, clean high-3/4 arm slot, regular effort, overhead windup, pauses at balance point with toe up, shoulders work uphill, slide steps from the stretch, but maintains velocity. Fastball sat 77-79 mph with good feel out front and arm side run. 1/7 breaking ball flashed occasional sharp break from 64-67 mph, thrown near the top of the zone. Cuts and sinks 68-71 mph changeup.

Kyle Yang, RHP, Lyons, 2015
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed pitcher works from a long, loose, high ¾ arm slot, length in back of arm swing, slightly wraps wrist, some rhythm to delivery, toe down at balance point, lands square with lower half stride direction stays in line with home plate. Head pulls off towards first base at times, causing high and arm side misses. Fastball sat 78-80 mph. 61-68 mph slider flashed 11/5 shape when he stayed behind it, looks more like a curveball shape and velocity wise. 71-74 mph changeup flashed arm side run action.

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