PBR Top Prospect Showcase Analysis: Middle Infielders

Today, we take a look at the experienced crop of middle infielders who participated in the Top Prospect showcase on June 14th.  This is a talented group of middle infielders lead by Cody Bohanek of Marist HS and Tyler Johnson of Harlan HS.

Cody Bohanek, SS, Marist, Class of 2013
Bohanek is an athletic and physical 6-foot-1, 190-pound middle infielder. He displayed soft hands, athletic feet in the field as he played through the baseball well, especially on the move.  Offensively, Bohanek exhibited a solid lower half and good balance through contact.  Bohanek used his strength to generate solid whip through the zone as he sprayed line drives to all fields.

Tyler Johnson, MIF, Harlan HS, Class of 2013
Johnson is an athletic 5-foot-8, 150-pound middle infielder who showcased his athleticism by running a 6.96 60.  Johnson looked strong up the middle, taking concise routes and playing through the baseball.  He showed a strong, accurate arm across the diamond that was clocked at 83 mph.  At the plate, Johnson has a balanced setup and explosive bat speed, getting through the zone and barreling up baseball to all fields. 

Best of the Rest (Alphabetically)

Erik Callaghan, SS, Marian Catholic, Class of 2013
Callaghan is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound shortstop who exhibited smooth hands and feet, while also showing an accurate arm across the diamond (74 mph).  Offensively, Callaghan hit from a balanced setup and displayed a solid approach with good balance through contact.  Additionally, he ran a 6.99 60.

Steven Chamberlain, MIF, Rockford-Guilford, Class of 2013
Chamberlain is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound infielder who impressed with his easy left-handed swing. Overall, he displayed an advanced plate approach, one that included a smooth load and excellent balance through contact.  He takes an economical approach to the baseball, generating whip through the zone as he consistently barreled up the ball to the deep parts of the field. The ball jumped off his bat with carry and loft  Defensively, Chamberlain moves well laterally and showed soft hands up the middle.  His throws exhibited good life and accuracy across the diamond (75 mph).

Jonathon Chudacoff, SS, Highland Park HS, Class of 2013             
Chudacoff is a 5-foot-8, 150-pound middle infielder who displayed solid hands defensively, playing through the ball while being clocked at 73 mph from across the diamond.  Offensively, Chudacoff demonstrated a level bat path and made consistent hard contact.  Chudacoff ran a 7.53 60.

Kyle Colletta, MIF, Niles West HS, Class of 2013
Colletta is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound left-handed hitting middle infielder has an advanced, fundamental approach. Offensively, Colletta has a quiet approach. He is quick to the baseball, using an aggressive lower half and a level bat path to create leverage. Colletta has excellent balance and rhythm throughout his swing, and gets extension after contact.  Defensively, he showed fundamental footwork and clean defensive actions. He showed solid carry on his throws across the diamond which were clocked at 79 mph.

Chris Cooper, MIF, Oswego East HS, Class of 2013
Cooper is a strong-bodied 5-foot-8, 180-pound athletic middle infielder who impressed at the event with his athleticism.  Cooper moves well defensively, showing fluid footwork and an accurate arm that was clocked at 78 mph across the diamond.  Offensively, Cooper has a very strong lower half that he used to generate power at the plate.  Cooper uses his strength well, getting through the zone quickly, creating barrel whip through the zone as the ball jumped off his bat.  Additionally, Cooper ran a 7.15 60.

Brian Czyl, MIF/C, Lisle HS, Class of 2013
Czyl is a 5-foot-9, 160-pound multi-positional player with an easy line drive swing.  Czyl squared up baseball during his round of bp, spraying line drives to all fields.  Behind the dish, Czyl had a best pop time of 2.33 and was clocked at 69 mph from the crouch. 

Robert Fletcher, MIF, Simeon, Class of 2013
Fletcher is an athletic 5-foot-11, 155-pound middle infielder who displayed excellent defensive skills.  Fletcher exhibited soft hands up the middle and looked smooth going to his backhand.  He had accurate throws across the diamond, showing good carry (79 mph).  Offensively, Fletcher exhibited a short, compact line drive swing.  Additionally, Fletcher ran a 7.15 60.

Sam Geraci, RHP/SS, Illinois Christian, Class of 2014
Geraci is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound two-way player who showcased soft hands and a solid arm across the infield (79 mph).  Offensively, Geraci has an athletic setup, exhibiting a smooth load and economical approach to the baseball.  On the mound, Geraci throws from a high 3/4 slot and showed a 78-81 mph fastball.  He also throws a 68-69 mph curveball that had an 11/5 shape.  His third pitch was a 67-70 mph changeup.

Justin Gonzalez, INF, Mount Carmel, Class of 2013
Gonzalez is a 5-foot-9, 170-pound infielder who has an easy left-handed swing. Gonzalez showed bat quickness and barrel control, as he keeps his hands inside the ball well and stays strong through contact. Defensively, Gonzalez has soft, reliable hands and showcased an accurate arm from across the diamond that was clocked at 71 mph. 

Joshua Handzik, MIF, Lincoln Way North HS, Class of 2013
Handzik is a 5-foot-11, 165-pound middle infielder who has an overall fundamental approach in all facets of the game. Defensively, he demonstrated soft hands and the ability to play the ball on the move. His feet and hands work well together, as he moved well laterally and played through the baseball with accurate throws across the diamond (76 mph).  At the plate, Handzik has a balanced setup and short stride to the baseball.  He displayed an easy swing and made solid contact, barreling up balls to all fields.  Additionally, Handzik ran a 7.46 60.

