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NPI: 16 for 16U (Uncommitted)

Shooter Hunt
National Crosschecker

The inaugural PBR National Program Invitational took place June 20-23 on the pristine grounds of the Lakepoint facility just outside of Atlanta. Over the course of four days, the top travel programs in the country competed against each other in four different age groups. Having only one site to roam, and elite talent performing on each field, the tournament made for an ideal setting for the multitude of college recruiters and professional scouts that were in attendance, as well as the PBR scouting department. In coming weeks, National Crosschecker, Shooter Hunt, along with some help from PBR’s “boots on the ground” will take a look at some of the players that stood out throughout the tournament. In this edition, Shooter’s “16 for 16U” takes a look at a collection of uncommitted 2021 players that caught his eye and made an impression.


Chase Jans OF / SS / Blue Valley, KS / 2021

Jans had a breakout performance at the National Program Invitational, and elevated his stock as one of the top uncommitted 2021 players in the country. A premium athlete who was as low as 4.08 down the line on a full swing from the right side, Jans’ ability to cover ground in centerfield while putting pressure on the defense at the top of the order, stood out over the course of the entire tournament. There is some crudeness to the load, and the approach is still a bit raw, but his proportionally-strong frame and twitchy-actions make up for any lack of polish, and there is plenty to dream on for the future. He worked gap to gap with his approach, and hammered a line drive home run later in the tournament. Because the load and path are not as smooth, it can be easy to overlook Jans if only given a small sample size, but in bearing down on him for multiple days, recruiters and scouts will be able to appreciate the upside that he brings.

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Stewart Evans OF / Scotland, NC / 2021

Evans was must-watch entertainment whenever he stepped to the plate, as he barreled nearly everything including some no-doubt home runs. A right-handed hitter who likely profiles as a corner outfielder, though he possesses sub-7.0 speed, Evans showcases the power potential to make an impact at the next level. Shifting his weight and hands back early, Evans exhibits impressive strength through the zone on a flatter path, and drove the ball to all fields throughout the tournament including a plethora of extra-base hits against some premium arms. His ability to remain compact and close to the body with the hands while generating force through the zone is impressive, and will help guide his continued progression as a hitter.

Payton Allen SS / RHP / Bentonville, AR / 2021

Allen, a PBR Future Games alumnus, played with high energy all week for the Royals Scout Team. He sports an athletic, 6-foot, 170-pound frame that allows for a quick first step at shortstop, and he was confident in attacking slow-rollers with the ability to make strong throws from multiple angles. The right-handed hitter has strong bat-to-ball skills with present line drive power, and his feel for the barrel allows him to utilize the entire field. His competitiveness stood throughout the week, and helped drive him to make plays on defense and find holes on offense. His potential to stick at shortstop at the next level as a top of the order type bat should draw plenty of interest from college coaches this summer.

Kendall Diggs 3B / SS / Saint Thomas Aquinas, KS / 2021

Diggs built a strong reputation as one of the better hitters in the class last summer, and has only gotten better over the last year. His 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame is noticeably more mature with some proportional strength, and provided for a more fluid load from left side with gap to gap power continuing to be present. The barrel remains in the zone forever, and his keen eye and patient approach allow for quality at-bats on a consistent basis. It says a lot about his ability to hit, when on one of the days, his three-hit performance felt like a normal day at the park. He played third base, and has the arm strength to stick there at the next level, although the stroke is a bit long in the back. He profiles best as an offensive second baseman or utility infielder, although he has shown impressive ability to range the outfield in the past. No matter what position he fills, the bat will play, and as he continues filling out, expect the power to continue increasing.

Ben Bosse RHP / Brenham, TX / 2021

Bosse’s three-pitch repertoire might have been the best seen at the National Program Invitational with the fastball, curveball, and changeup all flashing potential as above average offerings. Durably-built at 6-foot-1, 200-pounds, his polished delivery and clean arm stroke allowed for an easily-repeated, high ¾ slot that drove fastballs to the bottom of the zone at 85-87 on a downhill plane with more velocity likely on the way. His near 12/6 curveball was thrown at a firm, 75-77 with impressive depth and multi-tier break. There is a strong chance it will be a swing and miss offering in the near future, and he demonstrated feel for it in the strike zone as well as burying it on the plate. The changeup is thrown with fastball arm speed in the upper-70s with some fading life for strikes. Given his durable frame, quick arm, and three-pitch mix, Bosse has a high-ceiling as a starter moving forward.

