MLB Draft: LHP Ben Brecht, Rd. 5 No. 158 Tampa Bay Rays

Christian Barczi
Illinois Staff

Between June 3 and 5, the annual MLB Draft will be taking place. Every year, there's a number of former and current prospects selected who were born and raised in Illinois. PBR will be following along, posting in-depth player spotlights for each player selected out of the state of Illinois. 

Ben Brecht

Class of 2016 / LHP

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2016
    Commitment: UC Santa Barbara
  • Primary Position: LHP
  • High School: New Trier
    State: IL
  • Summer Team: Elite Training
  • Height: 6-7
    Weight: 215lbs
  • Bat/Throw: L/R

Scouting Report

10/13/18 - XL frame with length in limbs and high, tight waist; lean build throughout with frame able to continue to add to it. Narrow and tall on the mound with hands starting up high at his chin before drop to waist as he steps back and lifting up to chin with high front knee. Tall posture at highest point on the mound breaking hands on knee; compact arm shows high back elbow before ¾ release point. Limited stride length with quick rotation and finish over stiff front leg; follows driveline down hill and regularly stays inline with target. FB 85-89 T90 fringe-average with short, lateral cut when working at lower velocity; straight with ability to create angle at highest velocity. Pitched to top and bottom thirds of zone avoiding middle of the plate during outing. SLD 80-82 fringe-average showing sweep to gloveside with cross-plate break showing little depth; flashes of tighter action staying off barrel and mainly used to gloveside. CB 77-78 1-to-7 action showing small depth with early, high-spin action; used sparingly, mainly early in count as show pitch. Average command of all pitches and ability to spot FB made pitches play up during outing.

6/11/16 - Drafted in the 36th round by the Baltimore Orioles out of New Trier HS.



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