Brian Jenner, OF/MIF, Providence Catholic, Class of 2013
Jenner is a 6-foot-1, 180-pound multi-positional player with a quiet, compact left-handed swing.  Jenner showed some juice in his bat, squaring up the baseball to all fields.  Defensively, Jenner showcased an accurate arm that was clocked at 85 mph and from the outfield he topped at 79 mph.  Additionally, Jenner ran a 7.19 60.

Brodie Meyer, MIF, Chicago Christian, Class of 2013
Meyer is a 5-foot-11, 170-pound middle infielder who impressed in all facets of the game.  Offensively, Meyer showcased a short path to the ball with a polished approach at the plate.  Meyer stayed behind the ball well, creating loft and backspin carry with power. Meyer had one of the top rounds of BP of the day.  Defensively, Meyer had solid actions up the middle, moving well laterally.  He had solid hands and an accurate throws across the diamond that were clocked at 74 mph.  Additionally, Meyer ran a 7.33 60.

Will Payne, C/MIF, St. Ignatius, Class of 2013
Payne is a 5-foot-10, 170-pound multi-positional talent who displayed solid actions defensively.  Payne showed reliable hands behind the dish and handled himself well during bullpen sessions.  He exhibited a best pop time of 2.08 and was clocked at 77 mph from the crouch.  Offensively, Payne is a switch hitter with a line drive swing.  He displayed solid power from both sides of the plate.  Additionally, Payne ran a 7.43 60.

River Pitlock, SS, York, Class of 2013
Pitlock is a 6-foot, 170-pound shortstop who impressed with his fluid actions up the middle.  Pitlock exhibited smooth feet and soft hands, taking a good approach to the baseball and playing through the ball well.  He continued to impress with his arm strength (84 mph) across the diamond, showing life and accuracy on his throws. Offensively, Pitlock has a quiet swing, keeping his hands inside the ball.  He maintained excellent balance through contact and sprayed line drives to all fields.

Nikko Popp, MIF/OF, St. Laurence, Class of 2013
Popp is a 5-foot-8, 170-pound multi-positional player who exhibited arm strength from his defensive positions. From the outfield Popp was clocked at 81 mph and 76 mph from the infield.  Defensively, Popp showed quick feet and a reliable glove.  Additionally, Popp ran a 7.42 60.

Even Sandmann, SS/C/RHP, Lincoln Way East HS, Class of 2014
Sandmann is a 6-foot, 160-pound multi-positional player who showed well in all facets of the game.  Sandmann can do it all, exhibiting good footwork and solid angles in the outfield with accurate throws that were clocked at 84 mph.  At shortstop, he showcased solid hands and good lateral movement with a quick transfer.  Behind the plate, Sandmann had solid feet and a quick release with a best pop time of 2.01 and was clocked at 75 mph from the crouch.  At the plate, he starts with a slightly open stance and has a smooth swing that generates good pop.  On the mound, Sandmann showed a fastball that topped at 83 mph and a curveball that sat in the 65-69 mph range.  His third pitch was a 65-67 mph changeup.  Additionally, Sandmann ran a 7.29 60.

Will Schneider, OF/SS, Riverton HS, Class of 2013
Schneider is a 6-foot, 165-pound multi-positional athlete who displayed soft hands defensively and took a concise approach to the baseball in both the infield and outfield.  He showed an accurate arm both the infield and outfield, being clocked at 71 mph from across the diamond, and 84 mph from the outfield which exhibited good carry.  Offensively, Schneider stayed inside the ball well and showed good balance through the zone.  He demonstrated whip through the zone and sprayed line drives to all fields.  Additionally, Schneider ran a 7.4 60.

Matthew Sullivan, SS, Huntley, Class of 2014
Sullivan is an athletic 5-foot-10, 165-pound shortstop who displayed soft hands and smooth feet up the middle.  Sullivan took good angles to the ball in the field, playing through the ball and making accurate throws across the diamond (79 mph).  At the plate, Sullivan exhibits an easy swing and showed some solid pop in his bat.  Additionally, Sullivan ran a 7.02 60.

Rick Tormey, INF, Oswego HS, Class of 2013
Tormey is a 6-foot, 170-pound infielder who showcased solid hands and accurate throws from across the diamond that were clocked at 74 mph.  Offensively, Tormey has a slightly open setup and a level line drive swing.  Additionally, Tormey ran a 7.20 60.

Mitchell Van Koevering, SS, Lyons Township HS, Class of 2013
Van Koevering is a 6-foot, 155-pound shortstop who impressed with a level, line drive swing.  Van Koevering starts from a slightly open stance and uses an active lower half to drive the ball to all fields, maintaining solid balance through contact. Defensively, Van Koevering exhibited solid hands and fundamental footwork, taking concise routes to the baseball and with accurate throws across the diamond (74 mph).

Matt Wollnik, MIF, Neuqua Valley, Class of 2013
Wollnik is a 5-foot-11, 155-pound middle infielder who impressed in all facets of the game.  Wollnik moved well laterally, taking precise angles on ground balls and playing through the ball.  His throws across the diamond showed solid life (79 mph).  Offensively, Wollnik showed a polished line drive swing while maintaining balance through contact.  Wollnik demonstrated fluid rhythm at the plate and sprayed line drives to all fields with his economical approach to the baseball.

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