Brock Slaton OF / LHP / University Lab, LA / 2021

On a team stacked with multiple, high-level commits, the uncommitted Slaton stood out for the runner-up Louisiana Knights. Possessing some compact, developing strength throughout a 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame, the left-handed hitter utilized it well in driving balls with a short stroke. His fluid load of the hands works comfortably with a short stride, and he was able to drive balls without being overly aggressive. Controlled through the point of impact on a flat path, the ball jumped off Slaton’s barrel to the tune of a loud home run and double in the championship game, and he presented a strong chance to continue progressing as a hitter with more power likely on the way.

Aeden Finateri RHP / Avon Old Farms, CT / 2021

Finatieri battled through what appeared to be a blister on his throwing hand for multiple appearances, and was still able to showcase some high-end stuff on the mound. Sturdily-built at 5-foot-11, 200-pounds, he ran his fastball up to 92mph from a high ¾ slot, and held strong at 88-91 in a semi-final start on a sticky, humid afternoon. The fastball appears to pick up speed as it goes through the zone, and he looks to challenge hitters with it. He countered with a solid slider in the upper 70s that flashed tight rotation with a chance to continue developing into a weapon moving forward. He gets excellent extension out front, remaining linear down the mound with normal, efficient effort, and might still see more velocity in the future. His ability to throw strikes with a firm fastball that gets swings and misses will likely interest college coaches moving forward, and his competitiveness should fit well in any program.

Jalen Fulwood OF / RHP / Wesleyan, GA / 2021

Fulwood’s game-changing speed and elite athleticism in centerfield makes him a player that college coaches will want to get eyes on sooner rather than later. Long-limbed at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds with some lean strength throughout, Fulwood looked the part of a premium defender in centerfield where he gracefully moved from gap to gap with supreme confidence in his hands. High-waisted with much more strength on the way, the right-handed hitter batted in the leadoff spot for the 16U champion Georgia Bombers, and was excellent throughout the tournament, utilizing a short, simple stroke to spray line drives to all fields including multiple extra-base hits to the opposite field gap. As his frame continues filling out, Fulwood could make a jump at the plate, and given his current speed and defensive prowess, that might elevate him as a prospect in the long run.

Rob Gordon SS / Ben Franklin, GA / 2021

Still young-looking and maturing, Gordon was the catalyst for eventual 16U champion, Georgia Bombers, as he locked down the shortstop position while providing an imposing bat at the top of the lineup. Listed at 6-foot, 176-pounds, the right-handed hitter works noticeably uphill through the zone with intent to get the ball in the air. He produced consistent firm contact with impressive pitch recognition and balance. Though the frame is still adding strength, he flashed some pull side power with a couple loud blasts on the final day including a home run in the final. His ability to stick at shortstop moving forward will make him a high-priority recruit/prospect, and the confidence that he carries himself with will only aid his progression.

Peyton Stovall SS / 2B / Haughton, LA / 2021

Stovall set the tone for Performance Baseball hitting out of the leadoff spot, and peppered line drives to both gaps throughout the week. The left-handed hitter is balanced in his approach, and is able to slow the game down at the plate while still showcasing quick hands. His ability to drive the ball to the back side gap and cover the entire plate was on full display, and he also exhibited the bat speed to turn on balls on the inner-half. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound shortstop features a mature frame with some lean strength throughout. He moves around athletically on the infield with solid hands and arm strength, and will likely be able to play on the dirt at the next level. Stovall’s consistency throughout the week was a treat to watch, and will likely be valued by a college program.

Trent Reddick RHP / SS / East Paulding, GA / 2021

Reddick’s torrid summer continued for the Titans Baseball squad at the National Program Invitational. Whether it be in the field or on the mound, there was always something to be seen from the young two-way prospect. A superb athlete at 6-foot, 155-pounds, there is some quick twitch to his bouncy movements. The arm works loose and very quick out front delivering out of a high ¾ slot, and the ball comes out easy, jumping through the zone at 84-86 with 87-88 there whenever he needs it. His performance against a talented Top Tier American lineup in the playoffs of the 16U division was one of the top moments of the event as he came into a tough situation out of the bullpen early on in the game, and showcased his competitive side in getting out of a jam, and continuing the rest of the way for the Titans. Given his projectable, wiry-athletic frame, Reddick will likely continue to see an uptick in velocity as he fills out, and with a sharp, downer breaking ball that already receives swings and misses at 72-75, he has a strong chance to get big outs moving forward.

Will Parkinson LHP / 1B / Berkeley Prep, FL / 2021

Athletically built with a long frame at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, Parkinson has the physical makeup of a starter, though the frame is still maturing some. He offers up a different look on the mound from a low ¾ slot working effortlessly out of the draw, showing low on the back-side, to the release point. Starting on the third base side of the rubber, he strides towards first base, landing square in the middle of the mound before delivering fastballs that sat 82-84 and touched 85 mph along with a slurve-like breaking ball in the low 70s. Parkinson’s upside physically and overall deception of the arm and delivery will likely draw college coaches to even more starts in the future as they continue to monitor his progress.

Bryce Saylor RHP / 3B / North Bulitt, KY / 2021

Saylor took to the mound at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning and turned some heads. A physical frame at 6-foot, 190-pounds, he carries proportional strength throughout an athletic frame. His competitive nature and quick pace stood out, as Saylor attacked opposing hitters. The arm works long, accelerating to ¾ slot with force, before a strong drop and drive towards the plate. He showcased an advanced ability to command the spin of his fastball and slider. Everything came off with different spin, and he kept hitters guessing and off-balance without falling into a pattern. The fastball sat 84-86 mph, flashing cut to the glove-side, and the slider, a present swing and miss pitch, showed depth and late break at 72-74. His ability to spin a tight breaking ball with confidence stands out, currently, and should help him continue to get outs moving forward. Overall, the strong right-hander already has a quality two-pitch mix, and with the movement showcased on the fastball, he may have a chance to continue as a starter down moving forward.

Charlie Cmiel LHP / 1B / York, IL / 2021

Listed at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds, Cmiel looks taller and longer in person with a high waist. Plenty of room in frame for continued filling out. Featured one of the loosest arm actions observed at the 16U level, Cmiel’s arm whips through with ease to a ¾ slot, and projects for much more velocity in the future. A drop and drive delivery, he strides towards the first base side of the rubber landing toe-closed which allows the fastball to feature heavy armside run and sink (1800-1900 rpm). He lived on the outer half, getting swings and misses early in the game, sitting 80-83. He showed solid feel for both a curveball and changeup, and was confident in both, using each interchangeably. The curveball has a 2/8 shape, sweeping across the plate in the mid 60s. The changeup, much like the fastball, has sinking action at 75-76. More than his current measurables, Cmiel’s ability to “pitch” stands out, and as he continues to get stronger and progress, it will help carry him and ultimately elevate him as a starter in the future.

Michael Sills RHP / North Forsyth, GA / 2021

There are few things more rewarding than sticking out a long game, and stumbling into a high-upside arm that is showcased late. Sills was one such arm. The athletic, 6-foot, 165-pound right-hander came into a game, late, in relief, and was immediately effective. His low effort, long and loose arm stroke, accelerates quickly out front delivering out of a ¾ slot. He remains balanced throughout, remaining linear down the line, and the fastball effortlessly came out of the hand at 82-84 with 86mph being touched whenever he needed it. The breaking ball is still developing, but took slurve-like shape, and flashed late-break when thrown to the bottom of the zone. His frame already features some present strength, but still shows signs of maturing more in the future, and as it does so, he may see another velocity jump. Overall, with the upside that Sills flashed at the NPI, coaches will want to take notice of when he is pitching the rest of the summer.

Victor Quinn OF / RHP / Liberty, MO / 2021

One of the more intriguing players at the NPI was the St. Louis Prospects’ Quinn. There is present strength throughout a mature, 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame, especially in the wrists and forearms, and the ball came off the bat at a different speed than others when he connected. Quinn blasted multiple home runs with high exit velocities from the right side, and features a simple stance and approach with more direct path. The approach and path are a bit raw, but the strength of the barrel through the zone and general bat speed is impressive. What makes him even more intriguing as a player is the arm strength that he showcases on the mound. He ran a fastball up to 91 mph effortlessly, and there is much more in the tank should he continue pitching. He scattered strikes without much ability to find a consistent slot, but the arm speed is undeniable, and gives him a chance to make major jumps in the future.


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